Ultimate Guide to Oribe

Oribe: All You Need to Know, Simplified

Oribe has become synonymous with high-end haircare. Just how did the company build its stellar reputation? A surprisingly youthful brand, Oribe was founded in 2008, but its story starts 30 years before.

The brand’s namesake, Oribe Canales, has been turning the beauty industry on its head since the late 1980s. A revolutionary stylist, Canales masterminded some of the most iconic looks of the ‘90s, working with fashion legend Gianni Versace to build the signature Oribe look before opening his own salon at Elizabeth Arden in New York City. From there, Canales continued to revolutionise the role of hairstyling in fashion, with his work featured on nearly every top fashion brand’s runway throughout the ‘90s. Canales’ work was central to the rise of the supermodel, transforming the future of fashion and putting great hair front and centre.

Ultimate Guide to Oribe - large display of Oribe product bottles 700 x 467Ultimate Guide to Oribe - large display of Oribe product bottles 700 x 467

Oribe Continues to Set New Standards in Hair Styling and Fashion

This legendary work in the fashion industry led to high demand for Canales’ services. In his 30-year career, Canales has worked with the finest photographers, most cutting-edge designers, and top celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez. In 2008, he partnered with Daniel Kaner and Tevya Finger, Oribe co-founders, to bring his expertise in game-changing hair to a truly luxe line of high-performance haircare products.

What Ingredients Does Oribe Range Contain?

Each formula is inspired by Canales’ own dedication to excellence. The Oribe line is made up of ultra-high-tech formulations while staying clean and modern, ensuring all products are free of parabens and sodium chloride. All Oribe products contain UV protection for hair and are gluten-free, cruelty-free, colour-safe, and keratin-treatment-safe. Products are tested extensively both on set and on the runway to ensure the products outperform everything else on the market.

Who Is The Oribe Range For?

Clearly, Oribe is the top choice for those looking for the absolute best in haircare. But don’t take it from us; take it from Canales’ 30 years of haircare excellence.

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