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OPI Nail Apps - Inferno by OPI color Inferno

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So hot right now! OPI Nail Apps are stick-on nail decals which have been designed for home use.

Available in six designs, you can mix and match as you please... because you'll want them all!

OPI Nail Apps are available in:
- Hearts
- Stars Align
- Inferno
- Skulls
- Tigress
- Steps

Each pack comes with 16 strips, which can be cut to size.


Start with bare nails. Clean with rubbing alcohol to remove oils.

Choose the best size strip for each nail. If strip is too wide, trim with scissors.

Rub the strip to warm. Peel off strip and apply to nail, with rounded end close to the cuticle. Rub strip over nail starting from centre.

Press strip over edge of nail and use the enclosed nail file to file off excess. File in a vertical downward motion.

Rub strip again to ensure adhesion and to remove any bubbles.

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