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Luxe Hair
Everyone dreams of luscious locks! Get that one step closer to achieving bouncy, healthy hair with our range of organic and natural haircare products. Our Luxe range is full of shampoos to leave your hair squeaky-clean and rich conditioners to nourish your tresses.
You don't have to spend ages deciphering long ingredients lists on natural and organic hair products. Most such products contain far fewer ingredients and are less likely to irritate a sensitive scalp. With fewer toxic chemicals going down the drain, you can enjoy guilt-free haircare and attain those luscious locks you've always dreamt of.

Need shampoo for coloured hair? Does organic or natural mean sulphate-free?

Organic or natural shampoos aren’t always sulfate-free. Be sure to check the labels – a sulfate-free shampoo will use plant-extracts, fruit sugars or oils (words you recognise!) as surfactants that are natural and gentler.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is the most common surfactants found in products because it’s cheap and creates the bubbles we associate with ‘clean’. This heavy duty ingredient that can easily penetrate dermal layers –destroying the good protectant layers on our scalp, and potentially inviting nasties in which is why a dry scalp, itchiness and even acne tends to go away when you switch to a truly sulfate-free shampoo.
Keep your hair and scalp synthetic-free, so your healthy shine doesn't have to mean potent chemicals or harming the environment.
Looking for the right product for you? Read our guide to organic and natural hair care for more information!
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Professional Hair
Our Pro range doesn't just feature shampoos and conditioners for all hair type. We also offer a vast selection of hairstyling products. Whether you want a salt spray, shine serum, texture clay, or classic hairspray, you can achieve your desired look whilst staying natural and organic.
Haircare products are notorious for being packed full of synthetics. Whether you're considering a shampoo, conditioner, serum, or hairspray, you're bound to find the infamous silicone, which can leave hair feeling dry and brittle in the long term. Instead, choose organic and natural haircare.
Completely synthetic-free and much better for the planet, these gentler products are worth the extra cost. Just because a product is made using only organic and natural ingredients and processes doesn't mean it won't be as effective as its synthetic counterpart. Rather than using harsh sulphates to clean hair, organic and natural shampoos and conditioners opt for substances such as plant butters and oils, aloe vera, and vitamins to keep the hair healthy.
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Essentials Hair
Haircare is a vital step in everyone's routine, whether you simply shampoo and condition or follow a more vigorous routine involving various styling products, clarifying treatments, and intensive moisturising masks. No one's hair is the same.
Choosing organic and natural haircare is a great way to minimise environmental impact and long ingredients lists to ensure you're only using soft and gentle products as opposed to harsh synthetics. The one thing everyone wants is clean and healthy hair. Your specific haircare concerns and desires are likely different from those of your bestie and one common question we get is about dandruff!

What to look for in a natural anti-dandruff shampoo that’s right for your skin:

• Aloe Vera and Zinc for sensitive and itchy scalps
• Sea salt and tea tree oil for oily hair
• Rosemary and wheat germ oil for product build up
And those potent, high quality ingredients are definitely worth it! Whether you want to replace your shampoo and conditioner or want to opt for gentler styling products, we've got plenty to choose from. You too can enjoy guilt-free luscious locks without breaking the bank.
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