Palm Beach Collection Mini - Quince

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Palm Beach Collection Mini - Quince


Palm Beach Collection - Quince is a luscious combination of sweet fruits and white florals. With the sophisticated scent of rhubarb, passionfruit and white peach, quince is blended with white jasmine and lotus blossom.

Palm Beach's cotton wicks are completely free of metals, and are proudly of the highest quality. The slight colour variations within the candles reflect the fresh natural oils used in each candle.


Each candle comes with a silver lid, an elegant touch that perfectly accentuates the creamy colour of your gorgeous candle.

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Surprisingly elegant yet fruity! - 18-06-2015 by

Okay I shouldn't be so surprised by this as everything I've smelled from Palm Beach has been quite sophisticated, but when I got something called "Quince" I expected something that was basically a single note of fruit, maybe with a bit of zest behind it.

But I'm so happy with this - it's a complex, beautiful scent that is at once enlivening and comforting, it smells really elegant. The top notes are that of quince with a touch of zestiness, but it smells - to me anyway - to sit on a warm, floral base. Very feminine and comforting, not too sweet or too overwhelming. I can see this one making a great gift for those tricky people to buy for!

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