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Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil 30ml 30ml

4.4 of 139 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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Repair hair as you style, with Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil. This highly concentrated styling oil repairs damage, strengthens and protects, and adds shine and a silky yet lightweight finish, all while providing heat protection up to 230°C.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Alcohol Free

What customers say

GREAT - 87% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Breakage and split ends
  • Curl control
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Colour protection
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil 30ml Reviews

4.4 of 139 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it!


Was a bit sceptical of using this product especially after seeing the price. But the bottle lasts forever because the dispenser makes sure the amount of oil released is controlled. Leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling great.

Most Helpful Criticism

Too expensive


This size is ridiculous. Only way to cover your hair is to put a few drops in the olaplex 6. Even then, I was worried I wouldn’t get enough heat protection. It’s nourishing, and I like it, and trust that it protects from heat, but the size and price and fact you can’t get much out of the bottle is ridiculous. Won’t repurchase.
  1. Love it!


    Was a bit sceptical of using this product especially after seeing the price. But the bottle lasts forever because the dispenser makes sure the amount of oil released is controlled. Leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling great.
  2. Great


    Very nice nourishing and smoothing oil, I apply after straightening apply to the mid lengths and ends, tames fly aways and adds a healthy shine, only needs a few drops
  3. Worth the Price, a Little Goes a Long Way


    The main complaint that I'm seeing in the reviews in how much it is for only 30ml, however you really only need 3-4 drops when using the product. I've had mine for a month and a half now and have barely made a dent in the bottle. For context, I have long hair and use this whenever I wash my hair. In terms of the product itself, I am in love! I use it in combination with Olaplex 6 for extra softnes...
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  4. Too expensive


    This size is ridiculous. Only way to cover your hair is to put a few drops in the olaplex 6. Even then, I was worried I wouldn’t get enough heat protection. It’s nourishing, and I like it, and trust that it protects from heat, but the size and price and fact you can’t get much out of the bottle is ridiculous. Won’t repurchase.
  5. Good for hair bad for wallet


    This product is great, I use it on towel dried hair, only a few drops to protect my hair from heat damage. I then use it after my hot iron to “seal” in my look. The packaging for the price however is where Olaplex needs to up their game. Kerastase do glass bottles which are more sturdy compared to this flimsy packaging. Can we also talk about the tiny amount of product?! 30ml is not enough product...
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  6. very small bottle


    this is a very small bottle!! not the same size as the number 3, thus loosing some stars. However, this did feel nice on my ends and I only used a small amount.
  7. holy grail


    I use this oil with the number 3 bond repair and it's completely saved my hair
  8. good oil


    this is so good on my ends and you only need a very small amount
  9. best product


    i use this product with the olaplex number 3 and together they do absolute wonders for my bleached hair
  10. Very nice


    This is great! You only need the smallest amount for soft hair
  11. Life saver


    This is really all I hoped it would be. My hair has been through so many chemical processes and it is so damaged and dry. I thought I would listen to the hype and buy this and I am so glad I have. It has strengthened my hair like no other, my hairdresser is even surprised. It's so much healthier and stronger now and smooother!
  12. A little goes a long way


    Previously with Olaplex products, I was annoyed with how costly they are, how I would run through them so quickly, and how heavy my hair would feel – this is because I always thought, given I have long thick hair I would need more - oops! To use No.7, I section my wet hair in half and use about 3 drops per section. In combination with the right shampoo and conditioner (I use EVO), this oil really ...
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  13. a little goes a long way.


    I'm not too crash hot on the scent, it's not good, it's not bad. The product itself is great, however, be careful. a little goes a long way and if you overdo it, your hair will be left looking and feeling greasy.
  14. Best hair oil


    This stuff is amazing. It is lightweight so doesn’t weigh your hair down and smells so good. I put a few drops of this into Olaplex 6 after washing my hair and my hair dries without any frizz. The bottle last for ages as well.
  15. Good ish


    This product is good but i think there are cheaper alternatives available for the same effect
  16. Best product I’ve ever used for damaged hair


    This stuff is the holy grail of Haircare!
  17. Nice oil


    I put this on my hair religiously after the shower, then before I blowdry and after! It is a nice two-in-one with heat protectant and nourishing properties. A little goes a long way too, and of course it smells amazing too.
  18. good for a light weight oil


    im not super impressed with this oil. i can say it doesn't make my hair greasy after wards, so thats a plus. its super light weight and easily distributed through the hair, otherwise pretty underwhelming.
  19. best hair treatment


    so moisturising for my hair, i use this with the home treatment and it saved my hair after years of bleaching and dyeing
  20. Love it!


    I've been using this for a few weeks now, and I'm pretty impressed with it. I rarely heat style my hair, but I do have damage from excessive bleaching that this seems to be preventing from splitting further up the hair shaft. It is pricey, but I could probably get six months out of it so it really depends on how frequently you wash your hair!
  21. Amazing for long term care - not an instant results product


    I really liked this product esp as a heat protectant and would def buy it again. It won't add instant lustre to your hair like a serum and I don't think it's supposed to. My is so naturally shiny and healthy with has a tonne less breakage since I started using it. It's a long term maintenance product and I like it.

    36yo, South Asian female, virgin hair, not on birth control, never pr...
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  22. Lives up to the hype


    Olaplex No. 7 is very easy to distribute throughout wet and dry hair. It is a very light-weight oil, which means that it doesn't leave behind residue. This is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their overall hair health!
    Side note: I have been using the entire Olaplex range for about a month now, so the improvements could be from any one of the products. My hair feels thicker a...
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  23. Average


    For what I paid for this product, I'm not overally impressed. Cheaper hair oils will do just the same.
  24. Love


    This is a great heat resistant product for my coloured and damaged hair. I use it every time I blow dry and style. And even after for that added shine. Highly recommend.
  25. Oplexa


    So I was just wondering why all oplexa is twenty dollars more on this site then any where else?
  26. great oil


    this oil makes my hair feels nce and soft and not greasy at all. teh price is quite hugh but the bottle will last a very long time as you dont need much at all
  27. Not greasy at all


    This really helps my hair, its so damaged from bleach so its brittle and is already quite fine. I put into damp hair and then again onto dry hair, avoiding the roots, and its not too oily looking or greasy feeling. Some of the cheaper ones just feel like its slippery and just coating my hair if that makes sense?? This feels like its absorbed more. I use Olaplex 3/4/5 too. It will last you AGES.
  28. Disappointed


    I found this oil disappointing. After reading so many positive reviews about olaplex I thought it would be a great option to swap out with my previous products from Shu uemura, kerastase and oribe.
    I found my hair doesn’t absorb it and the shine lasts for about 20 mins before looking dull and waspy. I just wanted a healthy finish.
    It’s very expensive for little amount received in the...
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  29. Silky and soft hair


    This is one of my favourite hair oils. Its really lightweight and makes hair so soft and shiny while not making it look actually oily. I couldn't say if it actually did anything to prevent or repair damage but as a styling product for some shine and manageability its really great
  30. Soft shiny bonded hair


    Protect your hair against further damage and add shine using Olaplex No.7, this item is a must have in addition to steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

    For top shine and maximum protection mist hair down and Use No. 6 with No. 7 rub between hands and apply to mid length- ends
  31. The best hair oil I have tried


    After years of buying hair oils that ended up drying my hair more, finally found this one that I will definitely repurchase.
  32. Smooth looking hair


    Helps with frizz and gives a nice shine to my straight hair
  33. Staple Hair Product!


    I love this hair oil. I bought it for the main purpose of heat protection but I also keep reaching for it because of its anti-frizz and shine effects. The oil is not heavy and so it doesn't make your hair look oily, which is a problem I have had in the past. Even through the bottle looks small (especially given the price!), you actually don't need to use much product and so I think it would last q...
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  34. A little goes along way!


    A little bottle but sure goes a long way! Necessary to revitalize over processed and damaged hair.
  35. Amazing!


    I've been using this for a week already and have washed my hair twice and can already notice such a difference in my hair!
  36. Great hair oil


    I love this. It's quite efficient, you get a little out of a small drop. Doesn't damage the colour of blonde hair, whereas other argan oil hair oils do.
  37. lasts for ages


    I was disappointed by the small bottle at first but the product actually lasts for ages so the bottle size doesn't seem too small in the end. I prefer the bond smoother or using rose hip oil and don't feel as if its necessary for me to buy this again. good product though-i recommend applying it on wet not dry hair
  38. Below average product with huge hype!


    I have used many different kinds of oils. This has to be the worst by far. It does close to nothing. Not sure how everyone has got sucked in to Olaplex.. i have not heat styled my hair since March and I thought id give olaplex a go.. terrible! Mr smith serum ANY day of the week. So much more value for money as you get so much more product and the quality is second to none! Mr smith gives your hai...
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  39. Amazing


    Really helped the quality of my hair improve, great for frizz, nice and nourishing and helps to strengthen my hair (need a lot of that since I bleach my hair)
  40. amazing


    Amazing oil repairs damage and strengthens hair
  41. cant live without


    Im not sure if the oil does repair the bonds like the rest of the olaplex range however nothing finishes off my waves like this oil does! my hair is so sleek and 'done' I will forever re purchase this
  42. good oil for everything.


    This oil helped with my hair frizz, dryness and health of my hair. is all round good oil for everything.
  43. Can't go wrong with Olaplex!!!


    How did we ever live without Olaplex?! Every.single.product is amazing. This oil is so good before you dry your hair off and can be used on dry hair too.. makes hair so smooth!!!
  44. Not my favourite Olaplex product


    I have fine hair but lots of it, and severely heat and colour damaged. I think I prefer a thicker, creamier product to help smoothen and control the ends & frizz - the oil doesn’t seem to stretch very far in all my hair. However I did like using it a few days into the hair wash cycle When my hair is feeling extra dry just to bring back a bit of shine to the ends!
    For the price, I probably wo...
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  45. Great


    I have dry coarse hair and this oil makes my hair feel so healthy. There is a reason why olaplex is so popular. Would highly recommend.
  46. this is really good


    this is really good, hydrating and adds some extra shine and love to my hair
  47. Must try with no.6


    The instructions say to use a small amount, but I find it hard to distribute a small amount through my long hair. Therefore, I use this mixed in with no. 6, which then distributes perfectly. It definitely adds softness to my hair. I would rate no.6 and no.7 each 4 stars on their own, but used together, I would give 5 stars.
  48. nourishing


    i looked at this for a while and thought i'd try it out as i regularly use other olaplex products. WOW this oil has been nourishing my hair so well, my hair no longer looks frizzy and out of control as before, its also amazing because it doesnt make your hair feel any more oily which was surprising because my hair tends to get very oil quickly. also a little goes a long way to, just need to tap th...
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  49. Great for using on dry hair too


    Love this. I apply it damp. And then use it again each day when my hair is dry, it just restores the moisture but does not get oily.
  50. So little but so good


    im only sad because the bottle is so small. but I applied after my shower with damp hair and my hair literally has never felt so good for so long. definitely made my hair not so frizzy throughout the week as well
  51. My hair loves this stuff!!!


    I use this in conjunction with the Olaplex Bond Smoother. I only need 2 drops of this golden wonder. It doesn’t leave my hair oily. I only use it on about 4 inches from the ends and found that it’s enough. It has very little scent which is perfect as I use a few other products in my hair. When first applying, I’d suggest go less rather than more until you get the right amount. I went too much firs...
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  52. Protective


    Was previously using a heat protection spray and a separate oil but now I have two in one which is great
  53. Makes my hair silky smooth


    I have dry, dyed blonde, curly hair that I blowdry every 2-3 days. This lightweight oil has been great to keep it looking shiny while not weighing it down or oily. Only deducted one star because this is on the $$$ scale!
  54. Beautiful lightweight hair oil


    Hair oils always make me a bit nervous as they tend to make my hair greasy, but this oil is so lightweight and a little goes a long way. I also love that you can use it pre-styling for heat protection and post-styling for shine and silkiness. Also, it smells amazing!
  55. Amazing


    I love love love this oil! I was a bit concerned about the size, but a little truly goes a long way. I use less than half the amount that I would use when I was using Moroccanoil. (I have long, fine (but a lot of it) hair and more than 4 or 5 drops is too much for me)
    It has that nice bougie expensive hair care scent with a hint of pineapple. My hair feels smoother and bouncier after I dry i...
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  56. Heavenly


    I had heard an influencer raving about this oil and thought I would invest, knowing how much I like Olaplex no. 3. I am thrilled with this. The oil goes such a long way with just 2/3 drops, it smells DIVINE like pineapple and holidays. My hair can tend to get quite dry and knotty the day after curling and this has kept it feeling smooth, soft and manageable.
  57. No.7 Bonding Oil


    Gives my hair the perfect bounce and shine after a blow dry! Absolutely love!
  58. Lifesaver for dry ends


    I have medium length hair and struggle with very frizzy/dry ends and this helped keep them looking healthy and hydrated in between haircuts. Other oils have always made my hair look greasy or weigh it down but this didn't, and being able to use heat afterwards is an added bonus. I recommend using it on damp hair and as needed on dry hair - I use this every couple of days to keep my ends looking he...
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  59. Great but beware


    This oil is amazing as all the other reviews state. It does feel like it genuinely improves the quality of my fried blonde hair! However I do think it can slightly change the colour of my hair with a bit of yellow! I therefore mix it with the No 6 to mitigate this.
  60. like it but don't love it


    compared to the rest of the range from Olaplex this did not blow me out the water like the other products did.
    first, even though the oil goes a long way the bottle is very small and does not disperse all that easy so I find I do use a lot of product.
    downside is the price
    The product is good, but not great.
  61. Tiny but packs a punch!


    When this arrived, I will be honest- I thought I'd been robbed! It is pretty small! But oh my goodness, it is amazing!!! and surprisingly goes a long way! I have bought sooo many oils and spent too much money on products searching for something that can help my dry, bleached ends and help me grow my hair. This is great on it's own but when I mix it with the olaplex bond smoother it is magic! I mea...
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  62. Olaplex 7


    I was very excited to try this product, however I find it leaves my hair quite dry. I use Olaplex 3,4,5,6 and love them! Number 7 leaves my hair very shiny, but usually have to wash it out the next day.
  63. Liquid Gold


    Don’t usually write reviews but wanted people to know how dope this oil is. Adds incredible shine and softness without weighing hair down, and also heat protection. On top of all that it strengthens hair over time being *bonding* oil with the same active ingredient as all Olaplex products. 10/10 will purchase again
  64. Best hair oil


    This hair oil is a little on the expansive side but it is worth every cent. It is so moisturising and makes me hair feel and smell great. I have less breakages and my hair has actually grown substantially and as a bonus it feel light weight and the hair does not feel oily at all
  65. Not what I expected


    I have mixed feelings on this oil. I bought it to help with dry and damaged ends, but havent found that it helps with hydration very much. I think this oil is more suited for those needing heat protection and re-building bonds.
  66. unsure


    I do not like the texture or what it does to my hair, I brought this to switch from Moroccan oil, ill stick with my no 3 olaplex and Moroccan oil
  67. Liquid Gold


    When I first got this I was so surprised at how small it was... I looked at the bottle and then looked at my mass amount of hair and thought... I guess I'll be buying one of these tiny little bottles every week. *sigh* That was in November 2019 and 5 months later I'm still not a quarter way through the bottle. A little really does go a LONG way with this so don't be disheartened when you realise h...
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  68. Brilliant mixed with something


    I find this oil better for strengthening my hair (because of the bonding ingredients) but using it alone, I dont find it to hydrate my very dry ends. I mix it with the Olaplex 6 or the Eleven Miracle Treatment, and it is perfect - my hair has never felt better.
  69. Wonder oil!


    Wow wow wow this is a miracle oil it makes my hair so silky and soft after I damaged it completely from bleaching and heat styling this oil has repaired my hair to its former prebleached glory days and it smells amazing as well
    Highly recommend
  70. Wow


    A little goes such a long way so I cannot complain that it is 30ml! I find that a little does such a great and amazing work on the hair. I would purchase another one !
  71. Good but not AMAZING


    I recently purchased this oil to assist with dry hair after getting a balayage done. I have medium-long length hair that is prone to frizziness and is quite curly. I found it easier to apply this oil when my hair was dry rather than wet so I could control how much to use. I've seen lots of reviews saying they only needed 2-3 drops....I would say I needed much more than this to get the product thro...
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  72. worth the money


    surprised with how good this work. doesn’t leave my hair too oily and works an absolute charm. i love it. definitely recommend!
  73. Look no further. Best hair oil on the market


    I have very dry oily and damaged hair. I found this treatment oil did exactly what it says it does I have noticeably less breakages, my hair is growing and feels so amazing. This product is a little on the pricey side for me but it is well worth it and my hair loves it. I will never use any other treatment again. I would definitely recommend this to a friend
  74. Really lightweight and hydrating!


    Unlike other hair oils, I found it to be super light weight and not greasy. Leaves your hair looking super soft and shiny.
  75. Similar result with cheaper oils


    I second the other reviews saying that you can get similar results with Moroccanoil, argan oils etc. It works well but not noticeably any better than the other products. It’s not greasy and a little goes a long way.
  76. Mix with no.6


    Hairdressers everywhere keep recommending to use this + no.6 and you only need a bit but this definitely makes hair more smooth and manageable
  77. thumbs up


    Mix this with No.6 and you can't go wrong.
  78. Very disappointed


    I have recently purchased olaplex NO7 and honestly I’m very disappointed
    I use 2-3 drops max , and still makes my hair so oily and I don’t see any results . If you have fine - medium blonde hair this is not for you
    I have always been a fan of olaplex No3 and will never change again
  79. Will last forever


    I had seen the hype of the oil but was apprehensive when buying as all other oils had left my hair looking greasy even when using the smallest amount. The Olaplex oil is amazing! I have super long and thick hair and I only use 3-4 drops and get the most incredible results. Really great value too, this tiny bottle will last forever!
  80. Great oil


    Heard good review on this oil so I have it a try, it’s really good to help my hair feel smoother and stronger but I can’t really say that it’s a lot ore amazing than any other oil that I’ve used in the past. But it definitely do the job
  81. Convenient


    I love olaplex but was sick of having to leave it in my hair for an hour then wash it out. This oil does the same job but is so much more convenient!


    When this arrived I was shocked at the size of the bottle but it has lasted SO LONG and with daily use on thick, waist length hair. If you aren't sure where to start with the olaplex take home products- and there a a few now- this is where I would suggest throwing your cash. A little goes a long way, and it can be used on wet or dry hair, and added to other creams - I mix it with the eleven miracl...
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  83. The price is just crazy


    I bought this oil because everyone was talking about. Was it worth it? I do not think so. It is no different to your normal half the price oil.
  84. good product, but holy lord the price


    this is 30mls - it is TINY, and for it to be $50 is insane. It's a good product, but the size versus price really makes it hard to justify.
  85. A little goes a long way


    I love using this product after I’ve finished heat styling my hair. It works so well on dry end and makes me hair smell delicious. I would recommend not putting the product too far up your hair, as it can make your hair go oilier a bit quicker than usual, but this is expected with most oils. I enjoy this product very much. A little goes a long way!
  86. Drop of perfection


    Great for dry thick wavy hair that needs extra protection from heat styling and damage from sun and colour. A little goes a long way.
  87. Smells amazing!


    This smells so good! A little bit goes a long way, my hair is nice and glossy after using this along with the No 3 treatment.
  88. Amazing, Amazing Amazing


    Love this product. My hair dresser suggested to pair this with Oplaplex No.6.

    Then after styling small amount and put through your hair especially the ends.

    A small amount goes a long way.
  89. Interesting product


    I like that the product is a heat protectant, it does smooth the hair but I think there is better hair oils out there.
  90. Good product


    Have never been a fan of oil based product but I love this one. The scent of not overwhelming as well.
  91. Amazing!


    Got this as xmas gift, I like the packaging and what it does to my hair. However, I would not purchase for myself because I find it overpriced. You can find a cheaper product that would just do the same to your hair.
  92. Rescue damaged hair


    I already use No 3 and have incorporated No 7 in my regime. I have a top layer that was damaged from foils and this Oil has been wonderful. It has hydrated and repaired the ends, so no more fuzz and they are actually growing better now. Great product
  93. Best! Hair! Oil! Ever!


    Absolutely love this hair oil. It doesn't weigh your hair down or make your hair oily. A little also goes a loooooooong way. You don't need too much and I have been using this bottle for like 2 months and there's still a heap of product left.
  94. Good


    Good oil, makes hair shiny and soft.
  95. Best ever hair!!!


    This is so genius! I use a few drops with the No. 6 on towel dried hair and again any time my skin is lacking in moisture. I also use as a heat protectant - no crispiness to be seen!
    It is very well priced considering how little you need to use each time. It doesn’t leave a heavy residue at all.
    Highly highly recommend! My hair is colour treated and delicate!
  96. I love it

    Chele Pagno

    I LOVE this product. It smells fresh and citrusy, and makes my hair SO shiny.
  97. Only need a small amount


    I usually do not like hair oils as I have thin hair and a lot of oils weigh my hair down. But not this oil. You only need a small amount and it really helps hydrate my hair. I really love using it before straightening as it is also a heat protectant. Smells great as well. I would definitely Repurchase
  98. Improved my hair


    Smells so good and the bottle lasts forever. It has transformed my hair and the condition of it. Leaves it silky smooth and shiny too
  99. Game changer


    This oil is a game changer. I use it on wet hair after shower and my hair dries super smooth. Also use as a finishing product if needed and gives my hair a brilliant shine. I have even used this on my daughter who has super tight curls that can be frizzy after a wash and it smooths out all her frizz and has them sitting like perfect little curls.
  100. Leaves hair shiny and protected


    The bottle is quite small but a little product goes a long way. I have long, thick hair and I generally like to mix the Olaplex oily with a cream hair product. My hair is thanking me for protecting it before heat and styling.
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