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Olaplex Take Home Treatment Kit 2x 250ml, 100ml

4.8 of 97 reviews


$31.22 x 4

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$31.22 x 4

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Dull, lacking shine

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Olaplex Take Home Treatment Kit

Olaplex Take Home Treatment Kit

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4.8 of 97 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great product
I cut my hair into a bob this time last year and my hair has grown so much using this product. Its stronger, shiner and grows like made. I will definately buy it again

Most Helpful Criticism

Pros and Cons
I found that this product used to work really well for me when I was going to a salon that used Olaplex treatments in their application and toning routines, but since changing hair dresser my hair cannot stand Olaplex anymore. My hair now goes dryer, brittle and brassy when i use it. I do have very fine hair anyway, so maybe it will work better for people with thicker hair.
  1. Great product

    I cut my hair into a bob this time last year and my hair has grown so much using this product. Its stronger, shiner and grows like made. I will definately buy it again
  2. so good

    Used 2x so far and am beginning to feel the effects. My damaged, dry, bleached hair feels stronger and slightly softer. Using it in with No. 4 and 5. Minus 1 star for the price. 1 bottle lasts about 3 uses for medium-long hair of moderate thickness
  3. I have fine hair and this is the best thing ever for it!

    My thin, fine, blonde locks have rejoiced after I introduced this wonderful package into my haircare routine. Leaves my hair feeling stronger, healthier and the overall condition has improved leaps and bounds! Cannot recommend more if I tried.
  4. Pros and Cons

    I found that this product used to work really well for me when I was going to a salon that used Olaplex treatments in their application and toning routines, but since changing hair dresser my hair cannot stand Olaplex anymore. My hair now goes dryer, brittle and brassy when i use it. I do have very fine hair anyway, so maybe it will work better for people with thicker hair.
  5. Great pack to get all the treatments

    I am loving these products and buying this pack means you get one of the products half price.
    My hair is fine and can be brittle but since using these products it has never been in such good condition.
    I colour my hair and use straighteners a lot and yet the condition has improved so much I have been able to delay my hair cuts. I have far leas split ends and I am regularly getting comments on how my hair looks great condition.
  6. Stopped breakage & shedding

    I always joke I shed like a cat - I have long, blonde hair that reacts to sunlight quite badly. That is, it gets lighter, dries out & becomes fragile if it gets too much sunlight, especially if my hair is wet or I swim.

    Olaplex has almost stopped all the breakages & the shedding after 4 uses. I also have an oily scalp, so as others have said, it feels heavier than other products at first but persevere. It sorts itself out. And you can use a very small amount at each wash to achieve the results. It’s worth getting the three products - intense mask, shampoo & conditioner to get the results quickly.
  7. Great Product - a little heavy

    I was recommended this product by my hairdresser. Prior to use I had alot of breakage but that seems to have subsided a little. It also make my hair SO SHINY and soft and I get alot of compliments for this. I have blonde hair so that's a good thing when you are having it colored every 8 weeks with bleach but it's still soft and shiny. However, I find the product a little heavy. Mostly the conditioner and therefore I don't use it every night and alternate between other shampoos and conditioners also.
  8. Awesome!

    I had foils and the salon gave me the Olaplex salon treatment. The in home treatment and shampoo conditioner is so worth it, I use the leave in once a week and my hair is improving all the time. I have really thick coarse hair that is weighed down by lots of treatments and conditioners, but these leave it feeling light and healthy and clean. Will buy again.
  9. So soft

    Leaves hair feeling new. Takes a while to see results but will re purchase. Worth the money
  10. My hair has never been softer

    I've been using Olaplex for about 6 weeks and my hair hasn't felt softer! The first couple of times I used the shampoo and conditioner I noticed it didn't feel like the products I was use to, it almost felt heavy, but didn't leave my hair feeling heavy at all. This has been a god send on my hair, it's helped with the frizzys too. Highly recommend. I wouldn't normally spend this amount on hair products but my hair really needed a lot of TLC and has certainly received it with Olaplex. I now only need to use the treatment every third wash. Could not be happier.
  11. Great for Blondes

    At first I was disappointed by the size of the bottles for the price, but the shampoo lathers so well, I only need a 10c piece amount of product to get through my medium length hair. Conditioner also spreads really well and my hair feels amazing after using it. Highly recommend!
  12. Fabulous treatment pack

    I’ve been using this for so long since I went back to blonde . Nearly 2 years being back to blonde !
    My hair hardly breaks , soft , stronger!
    Any one that’s bleached their hair or gone to any tone of blonde , should definitely buy this
  13. This!!!!

    I have spent a LOT of time, and money, looking for products to suit my hair-long, curly, frizzy in parts, coloured, chronically dry, lots of it!!! I bought this and it is absolutely fantastic!!! My hair looks and feels soft and silky, the curls aren’t as crazy, I love this set! Will definitely keep buying!!!
  14. A must have for bleached hair!

    My hair is highlighted and was extremely dry and damaged before using this! This has made such a difference to my hair and a must have for me. It really has improved the overall condition of my hair and definitely worth the price. I would definitely recommend- but stick at it, it took a week or 2 before I really noticed my hair had improved.
  15. Noticeable difference

    Since starting to use Olaplex I have noticed a difference in my blonde hair. It seems stronger, less breakage and a lot happier. I would strongly recommend anyone with chemically treated and fine hair to try this!
  16. Amazing for blondes!

    I harshly bleached my hair from dark box dye and it was so weak, dry, frizzy and not smooth at all! And I knew Olaplex was good but I didn't know it was this good!
    My hair has never been softer and hydrated!
    I thought the small bottles would be used quickly but the shampoo and conditioner you literally only need a 5c piece size squirt and it lathers out heaps! (I have shoulder length hair)
    Definitley recommend!

    My hair definitely looks and feels so much better after just using this .I would recommend it for damaged or bleached hair. I now use this product once a week. If I've been swimming I use it twice a week as the pool water dries my hair.

  18. Awesome for dry thick hair

    My hairdresser recommended Olaplex for my dry, damaged, thick hair and it has been amazing! Really nourishes my hair and leaves it feeling silky and soft. Highly recommended.
  19. Great introduction to olaplex

    Salon hair at home after three washes! My hair is coloured dry and damaged, yet having this at home has been instrumental in restoring hydration and volume.
  20. Worth the price tag!

    I love these products and they've made such a huge difference in my hair. A little goes a long way with the shampoo, it foams up so nicely. Once my hair is dry it looks less frizzy and feels silky.
  21. good value

    If you've been curious about trying olaplex, I would recommend this kit for the value! I use all three steps and I've noticed a huge difference in my hair. I'm getting less breakage and it's started growing longer again.
  22. Fantastic

    I have been using this for a few months now, and I must say it has helped my hair immensely. At first I thought it was drying my hair out, but it really has given my hair it's shine and bounce back.
  23. My hair is so much better.

    Recently I noticed my hair breaking badly, I suspect due to new medication. I’d heard of Olaplex from a friend who had suggested I try it. My hair is a serious P.I.T.A no matter what I buy it usually stops working after just a few washes. Using Olaplex Home Treatment Kit, though hasn’t completely stopped the breakage it has minimised it vastly and my hair looks much more healthy. I’ll certainly be buying it again.
  24. Olaplex is my true love

    I have extremely thick, dry, coarse, wavy hair. Six months ago I trusted the wrong hairdresser with bleach, and my hair was HORRIBLE, I was suffering daily dreading and knots that just matted my whole head. These products really helped, I did end up having to get 6 inches of hair cut off, but without Olaplex it definitely would have been more. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling really clean without upsetting my dry flaky scalp, the conditioner detangles and moisturises my hair without making my hair heavy or oily, and the treatment is absolute gold, I love using it when I know I will be heat treating my hair on the weekend and I’ve been loving the results. Just happy, shiny hair that feels like human hair again.
  25. Shampoo twice

    I have been using this combination of products for a while and noticed significant improvements to strength and condition.
    Some people have mentioned the hair feels heavy, but if you shampoo twice this will remove the build up and feels soft and light.
  26. Don't bother with anything else!

    After going lighter about three weeks ago, I noticed my hair starting to seriously deteriorate. It was extremely dry, straw like in texture and breaking.

    I had used the leave in treatment in the past with great results but was pleasantly surprised with the overall feel of my hair after using the shampoo, conditioner and treatment last week.

    My hair is now soft and manageable.

    I would highly recommend to anyone with damaged hair.
  27. Repair Damaged Hair

    I absolutely love this kit. I have bleached, platinum hair (achieved by N.1&2 Olaplex) and naturally have black hair. I obviously have some damage and for someone who has been blonde for about a year now, I needed something to repair and nourish my hair. The No.3 treatment (which I've used alone previously) is definitely one of my favourites. It's the only treatment I've used that doesn't just make my hair feel softer but actually makes my hair feel stronger and less brittle. The shampoo smells amazing and my favourite part is that you don't need much but it spreads and froths up a lot. The conditioner is nice and hydrating too. They're all great separately but you definitely see most of the benefits when used together as a kit. Definitely a necessity if you have bleached or dyed hair!
  28. Delivers results

    My hair has become brittle and breakage has occurred due to foils and heat styling over the years. I have used this product 3 times now and have already noticed that my hair is softer and styles very well thus reducing the amount of heat styling needed. So far I have used all 3 products twice a week to regain some strength in my hair. I may reduce the use of number 3 as it’s quite a small bottle.
    Definitely worth the money.
  29. Worth the $$

    Yes the treatment kit is expensive but it is so worth it, after only two uses I noticed the difference in my hair strength and even colour surprisingly!
  30. Love!!

    I love using the no 3 treatment and leaving it on overnight, I definitely can feel the difference in my hair being softer. This bundle is also great value for money!
  31. Hair already feels better after a week

    I have thin hair which is dyed blonde. My main concern was breakage and a brittle feeling. I have used the shampoo and conditioner for a week now and can already tell theres an improvement. I have used the treatment once and my hair absolutely loves it. It's not too heavy and still styles very well. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their hair health.
  32. Great value for money

    I have hair that has been just about every colour under the sun, bleached beyond repair with oily roots and dry ends. Let me just say olaplaex has been an absolute life saver for me. I really think if I wasn't incorporating it all of my hair probably would have fallen out by now due to damage! I've noticed a complete turnaround and less hair breakage because of these three products.
  33. A great product which really delivers!

    The Shampoo and Conditioner alone are great, but teamed up with the Treatment make for a really indulgent and effective treatment that you can do in your own home.

    My only complaint is the size of the No.3 Treatment. It would be great if it was bigger. It certainly packs a punch though and if you use it sparingly (mainly on the ends) you'll still get great results and the 100ml will last you much longer.

    I use this weekly (with a No.3 treatment once a fortnight, especially if I've been heat styling a lot more than normal) and it really revives my hair. Love this pack of goodies!
  34. Best hair set ever

    I have a curly sometimes frizzy moody hair.
    Olaplex is the only brand has not disappointed me after Oribe.

    the shampoo is light weight and the conditioner doesn't get stuck into my hair and build up oil so perfect combo and the treatment has been great since I have coloured my hair and needed extra support to untangle the curls.
  35. Hair feels soft instantly

    After only a few uses I can see why people rave about this product
  36. A must for bleached hair!

    Buying these products was the best thing I've done for my bleached hair. I have very long hair with oily roots but dry, damaged ends from regular bleaching. Although I regularly use a deep conditioning treatment on it, nothing has improved the condition of my hair as much as this system of Olaplex products.
  37. Hair has never felt better

    Love this product. My hair feels so much healthier after using these 3 products. I use the shampoo and conditioner 2/3 times a week and the step 3 once a week and my hair has been growing fast and feeling soft and shiny
  38. Instant results

    My hair was so dry at the ends because I've been bleaching it for 15+ years. I've decided I want my hair to be my natural hair colour but the difference in texture was too dramatic. a friend recommended olaplex, and her hair was way frissier than mine, so I gave it a go. After the first treatment I noticed a huge difference. I'm also prone to having really oily hair just by wearing it down for an hour and found olaplex was able control and improve it ... now i can wear my hair down for 3 days before it's oily. HIGHLY recommend
  39. It’s returned the high gloss to my hair.. now to start repairing it...

    I bought this kit with extremely high expectations. I have been using a brand of shampoo and conditioner for many years which contains no nasties like this one and have had great results with it.. my only problem is I’m on a lot of medication and started loosing my hair by the handfuls when I wash it. So I thought I would try the Olaplex treatment and see if I noticed a difference.
    As soon as I got my pack home I took out the no.3 treatment sprayed my hair with water and put the treatment in my hair all night. I wrapped it in glad wrap then a hair wrap to sleep in. I find I only need to wash my hair once with the shampoo. I let it sit in my hair for about a minute or 2 before washing it out, then squeeze as much water out of my hair as possible and add the conditioner and again leave it for a few minutes then wash it out.
    I’ve used it 3 times and noticed less hair the last time in the drain so hopefully it’s working. If not my hair is in fantastic condition.
    I will buy 1 more lot before going back to my other brand than I will go between the two.
  40. A little goes a long way, especially with the shampoo

    Wow! These three take home steps have changed the condition of my hair. I use no. 3 once a week and sleep in it if I can. This is the key product that helps my hair stay as healthy as possible. My hairdresser also told me to make sure I use it for three weeks before my next colour service. I really think this has helped as well.
    No. 4 - a little goes a long way! I found I initially was using too much of this when I first started using it. It's really concentrated so you really don't need a lot. It's really gentle on my hair, it's nice and light and helps with my frizz! The smell is really light and lovely too.
    No. 5 - I leave this on for at least 5 mins in the shower to get the best results. It really smooths my hair. Again, it's nice and light so I never feel like these products weigh down my hair.
    LOVE! I would definitely recommend using all three consistently.
  41. Needs no explanation Olaplex is hair God

    My hair has been dry, breaking and damaged from years of blonde highlights. The Olaplex bond treatment needs no reviews or explanation, we all know it’s awesome but the real surprise is the shampoo and conditioner. Loooove them, my hair feels silky, shiny and healthy again. Will definitely buy again.
  42. Great

    Great over all product will buy again
  43. Great

    Great overall product will buy again
  44. Holy grail

    I have brunette hair after years of being blonde and it’s wavy and dry. This take home set really makes my hair feel great. The conditioner is really nourishing and the step 3 is great to strengthen my hair. Definitely recommend!
  45. Over rated

    I found this so overrated for dry slightly damaged hair. Was tangly and flat after first use and left hair feeling almost sticky. Not into it.
  46. Worth the price!

    I've just started using the full 3-5 series and couldn't be happier. You only need a small amount of shampoo and conditioner (much less than other products) so it lasts a long time. The first shampoo lathers better with a little water - a second shampoo is needed but my hair lasts a lot longer between washes. no product build up just strong and soft hair.
  47. Saved my hair!

    I have never used a product that has worked this well on my hair! My hair is not frizzy, feels amazing and has never been in better condition. I can not recommend this set enough.
  48. Worth every penny !!

    I am forever bleaching my hair and from all the over processing, bleaching and toning .. my hair was left dry and very fragile. I have tried the NO3 take home treatment before and it was definitely a good investment , I then decided to give this set a go and I’ll never look back .. this set has amazing value and after just one wash my hair already felt 100 times better !

    I love this product so much, if you have blonde hair or over treated / damaged hair .. definitely give this a go ! You won’t regret it !
  49. Good

    My hair definitely looks better after three uses of this product.. but it doesn’t leave my hair feeling soft and is quite heavy. I have really fine hair and I’m thinking this product is just too much for it. But I would recommend it for damaged or bleached hair
  50. Worth the extra cost

    coloured blonde hair extremely dry the opalex no.3 works wonders
    I did need to leave it on overnight to get the smooth non frizz feel
    Used 2-3 times will do so until I find the frizz settles then no.3 weekly
    Well worth the extra cost cannot get the same result from many other brands I have tried
  51. wouldn't recommend a product more

    after my hair getting really damaged i was using the no. 3 around once a month as i would often forget i got the no. 4 and no. 5 the shampoo and conditioner and would never go back to using another shampoo or conditioner i now use the no. 3 more as i think of it more being that there the same brand my hairs never been softer and is finally growing and becoming healthier
  52. Amazing products for maintaining healthy hair

    Olaplex has been a saviour for my hair having bleached it lighter from box dye black, even my hairdresser was surprised how healthy my hair remained after numerous bleaching sessions. Really recommend using all 3 of the take home products. You only need a small amount of the shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels so silky and soft after using these.
  53. Best shampoo and conditioner

    Olaplex is by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have used! After the first use my hair was so soft and felt so healthy! The smallest amount of shampoo lathers so well.
    I sleep with the olaplex treatment in and it has honestly transformed my dry hair into shiny, manageable hair.
  54. Finally smooth and frizz free

    I have been using the Olaplex take home treatment for approximately 4 months. It has been leaving my hair feeling smooth and looking shiny. I've definitely noticed that it's also less fizzy. You only need a tiny amount of all the products. I still have half the bottles left! There is not much of a fragrance to these products which I prefer. They are the first shampoos and conditioners I have used that feel like they're truly moisturising my hair without leaving any heavy residue behind.
  55. Soft but too much big hair for me!

    I’ve used Olaplex number 3 on and off for the past few years when I’ve lightened my hair, so I thought I would give the 4 and 5 a go as well.
    My hair definitely felt softer after shampooing and conditioning with 4 and 5, even without using number 3 first, however I had difficulty dealing with the volume in my hair after it dried. I had to use a hair oil to relax it, which I’ve not done in many, many years. My hair is quite fine - more so after lightening and I have a lot of short hair around my face. I also don’t blow dry, it dries naturally.
    I wouldn’t use the 4 and 5 again, only number 3 with a different shampoo and conditioner.
  56. Best combo

    I was really scared to buy this given the price, but i havent found any shampoos/conditioners that LOVE my blonde hair... until now!! i love the way this makes my hair feel and you only need a teeeeeny tiny little bit! so it works out the same as all my previous hair care products!
  57. Complimenting one another

    I have been using Olaplex 1, 2 and 3 for over 18 months now and I cannot speak highly enough of the benefits my hair has gained. I have a lot of hair but the texture is fine and frizzy. I also have to have it coloured every 5 weeks max due to grey regrowth. To top it off, I love to experiment with colour so let's just say I put my hair through some processes. 18 months ago it was breaking so badly that I could not grow the lengths to my chin. It is now almost waist length and looks healthy and shiny....I'm 53 by the way. I was excited when they bought out a shampoo and conditioner as well and have been using them also for about 3 weeks. I believe that hey compliment the trio. Love it! Thanks Olaplex
  58. OMG this stuff is fabulous

    I am a Kerastase girl and vowed I would never use anything else. I came across this by accident and the more I looked at the reviews I knew I had to try it. I am so glad I did this as my hair looks fantastic and I am receiving compliments all the time. I basically do have good hair but like everyone else years of colouring has taken its toll and this has made such a fantastic difference yes I would definately recommend this treatment and I will keep on using it,
  59. Great product

    First time use and my hair was soft and light and felt amazing. Would definitely recommend
  60. Volumised clean and shiny hair

    Soaps up well so you need to use a small amount of product so fear not if you think the amount you get isn’t worth the price. My hair feels clean and looks volumised and shiny. I have never received so many compliments on my hair.
  61. This stuff is fabulous

    I have curly hair and have been colour treating it forever but have stopped colouring (due to a PPD allergy) and letting my silver stripes grow out. I have found the coloured bits are getting dull and super dry and brittle. No amount of deep conditioning treatments were really making much of a difference, so I bought the kit and tried it out. I washed my hair (with a clarifying shampoo since I read that Olaplex treatment needs to be done on hair without buildup), applied the treatment to damp hair....left it on as directed then used the Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner afterwards - Yes, you wash out the treatment. My hair felt amazing and looks shiny again to the tip! I have done the treatment twice (once a week at the moment but might stretch that out to fortnightly as my hair improves) and use the shampoo and conditioner as my new shampoo and conditioner of choice. It has a citrusy smell and the shampoo really lathers - a little goes a long way. Highly recommend this stuff.
  62. Yes yes and yes!

    Love love love this. Have noticed a huge improvement in my fried hair since using this. Will definitely reorder!
  63. Shut up and take my money!

    What kind of sorcery is this?!?! Seriously amazing. Fixed my destroyed blonde hair. Yes it’s expensive but you get what you pay for. Vegan too so no animal testing. I’ll definitely buy it again.
  64. Great product

    I have fine hair and this has been the best treatment I’ve used, can notice a difference after the first treatment. Love it!
  65. Worth All the Hype

    My hair has been seriously saved using this system. I was using cheaper nasty products in my hair for a few years and before trying Olaplex my hair was brittle, thin, incredibly dry and I had so much breakage whenever I put it up/washed it. I use 1-2 times per week a week and I have noticed, as have family and friends, that my hair looks and feels so much healthier. I know it's a steep price tag and it's super hyped up on the internet but it really is worth it. Also a tip - shampoo your hair before applying the no. 3 to damp hair - that way the treatment can really get deep into your hair without any dirt/buildup from unwashed hair getting in the way. I also sleep in the no. 3 treatment and wash it out the next morning.
  66. Lives up to its name!

    I have invested a lot more care into my hair lately and decided after reading the reviews on the Olaplex products I’d give them a go.Having been a huge fan of Olaplex and the results it delivers at my hairdressers I thought this pack with No.3,the shampoo and conditioner would surely be brilliant as well and I’m thrilled to report they are! My hair has never felt better and I have only used the products 3 times! The other reviews were right in saying a little goes a long way.It really does! I’m amazed at how little product I have to use.The smell is lovely and subtle and I agree with one reviewer who said to concentrate the conditioner on your ends.The conditioner is super thick and hydrating.These products are worth their weight in gold. I will 100% be re-purchasing when I run out.
  67. amazing for blondes

    I've been blonde for many years now and this has honestly saved my hair since my hairdresser suggested i start using it. It restores your hair bond and limits breaking!
    Using all three products together intensifies the result as well
  68. To die for hair care

    Finally the perfect trio is here! Every time you wash your hair you will feel like you have just been to the salon and the more you use it the more it repairs and strengthens your hair. You only need the smallest amount so the price is worth it!
  69. Worth the money

    If you have dry hair issues, this is the product for you... my hair is softer, shinier and more manageable. Worth the money and definitely on the buy again list..
  70. A must have hair care collection

    I have medium/ wavy/ chemically damaged hair from years of bleaching. I have tried all different high end shampoos with little to no success. Either my hair is weighed down or it remains frizzy.

    I went to get my hair done and the lovely hairdresser bleached my hair to high heaven and left it on too long. This resulted in straw like, brittle hair. On the first try of just the shampoo and conditioner, I could get a brush through it again. On the second try, I used the no.3 treatment prior to shampoo/ conditioning and my hair feels so incredibly soft, it has shine to it (which us blondes know is hard to get).

    Highly, highly recommend. You only need the smallest amounts so it should last me a while. I have medium thickness hair (fine strands but a lot of them) and it is not weighing my hair down at all. I will never buy another brand, this is my HG with proven results after the first use. Amazing.
  71. Great Value

    This is a great value pack! I'm a big fan of the original step 3 treatment and have now used the shampoo and conditioner a few times and I love them already! Super nourishing but not too heavy for my fine hair. Together they pack a punch and I really hope in the next few months but hair grows much stronger and longer!
  72. MAGIC in a bottle

    I can't recommend this stuff more!!! goodbye damaged hair
  73. Amazing results!

    I’ve used Kerastase forever and love it, but it doesn’t compare to the results from this combo. I use the number 3 once a week, get the 1 & 2 treatment when I go to the hairdressers, and use the shampoo and conditioner in between. My hair feels incredible and looks shiny- which isn’t easy when you bleach it a lot! 5 stars!!
  74. Just do it

    If you have damaged hair, you need this product. After falling in love with the number 3 treatment I decided to give the shampoo and conditioner a go and I was not disappointed, this kit is a great way to save money on all 3. Will re-purchase.

    Absolutely love the Olaplex products! This is perfect for people starting out. I definitely recommend trying this if you colour your hair or have course, dry hair!
  76. Definitely worth investing

    I finally decided to invest in olaplex after my hair just couldn't cope with the increase in humidity and heat here in Australia! My curls became so dry, brittle and frizzy. I admit that after the first shampoo,conditioner and treatment i didn't really notice much difference, however i did use an extremely small amount of product... and i do have quite a bit of hair. So the second time i used a bit more (about a 20c piece) and it worked MUCH better! My hair is already stronger, healthier and actually holds product better for the humidity! Highly recommend! :)
  77. Best products I've used for my hair!

    Best products I've used for my hair! I usually get really oily roots and dry ends in between washes but my hair feels so much healthier now and lasts so much longer.
    If your hair was really dry I'd say to use a conditioning mask aswell every week- the mask in this kit is to make your hair stronger and not more conditioned.
  78. Great find

    Recommended by a friend to use this, after using the 3, 4,5 products my hairs feels so much smoother and healthier. Very happy with the results.
  79. Leave my hair very dry in the ends.

    I have a oil scalp and dry ends, and unfortunately this product did not work for me. My ends was the worse I’ve ever had. So that’s a No for me.

    The smell is good.
  80. wow!

    long, medium-thickness hair, straight, but frizzy if i dont blow dry. this stuff works a treatttttt. the only thing that feels like it hydrates my hair. less frizz and i dont need to use heat on my hair anymore .
  81. Get healthy, long hair - no gimmicks

    My hair has grown so much since switching to this shampoo and conditioner. It’s also healthier than it has ever been. Don’t apply the conditioner to the roots, keep it on the ends only so your hair lasts longer before going oily.
  82. Great trio pack

    Came across this pack while looking to purchase Olaplex 3. The shampoo & conditioner left my hair feeling like I just walked out of a salon! The shampoo goes along way so you don’t need to use much either.

    I have thin, coloured hair and usually wash my hair every second day, the only downside that I noticed was that my hair got oily quicker in between washes.
  83. will repurchase!

    I love this set. every product is effective and I can noticeably feel and see the difference in my hair when I use this. I think I'll continue to repurchase this instead of the Kevin Murphy which I do still love but I think olaplex has more benefits on my hair.
  84. Olaplex home care

    From the first treatment, my hair was awesome. Continued use just keeps getting better!
  85. Olaplex home care

    Best treatment for my fine hair, love the result
  86. Amazing

    I would be repurchasing. A little goes a long way. It does come in the full sizes so its perfect as a start kit. You only need alittle bit when it comes to the shampoo and conditiner and smells amazing.
  87. My hair is so so shiny!

    Love everything about this set, such fantastic results for my hair. Super happy!!
  88. Such amazing results after a few uses!

    I have never really thought about using anything other than generic supermarket shampoo and conditioner on my hair until I started colouring my hair lighter... it absolutely frizzled my hair all the way to the roots where my hair literally snaps off. This product has literally changed the way I look at hair products, I now know I am paying for high quality products that will restore my hair back to its healthy ways. I have only used Olaplex Treatment Kit a few times but it has already made the BEST results. Will highly recommend to everyone!!!
  89. My hair feels incredible!

    My hair is long, curly and dry and I'd tried pretty much everything to make it feel better! Nothing had worked until I tried Olaplex; my hair feels the best it has in so long!!! I love how soft it is and there is definitely less frizz in my curls too. Would 100% recommend!
  90. It's my new best friend

    Gorgeous! Just gorgeous. What hair dreams are made of. Really good quality product that does its job perfectly.
  91. Such a lovely and gentle product! <3

    This take home kit is the bomb! What wonderful stand alone products and BRILLIANT when used all together.

    Gentle on the scalp, mine is quite dry and I've noticed significant improvements whilst using the shampoo. Everything works magically together. My scalp and hair are very happy. I use the shampoo and conditioner every day and the treatment once a week. My hair has never looked better.

    A sincerely happy customer!
  92. Your scalp will be as dry as the desert!

    At first I really loved the new Olaplex shampoo and conditioner. It did make my hair feel really soft and healthy and it did seem to help my balayage retain its colour.
    HOWEVER. Within a week or so of using this, I had the driest, flakiest itchiest scalp I have ever had in my life! I have never been prone to dandruff before, however I noticed everytime I washed my hair and went to blow dry it after, my scalp was dry and flaky all over! Absolutely devestated I spent so much money on a product that has ruined my hair.
  93. Totally worth it!

    I have used No.3 a few times before and love it! When I saw that the Shampoo & Conditioner had come to Adore Beauty I knew I had to purchase it..
    I had to grab the take home kit because of the AMAZING price.
    Long time user of Redken & Pureology I ABSOLUTELY love the Olaplex Shampoo & Conditoner teamed up with the No.3 treatment.
    Lathers up so good & I never leaves my hair feeling heavy or dull!
  94. Found what i was looking for

    I've been having so much trouble with oily roots and ends that feel like straw. I couldn't seem to find a shampoo, conditioner and a treatment that worked. I've heard great things about olaplex 3. So as i put my order in I seen that number 4 and 5 was available too. And discounted when bought all together! I am absolutely amazed. I honestly feel like ive been to a salon. Im not needing to wash as much and my hair feels so soft and smells amazing. Bonus points for being vegan too.
  95. Best shampoo and conditioner!

    I already loved using the take home treatment 3 and always have olaplex 1 and 2 when I have my hair done so getting the shampoo and conditioner was a must well can I say upon the first use the condition, feel and look of my hair was amazing I highly recommend this product and are super wrapped by how it works! You will not be disappointed if you purchase these products!
  96. All my hair needs in one kit

    This is my go-to. I'm so excited that I can now complete my Olaplex journey with the addition of 4 & 5. I can't remember a time where my hair has looked this good.
  97. My hair routine is now complete!

    I've been a big fan of Olaplex 1,2 & 3 for a while now. I'm SO so happy to finally be able to complete my hair routine with 4 & 5. I wasn't sure what to expect but Olaplex has not disappointed! They have delivered with their shampoo and conditioner.
    It's a lovely texture, it smells really good and my hair is looking so shiny at the moment. You can tell there is plenty of hair goodness in these bottles.
    I'm so happy with my hair!
  98. Review & Earn

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