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Ultimate Guide to Baby (Organic/Natural)
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Luxe Baby
When it comes to your baby's needs, the last thing you want to do is scrimp to save on baby products. After all, your baby's soft, delicate skin and feather-light hair requires gentle products that minimise irritation and discomfort.
Choosing organic and natural products for babies is one of the best ways to avoid nasties and reduce irritation. Baby's skin is softer and more delicate than the weathered skin of adults and children so it's important to keep this in mind.
Whether you're buying a natural baby shampoo to keep fuzzy new locks squeaky clean, an organic baby oil for some bonding time or a talc-free, all natural baby powder, the gentlest option is usually the best.
The great thing is that organic and natural baby products are free of synthetic ingredients and haven't undergone any synthetic processes. The ingredient lists are also shorter, milder, and less liable to cause reactions.
Our Luxe section of baby care products is dedicated to some of our highest-quality brands with the finest natural and organic ingredients. If you want to pamper and protect your little one, you've come to the right place. You'll find plenty of gorgeous products to spoil your baby with. After all, a comfortable baby is a happy one!
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Professional Baby
Looking after your baby is a rewarding but challenging task, and we want to make things as easy as possible for you and other new parents.
Opting for organic and natural products can seem like hard work. However, Adore Beauty’s Professional natural baby products are great mid-range recommendations, which ensure it's an easy and fuss-free decision.
From natural baby lotions or oils to organic baby moisturisers or shampoo, treat your lil’ bub to some of the best baby products out there.

What baby product ingredients should I avoid?

Baby products can often contain ingredients that may cause minor irritations or discomfort in babies. To avoid these symptoms as much as possible, here are some regular offenders you should avoid.
• Propylene glycol: a liquid alcohol found in baby wipes, baby ointments, shampoos, conditioners and more. While the amount isn’t enough to seriously harm a baby, it can have irritating, allergenic properties.
• Mineral oil: a distillation product, which can block pores and the skin’s natural breathing process. It acts as a coating, almost suffocating to skin.
• Fragrance: Many fragrances used in baby products are synthetic and can cause irritation. It’s best to stick to unscented baby products or products that use natural essential oils
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Essentials Baby
At Adore Beauty, we think natural and organic baby products should be accessible above all, which is why we've searched for affordable natural baby products so you don’t have to. Enjoy safety and purity without breaking the bank with all of these baby skincare essentials, everything from baby toothpaste to keep those first teeth strong and healthy to talc-free baby powder and natural baby shampoos that provide tender loving care. The benefits of using natural and organic baby products are significant. Not only are such products more gentle and nourishing to the skin, but they're also less likely to cause reactions that could make your baby uncomfortably cranky and unable to sleep.
Shop our Essentials range so you and your baby can enjoy using organic and natural grooming aids without having to spend too much extra, especially on essentials like sunscreen.

Ingredients to avoid in baby sunscreen

• Retinyl Palmitate: this vitamin A derivative sounds great but in fact studies have shown that it can actually heighten the likelihood of skin cancer.
• Oxybenzone: Designed to enhance our protection against ultraviolet rays, this ingredient is known to disrupt the human endocrine system and can pose cardiovascular challenges.
• Benzophenone-3 (B-3): Found in certain flowers, this sunscreen preservative and UV ray deactivator can still potentially cause DNA damage.
• Octinoxate: This common baby sunscreen chemical easily penetrates skin and, while allergic reactions to this chemical are uncommon, it can disrupt hormonal balance.
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    Aromababy Barrier Balm

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    Badger Balm

    Badger Balm Night Night Balm

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