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OPI Nail Envy - Original FormulaOPI Nail Envy - Original Formula
OPI Nail Envy - Original Formula

A Saviour

I had used other nail strengtheners in the past, without good results, so I was doubtful about the effects I would see upon my nails. My nails are prone to breakage and flaking, however since I've begun using this (well over a month now) I've yet to have a single one break. I've found other polishes similar to this leave a stain on the nails, however this does the opposite. It has made the whites ...
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OPI Drip Dry Drops 9mlOPI Drip Dry Drops 9ml
OPI Drip Dry Drops 9ml

Don't do your nails without it!

These drops are a godsend for finishing off a manicure. After applying these drops to your nails they are touch dry after about 5mins which comes in handy when you have kids believe me. I just wish OPI made this in a bigger bottle though.