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Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment 100ml

4.7 of 463 reviews


$12.49 x 4

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$12.49 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Fine or limp hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment

Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment

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4.7 of 463 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My hairdresser uses this when I see her. I’m now using weekly between visits and my hair has become thicker and stronger, and it feels so much healthier.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure
Did make my hairs smooth but so does my @15 conditioner. I tried it in various ways but did not get amazing results from any. I am not sure if I would spend $50 on this again. You are better off getting a salon treatment once a month for that much.
  1. Not sure

    Did make my hairs smooth but so does my @15 conditioner. I tried it in various ways but did not get amazing results from any. I am not sure if I would spend $50 on this again. You are better off getting a salon treatment once a month for that much.
  2. Amazing

    My hairdresser uses this when I see her. I’m now using weekly between visits and my hair has become thicker and stronger, and it feels so much healthier.
  3. Stronger hair

    I have fine, sometimes dry hair and this treatment gives me the best results! I leave it in overnight (as recommended by my hairdresser) and afterwards my hair actually feels so much stronger and thicker and smoother! I’m onto my fifth bottle and I absolutely love it
  4. Miracle Worker

    Olaplex has worked wonders for my hair. It is pricey but it's worth it. A bottle usually lasts me about 6-8 uses on long hair. After every use my hair feels stronger and healthier.
  5. Worth a try

    I was recommended this by my stylist. I don't notice a massive difference between this & a nourishing treatment but it's a good once a week to use on colour treated hair. You only need a small amount. I sometimes just put a 5 cent piece amount in when I get out the shower and it makes me ends less fly away.
  6. Works, I guess

    I am growing out severely damaged over processed hair and have used olaplex many times over the past 12 months to help. (Suggested by hairstylist, many people and great reviews) Although it seems to help a little, I really don’t think it does allll that much. I noticed the most difference in my hair repair by switching to the Kérastase therapist hair range. While I think olaplex is okay, I think it is very expensive (I have shoulder length, thick bleach damaged hair) and one bottle will last around 4 treatments for minimal results.
    Olaplex does make my natural hair look fantastic, but as a “lifesaver” for bleached over processed hair I have found better products for the same money.
  7. absolutely love this

    This product is fantastic! I straighten and blowdry my hair frequently which left my hair dry and dull with lots of split ends, this brought my hair back to life!!! amazing product. I leave it in overnight!
  8. Perfect at home treatment

    This is the perfect pre wash at home treatment. After one use hair feels so much stronger and instantly more hydrated. I have been using this product for a while now and I use it religiously. For a girl with dry bleached hair this is the go to!
  9. Game Changer

    I have been using Olaplex in salon and at home for 18 months and I have definitely noticed an improvement. I foil my hair lighter (blond) every 6-8 weeks and I blow dry and straighten 2/3 times a week, prior to Olaplex I noticed little grow as my split ends were so bad. I use it as a treatment 1 to 2 times a week but my hairdresser also suggested that I use a tiny amount on my split ends while my hair is damp prior to blow drying and this works a treat too. I’m excited to try the shampoo and conditioner next.
  10. Helps

    I had quite damaged hair a few months ago after going blonde and spent a fortune doing these treatments using Olaplex to save my hair. Although it did amazing things for my hair and helped reverse the damage quite a bit - I also found a brand called 'Bondi Boost' which I used with it and continued after and it made a huge difference. I now use Bondi Boost treatments and shampoo/conditioner and I no longer need to use Olaplex. Highly recommend for anyone with damaged hair.
  11. Pleasing results

    Initially I found the treatment to work well and give good results. With my ends lightened, my main concern is breakage and frizz. In the warmer months this product is very easy to use, but I now find myself moving away from it in favour of more traditional hair treatments and masks because I felt the results waned a little over time.
  12. Smoothies and strengthens hair

    I have lightened my hair for about 15 years now.. this product has completely changed my hair! I no longer have little frizzy bits of hair. My hair is smoother and shiner and much stronger than ever before
  13. Best at home hair treatment

    Olaplex is easily the best treatment system i’ve ever put on my hair. Easily.
  14. made my hair so soft

    i used it just once on my dull and dry hair and it gave life to them. they felt so soft just after a single use.
  15. Works amazing on bleached hair!!

    Ive been bleaching my hair for the past 9 years, I constantly had little fly aways on the top of my head, I’ve only been using olaplex for a few months and they’ve already started to grow! Not only that but I have nearly no split ends and my hair looks so thick! Highly recommend!!!
  16. Has saved my hair

    I have fairly dry, dyed blonde hair prone to split ends and I use this once a week. It leaves my hair in excellent condition and is very convenient because you only need to put in on 10 mins before you shampoo it out (although I usually leave it on a little bit longer). It is important to note that it is a protein bonder, not a mask, so it won't give you hair that super slippery feeling you sometimes get with conditioning treatments.
  17. Best thing on the market

    I put it on in the evening and wake up to healthy, shiny, bouncy hair. All my hairdressers have recommended this for my dry bleached hair - which is now fixed. Keep in mind that if you have really long hair you’ll probably only get a few treatments out of this. But it’s still cheaper to buy yourself than get it done at the hairdressers, so that makes up for that.
  18. Love love love it!

    I noticed a difference immediately after the first use, it smoother, shinier and looks so much healthier. I’ve used it a few times now and love it, will be buying the shampoo and conditioner to help make the most of this treatment.

    I really loved this treatment and did notice some significant changes in my bleached hair!

    I much prefer to sleep in this to ensure I get the most out of each use.

    My hair feels healthier and is certainly easier to manage - not as tangled.

    The only issue I have is a bottle gives me 3 uses (I have long thick hair) and to get the best results from this product I would ideally like to use twice a week if possible which isn't sustainable for me financially.

    I have tried using the Matrix Re-Bond version - 3 steps and have had similar results! It is a lot better value so I will continue to use instead.
  20. Holy grail!

    This is one of the best hair products by far!! Recommend by a hair dresser friend of mine.. has honestly saved my dry brittle coloured and heat destroyed hair! You will not regret this purchase! Does all it claims!! Definitely recommend
  21. Amazing, changed the health of my hair completely!

    My long fine dark hair had been ruined by a dodgy hairdresser (bleached and dark patches) and this product brought my hair back to life. A year later and it’s in the best shape it’s ever been in - thicker and healthier than ever before. I use it once a week as a treatment and will continue to. Sometimes I leave it in all day if washing it that night, or over night and wash out in the morning. Amazing product worth every cent.
  22. Amazing results

    I purchased this product after my hair dresser recommended using this in between salon visits due to my hair being damaged from being bleached.

    Ever since I have used this, the results for my hair has been amazing. My hair used to feel very dry but now after using this, my hair certainly isn't as dry as it was and feels quite luscious and soft. And the longer you leave it in your hair, the better the results! I actually put this on before I sleep and wash it out in the morning.

    This product is quite expensive for the amount you get which is why I haven't given it such a high rating. However, I will definitely be purchasing the duo treatment next as that works out to be cheaper than buying an individual bottle.
  23. Heck yes!

    I've recently started following the Curly Girl Method and this little bottle of miracles has strengthened my hair and really helped my curl formation. I use it fortnightly and leave it on overnight. Absolutely worth the price!
  24. I will always own a bottle of this

    10/10 recommend this product to anyone looking to improve the condition of damaged hair or growing it out. I have constantly had blonde foils for the last decade and was introduced to this product five years ago. I have blonde hair within three inches of my waist and I believe this product has something to do with that. I sleep in it once every couple of weeks to strengthen my hair. I have not used any of their other products but I could recommend this one to start with.
  25. A game changer for blonde hair

    I have been dying my hair blonde for years and years, and until I found this product I could never find the right product for keeping my blonde locks in shape. My hairdresser recommended it to me, and since then my hair is so much healthier. When I get lazy and don't use it, my hair gets tangled and doesn't look healthy. It's a little on the expensive side, however if you dye your hair blonde this product is a must have.
  26. love it

    i'm obsessed with hair products, tried just about everything it seems sometimes! this is amazing and makes a world of difference to my long hair
  27. Holy grail for hair

    Omg! This would have to be the best hair treatment for damaged hair, leaves the hair so thick and strong, I leave this in for a couple of hours before washing out, I feel the difference in my hair instantly! So healthy especially having blonde foils! I can’t live without this now
  28. Insant smoothness and strength

    I use this product every now and then, and find that my hair feels softer and stronger after each use, but it's hard to tell whether this has made a long-term difference to the overall health of my hair. I suspect regular use and leaving it in overnight would help with that, but overall the results after each use are noticeable and worth the investment.
  29. Fixed my bleached hair

    My hair got so damaged from constant bleaching and this is the only product that saved it, still use it once a week to keep my hair healthy.
  30. Results after just one use

    On the advice of other reviewers, I left this in overnight and then shampooed my hair the next morning. My fine hair was noticeably softer and felt stronger, will definitely be using regularly. Beautiful texture and an amazing scent.
  31. Helps keep bleached blonde hair soft and healthy

    I use this along with step 4 and 5 to help keep my hair healthy after regular bleaching. Hair always feels soft and smooth and super shiny!
  32. AMAZING !!!

    This product is absolutely amazing !! It has helped so much ! In love
  33. Amazing

    I have experienced amazing results with using olaplex in my hair. I usually leave this in for a long as I can, sometimes overnight. I get maybe 6 applications from a bottle to my long thin hair.
  34. Hair feels softer and looks shinier

    I'm loving this product, its working very well for me so far.
  35. Such an incredible product - hair looks smoother and healthier after using.

    This makes such a difference to my blonde hair which can get dry and split easily. I get 3 uses out of one bottle which makes it rather affordable given what it does and how much other hair masks/treatments can cost. I don't use this often - only when I feel my hair really needs reviving. I will definitely repurchase when I run out.
  36. heard great things

    i have used olaplex for about a week now and have definitely seen a difference in my hair being stronger, i have brown hair and i bleach it blonde so it is necessary that i use it, i would recommend leaving it in overnight!
  37. amazing

    I tried this maybe a year ago, used it twice, didn't really notice a difference and forgot about it. I started using it again a couple of months ago and now I see how much of a difference it makes. I was expecting my hair too look amazing and silky and shiny after the first use, but the difference it makes in my hair is more the strength and condition of my hair. I've noticed sooo much less breakage since I've started using it again and my hair is getting longer. I haven't had it cut in a while and it had reached a point where I wasn't getting any more growth but now it has started getting longer again. Love it!
  38. Overall great product

    Hair felt amazing! Used this product during the process of going blonde and it worked wonders. Hair felt soft and had life to it.
  39. Miracle for blonde hair

    Olaplex is a miracle for blonde hair. You have to ensure that when your blonde hair was coloured that olaplex was used For this product to work to its full potential. It makes your blonde hair bright and soft and more healthy looking. It also makes the condition of your hair awesome after its bleached. This is a must in my hair routine.
  40. my hair is stronger

    i have fine hair, i use this twice a week. it has strengthened my hair heaps, looks more full aswell!

    The best treatment I have tried. Even after the first treatment (leaving in overnight and washing in the morning) my hair felt so soft and hydrated. I have since started using this once a month as a pick me up for my hair.
  42. No more frizzy hair

    I am using this one from 5 months I feel my hair is naturally straight and smooth. It was frizzy and messy before. It worked on my coloured hair too. I get compliments for my hair where ever I go.
  43. Love

    I have been suffering hair loss and breakages, I have been applying this treatment twice a week, and it has been fabulous. My hair feels softer and is not breaking.
  44. Best hair product

    My hair got damaged from bleach but it feels so better after using olaplex
  45. fantastic product

    Love it, work like a charm with my dry/damaged hair.
  46. Love it

    I heard about this when it was recommend to me by my hair dresser when I was in the process of going lighter.
    I agreed and was thrilled at how healthy my hair was regardlsss of it getting lightened.
    I brought this and now use this at home on a weekly basis as it’s cheaper to order from store than it is to get it from my hairdresser
  47. Best yet

    I am 9 months postpartum and just beginning to see some of my hair growing back, lots of baby hairs all over. Add that I have fine, color treated hair. This is pricey and the bottle was shockingly small BUT it makes my hair feel amazingly healthy and easier to comb. Hoping to see growth results with continued use. Would recommend for all the new mommas out there!
  48. Weekly treatment

    I use this treatment weekly and leave it in overnight.

    I have Medium length hair that isnt very thick and I probably get 4 weeks of use out of this bottle (that is doing one treatment a week)

    Totally worth it because my hair feels great the next day. Have noticed less split ends and hair feels healthier.
  49. Overnight Miracle

    The only thing I can honestly recommend this product for is as an overnight treatment!

    I don't like waiting around 10 minutes in the shower to see if it works; so I actually wet my hair and put it on as overnight treatment and worked best for me. I have a curly sometimes frizzy hair with highlights.

    Highly recommended
  50. Game changer

    I have been colouring and heat styling my hair for over 15 years and this is the only at home treatment product that provides instant improvement to my hair texture, softness and in the long term the health of my hair. You really have to try it to believe it!
  51. Great Product

    After the first use I noticed a massive difference in my hair. It feels stronger and healthier and that is just after using it once a week. I just wish the bottle was bigger :)
  52. Nothing beats it!

    Absolute lush this product. It’s the only product I use to keep my hair healthy. Every week I use it prior to my blow dry and my hair comes out amazing. I leave it in overnight and my hair couldn’t get any smoother!
  53. Brittle to beautiful

    Oh em gee. This product is seriously something else.

    This CHANGED the texture of my hair, and changed my life.
    After having my hair ruined by a hairdresser who never used olaplex and left bleach on my hair for hours, I met with another hairdresser who used each step of the olaplex process and it saved my hair.

    I used the No. 3 Home Treatment and left it on overnight, for a total of about 12 hours each time I used it. It is life changing.

    Thank you Olaplex. You saved my hair, when I thought my only option was to shave my head!!!!
  54. Must have addition to hair routine

    I was recommended this product by my hairdresser after my balayage colouring. It was amazing. I used this weekly and kept it in as long as possible. Often I keep this in all day (if I wasn’t going out) or over night and unpin washing out my hair was soft and frizz free. I found the results similar to a keritan treatment. I got about 8 weeks of once weekly use from the bottle.
  55. There is nothing on the market that can compare - I've tried them all

    I'm not going to lie, I have fallen in love with Olaplex but I've also strayed from time to time to see if their competition live up to their hype - they don't.
    Olaplex is priced higher because it is the best of the best of its kind in the market. I've tried to leave but I'm here to stay. Tried, tested and now recently loyal.
    My hair loves the take home system and to keep it as healthy as it now is, I'm now brand loyal.
  56. Highly recommend

    I have thin dry hair with lots of split ends and after just my first treatment (leaving in overnight and then shampoo and condition in the morning) my hair felt so soft and frizz free. I also noticed less split ends and thats after one treatment. Excited to see my hair health after a second treatment.
  57. Can not go past the original and best!

    This is the best treatment for your hair.

    It has helped my hair grow long, shiny and smooth fixing the damage from years of bleaching.

    I no longer suffer from split ends with split ends!
    I can not recommend this product enough!
    I use it once a week, toss my hair in a bun and then wash out after letting it sit all day.

    I have even slept in it after I really put my hair through the wringer with too much heat and bleach.

    The longer you leave it in for the better.

  58. Great product!

    This left my hair feeling very soft and manageable after lightning my hair!
  59. Blonde Unicorn

    I originally got this because of the reviews on this website. There were so many positive reviews and when I asked my hairdresser about it, she recommended to buy this as I was experiencing dry and damaged hair from bleaching my hair. I used this as soon as this arrived at my doorstep and I have to say this stuff is the real deal. It is absolutely so amazing and my hair doesn't feel so dry or damaged anymore. It feels so nice and so soft.

    The only down side in regards to this is the pricing and the amount you get in the bottle hence my 4/5 stars. I think next time I might be getting the duo as that would be more worth the price point and would last a little longer. I feel like when I use this treatment, I use so much product to make sure my hair is saturated in it, as that is what is advised in the instructions.

    Other than that, this is definitely something I would get again and definitely recommend to anyone who is unsure about buying this product - just buy it, you won't regret it!
  60. My hair is so smooth.

    So worth the purchase, i only left my treatment on for ten minutes and it made my hair so smooth, i could even feel the difference with my hair still damp. I would like to try leaving it on for a little bit longer and see if i can get an even smoother texture. Definitely would recommend this product though!
  61. Expensive but highly recommend

    I highly recommend this treatment. Its definitely expensive because I only got maybe three full treatments out of this bottle but that was enough to repair my hair to a decent level. I had damaged straw like hair and after my hair is back to being smooth and silky. I alternate this treatment each week with the BLONDPRO C treatment which is slightly cheaper but works just as well.
  62. Expensive but worth it

    I went from brown hair to blonde over a few weeks and it really damaged my hair (as expected) and left it dry and extremely brittle. This treatment alone really revived it. I have to admit it did take two bottles to get my hair back to its original state (using it twice a week over 3-4 weeks) but in the end was 100% worth it.
  63. Jury’s out

    I’ve used this product a few times now and... I’m still not really noticing much of a difference. Perhaps I need to stick with it a little longer, or do the treatments a little more frequently. Sure, it made my hair feel nicer after application, but I was hoping for a miraculous hair turnaround!
  64. It’s ok

    I had really high hopes for this after reading all the amazing reviews. In my opinion it’s not much better than a good deep conditioning mask. I wouldn’t say it leave my hair super shiny or soft. Wouldn’t repurchase
  65. Really makes hair soft

    This made my hair very soft and obedient. A little goes a long way and I like the smell. I don't think it's helped at all with split ends or flyaways, but in all other respects it's wonderful. I don't know if I'll buy again, given the price, but I'll certainly use up all of it!
  66. Totally worth it!

    I had bleached my hair for the first time which completely damaged my hair and i had struggled to find a product that would help restore everything. I came across Olaplex Home Treatment and it has helped the condition of my hair so much! After the first few uses you definitely start to feel the difference! My hair was much smoother and breakage was way less!
  67. My hair problems, solved

    I cant believe it took me so long to try Olaplex. Since using it weekly for a month, my hair is in such fantastic condition. Much smoother and softer, and far fewer fly-aways
  68. Noticing a huge difference!

    I have hair that has been just about every colour under the sun, bleached beyond repair with oily roots and dry ends. Let me just say olaplex has been an absolute life saver for me. I really think if I wasn't incorporating it all of my hair probably would have fallen out by now due to damage! I've noticed a complete turnaround and less hair breakage because of this little beauty.
  69. Great Product

    This is my second purchase of this after being recommended by my hair dresser. It’s seriosuly the best thing you could do for your hair, my hair has been so much healthier for Olaplex.
  70. Transforming

    This treatment has absolutely transformed my hair. I get my hair lightened which in turn causes it to go dry and damaged. After using this treatment my hair has never felt better. It feels smooth and strong and I will continue to repurchase this treatment until the day I die.
  71. This stuff works

    Love this product. It really does transform the hair after just the first use. I apply to damp hair and leave in as long as possible for best results, usually overnight.
  72. Saviour for Blondes

    Using this weekly has allowed me to keep my hair very long after bleaching. Definitely recommend!
  73. Extraordinary

    I was recommended this product by a friend after the hairdresser had ruined my hair from bleaching it incorrectly. It is absolutely extraordinary and i wouldn't look back. It is the best product i have ever used to fix my hair.
  74. Never Without

    I can't believe there was a time in my bleached hair life that I didn't use Olaplex. This product is truely amazing as it repairs bleached hair making it softer and more manageable. It also smells lovely. I wouldn't be able to continue to bleach my hair without this product.
  75. Hands down the best hair masque on the market

    I’ve been using olaplex no. 3 since my hairdresser recommended it when it first came to Australia. Nothing compares to olaplex. I’m a serial dyer and bleacher, use heated tools, and this repairs my hair so well that even going from dark brown to platinum blonde and damaging my hair a LOT before seeing a professional, we were able to save my hair and I had barely any cut off, just a standard trim. Nothing else I’ve tried which people rave about comes anywhere near to comparing to olaplex as a hair treatment.
  76. Unsure

    I’m really unsure about this. Feels nice once I put it on but my hair hasn’t made much of a difference
  77. It's a yes from me

    Having bleached my hair from brown to blonde, I found no product like this. It has saved my hair and enabled it to grow. I leave this on overnight and wash it out in the morning with purple shampoo, works a treat. I have only used this serval times when my hair really needs a pick me up!
  78. So good!

    Does what it claims
  79. Not a fan

    I really wanted this to be the answer to my prayers but it just didn’t work for me, whenever I use it my hair feels tangled and dry for weeks
  80. Feel the difference

    This product has been a lifesaver. My hair was so dry and looking unhealthy after colouring my hair blonde. After using this every week for 3 months it has made an amazing difference to how it looks and feels. I’m always recommending this to my friends.

    I recently went from brown to blonde foiled hair a few months ago and it left my hair so ruined and dry. I purchased this and so happy with the results. Hair feels and looks healthier (I did have to use the entire bottle for results - which was 2 treatments) and I left it in over night and washed out in the morning which ive been told is the best result.
  82. Great product

    I bought this product to care for my hair after I had my hair bleached. I initially thought it was a bit pricey but i think it’s worth it it in the end, it certainly does a good job. My hair is shiny and smooth and I feel like I’ve been to the salon. I only use it every couple of weeks.
  83. Miracle In A Bottle

    Olaplex is a miracle in a bottle. It's restores the structural integrity of your hair - If you bleach or colour this product is going to transform your locks into silky tresses in no time!
  84. It ACTUALLY works!!

    So you know how they say a product works? And you spend the money praying it would work? Well this actually does! I have blonde for 10years and I have always felt every time I dye my hair it goes back to being straw and dry. I haven't had my hair dyed for a while now trying to let it grow out but still feel as if its dry, until I tried this product. I have had hairdressers and people recommend this product for agggess! But I was always hesitant because of the price and getting sucked in to use something I wouldn't use ( I get lazy with hair stuff) I love love love this product! The smell, the texture and the feeling of my hair afterwards. I would use it every week if I could, but trying to save it. I use it weekly to fortnightly and sometimes twice a week if I have something on. All the reviews recommended to sleep in it, and yes I agree on this one. I just wish it wasn't such a small bottle and pricey! But hey it works! I would give it 5 *****stars but the price is the only thing missing.
  85. Keeping the life in my bleached locks!

    I started using Olaplex at the recommendation of my hairdresser. I have lightened my hair for the last 18years! Over that time I lived in a cocktail of various hair treatments and masks in an effort to keep my hair soft and avoid the dreaded dead, brittle ends. Olaplex is by far the easiest and most rewarding treatment available!!! I saw results after just one use!!! I always try and pop it in my hair at night once or twice a week and wash out the next morning and it leaves my hair feeling amazing! Not only that- but it has also maintained the strength of my hair and allowed me to avoid breakage and allowed my hairdresser to continue lightening me to a clean blonde! (No yellow/gold! Hurray!)
    Honestly- it’s a 10/10 product I can no longer live without!
  86. Love this product

    Love Olaplex 3 , 4 and 5 they have made a noticeable difference to my hair , my constantly breaking sides are now starting to strengthen and grow out . I use it once a week and leave in overnight
  87. healthier hair

    I was told to apply this to my hair and leave in for 8 hrs (I apply during the evening and sleep with the product and wash the following day). My hair feels better for it, smoother, healthier and stronger.
  88. Sleep in it for best results

    I can honestly say this is the best treatment my hair has ever had! I recently discovered that you can sleep with the no. 3 in your hair. OH MY! The results are just gorgeous. I try and do this weekly on a Friday night so my hair is looking its best over the weekend. Can honestly say my hair has never looked healthier.
  89. Super soft glossy hair!

    This product is an absolute dream. Every top hair salon recommends it so it has to be good. I have a short blonde bob and I use this once per week. I wet my hair then distribute this all over my hair and l leave it on for as long as possible. The longer the better. If I can just stay home I will leave it on all day and sleep on it before washing out. It leaves me with the softest and brightest hair with lots of shine. Every blonde needs this!
  90. Saved my hair

    I use this product in conjunction with the No 4 & 5 and it has saved my hair!
    My hair is fine but I had lots of it and it had become extremely dry, dull and much of it had broken and fallen out
    After using this product for 6 months I have already noticed a significant difference! My hair has almost doubled, it’s grown so much and my hair dresser can’t believe the difference!
    Definitely use this if you’re having breakage problems!
  91. best treatment for long term hair health

    I have fine hair and I lighten it, I also go in the ocean every day so my hair is exposed to damage. This product is a protein so its not to be left on overnight or for long periods on fine hair which I didn't like at first but the great results in my hair health after my first bottle were great and this product is an essential to me now.
  92. It’s like food for your hair

    I have thick curly Caucasian hair and from the first treatment I saw a change. The hair definitely was left feeling a lot softer and stronger. I left it in for a fair bit though, perhaps a bit more than 30 min during house chores. My recommendation is to leave it in for at least 30 min and after washing it out, then apply a hydrantion mask (10 min). The product repairs hair, but it’s not a conditioner.
  93. Improves hair quality significantly

    This product has changed my hair. After recently putting bleach back through my hair, I have noticed some significant damage.

    When I don't use this product, my hair returns to lackluster and bodyless.
    When using Olaplex, I rinse my hair with water, and then comb through and cover my hair in the product. I then leave in over-night. I then shampoo and condition too. I do this once a week as a treat on Sunday.

  94. As amazing as it seems

    I am going to add to the hundreds of reviews of Olaplex #3 as an incredible, 5 star product. It helped repair my damaged blonde hair that I had bleached back from red. It requires consistent, weekly use, and don't mistake it for a conditioner - make sure you condition and hydrate your hair, and use as directed! I am so grateful for this product and will always have some in my cupboard. I have long hair (past shoulders) and one bottle lasts me over 8 weeks easily - I use about 2 teaspoons for my thick blonde hair each time.
  95. Radiant, gleaming finish

    Great treatment that leaves my hair hydrated and strengthened. Easy to apply and really does the trick, keeping my locks fresh in between cuts
  96. Absolutely Love it!

    The hair insistently feel so smooth after first use and I will definitely continue using it for best result.
  97. My hair feels stronger after 2 uses!

    I was quite hesitant to try this product due to the price tag, however after seeing a friend’s amazing results I thought it was time. I’ve been leaving this product in overnight (once a week for the past 2 weeks) and even going to the gym before washing it out. My hair feels stronger already and soo healthy and soft for a few days after. I’m excited to see the longer term results! It’s quite pricey but you don’t need to use too much each time so I feel like it'll last a while.
  98. Results after the first treatment!

    Was a bit skeptical buying this for the high price but was pleasantly surprised at the amazing results after just the first use. My hair was noticeably softer, silkier and easier to brush not to mention the shine my hair had to it, the product hasn’t really tamed my stray frizzy hairs but hoping after a few more treatments that’ll change
  99. Great product!

    Love this home treatment. I leave it in overnight & my hair feels amazing when I wash it out. It’s definitely helped maintain the integrity of my hair.
  100. Transformed my coloured hair

    I lighten my fizzy hair, and had just accepted that my hair would remain dry and fuzzy. However using this treatment once a fortnight overnight has improved the quality and appearance of my hair. My hair is not as dry and has a healthy shine to it. It breaks a lot less and I feel less guilty for lightening my hair
  101. Review & Earn

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