Adore Beauty 2015 Wonderland Advent Calendar


Project History 

Adore Beauty stocks over 150 of the world’s leading beauty brands and over 10,000 skincare, makeup and haircare products. In order to showcase the best of our portfolio, we decided to create our own limited edition advent calendar; a retail product that would include 25 deluxe trial-sized miniature beauty products. The initiative allowed us to create something that would be a first of its kind in the Australian market - a cross-branded advent calendar.


  1. Products included our best sellers across skincare, haircare and makeup
  2. We worked with a local supplier to create the bespoke advent calendars
  3. The theme of a beauty ‘Wonderland’ captured the excitement and anticipation we were looking to evoke
  4. We commissioned an illustrator to create a watercolour representation of the beauty products featured, and illustrate the whimsical wonderland theme  



Adore Beauty 2015 Wonderland Advent Calendar 



The advent calendar was marketed to beauty fanatics nation-wide. The novelty of discovering the best of beauty, perfectly sized for travel, right before the holiday season kicked into full swing, made for a perfectly timed marketing initiative. The objective of the campaign was to increase brand awareness, marketing Adore Beauty as Australia’s Online Beauty Store by highlighting our unique portfolio of niche, department store and salon-only / professional brands.

  1. We had to create something that was lust-worthy; a must-have for anyone who was obsessed with beauty and cosmetics
  2. We knew the product had to be limited edition to increase exclusivity and talk-ability
  3. We worked with our brand partners to secure the products included, each brand donating an iconic staple, which covered a large part of the production cost   

 Adore Beauty 2015 Wonderland Advent Calendar



  1. We worked with our PR agency to allocate a portion of the advent calendars for a media and social influencer outreach. Targeting high profile media, (The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Pop Sugar, The Huffington Post etc) along with influential social media icons (Rozalia Russian, Cosmopolitan Australia, Elle Magazine, The Urban List, Beautyheaven and Styling You etc) to ensure we reached relevant channels for spreading word-of-mouth about this must-have global exclusive. 
  2. We tracked the exposure, by encouraging anyone who got their hands on an advent calendar to share their purchase via social media using the hashtag #adoretreasures, which was printed inside of the opening doors of the physical calendar. On our own social media channels, we unveiled each advent calendar surprise daily, encouraging the lucky ones who had received a calendar to do the same.
  3. We also sent an advent calendar to our VIP customers, as a thank-you for their loyalty - a great way to reward real brand ambassadors who champion our service regularly.
  4. The advent calendar featured in our annual printed Gift Guide. A beautiful, catalogue of our seasonal gifts. We printed 20,000 copies, half of which were included in orders during Oct-Dec, the other half were mailed to lapsed customers who hadn’t purchased from our site in the past 6 months or more, as a re-activation campaign. 


Adore Beauty 2015 Wonderland Advent Calendar

Adore Beauty 2015 Wonderland Advent Calendar


We measured the increase in brand awareness by monitoring the following metrics:

  1. % of new visitors to the site
  2. social referral sessions
  3. overall referral sessions and sales during this period

The coverage we received from both press online and offline along with the growing posts on social media were amazing.

  1. We secured twenty press articles and an increase of +172% in social media referrals to our site
  2. Our sales during this period increased by +77% (Oct-Dec) and new visitors to the site increased by +68%
  3. Referral sessions from media coverage increased by +89% during this period

The Adore Beauty Wonderland Advent Calendar was a branding success.