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Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment 100ml

4.7 of 546 reviews


4 instalments of $12.49


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4 instalments of $12.49


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Fine or limp hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment

Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment

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4.7 of 546 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

healthy and silky hair


ideally, you need to apply it for 10 minutes and then rinse, do shampoo and condtioner... hair looks healthy and silky

Most Helpful Criticism

Not recommended for dark hair


The ends of my hair were damaged from colouring (dark brown colours) and from perms / straightening. My natural hair is dark brown. This is more effective for light to blonde hair (both naturally light or bleached light), and i think the moroccanoil range is better for damaged dark hairs
  1. Not recommended for dark hair


    The ends of my hair were damaged from colouring (dark brown colours) and from perms / straightening. My natural hair is dark brown. This is more effective for light to blonde hair (both naturally light or bleached light), and i think the moroccanoil range is better for damaged dark hairs
  2. healthy and silky hair


    ideally, you need to apply it for 10 minutes and then rinse, do shampoo and condtioner... hair looks healthy and silky
  3. Amazing


    This product is genuinely amazing!!! I have seen such an improvement in hair just from using this once a week! I would highly recommend this product
  4. Love it.


    Hair always feels soft and looks shiny after using. Haven't had any in salon treatments of Opalex, this home treatment has made a massive difference on its own.
  5. A god send


    I fry the hell out of my hair with bleaching, and this has saved it every time. Only 20 mins is enough for me, twice a week, and my hair is in the best condition it has ever been in
  6. nourishing treatment


    very nourishing treatment and I love the scent!
  7. Expensive for a small bottle


    I like the product as it leaves my hair feeling nourished but i dont think it is great value for money.
  8. Ahhhmazing


    I have very frizzy curly hair. I’ve used this product and it leaves my hair so soft and the curls hold more form. I even use a little as a moisturiser after I towel dry my hair.
    Buy buy buy!!
  9. Hair Fairy Godmother


    I can't remember how many times I have re-purchased this product. I have very dark long hair naturally and currently have light blonde balayage. I use this product once a week and leave it in overnight. This product is definitely worth it as it really helps repair and strengthen the hair from the inside. If you want your hair to feel smooth from the outside, I suggest you alternate by using a deep conditioning moisture mask and a protein mask as well as Olaplex No 3. There are other brands that have made similar products but this is by far the best brand. If you could only purchase one Olaplex product, I highly recommend No 3.
  10. Worth every dollar


    I have bought this treatment 4 times now, it has helped my ends immensely. Feeling soft and smooth after every treatment. I personally use once every 2 weeks or whenever I feel my hair has gotten a little dry from straightening or styling
  11. split end helper!


    If you have split ends, definately give this a try! I found this really helped my hair with just a few washes
  12. Love how my hair feel after the treatment


    I been using Olaplex for a while now, this hair treatment is one of my favourite, my hair feel so soft and smooth after using it.

  13. Love - just wish it were a bigger bottle!


    After reading reviews, I bought one bottle to test originally and it has made a big impact to my damaged hair. I have blonde, thick hair, with some highlights, and after a couple of deep treatments, others have noticed the change in my hair. I love this - it does deliver, even given the cost, however, given my long hair I wish there was more product! It goes quickly!
  14. Great product.. Small packaging


    Love Olaplex No. 3.. But not so much the size.
    I use this once per week before bed and leave it in until the morning. It makes my hair feel and smell amazing.
    Don't expect some miracle though, you need to continue to use this before you are able to see some results of stronger hair
  15. Great but expensive


    This is a very worthy investment but my long thick hair means I go through a bottle every month! I do love it, just wished it came in a bigger bottle as they're usually a little more cost effective.
  16. Works well but no value for money


    I have used this product a few times when i recently got my hair coloured and my hair was very dry and weak. It definitely help to smooth the hair and calm the breakage; however i would use almost half of the bottle at one go as I have long and thick hair. I have been able to find other hair masks at the same price that lasts longer.
  17. Split ends no longer visible


    Love this product. Used it twice and can see a huge difference
  18. Adore it!

    Regina Fuentes

    I adore Olaplex! I’ve used them for years and I love how smooth it makes my hair after using them.
  19. Holy grail hair product


    I soak my hair in this 1-2 times a week and has intensely repaired my hair
  20. Strengthens and conditions particularly coloured dry hair


    Absolutely sold on this product for my blond coloured, dry and at times frizzy hair! Makes my hair manageable and looking healthy after treatment for days. I also use the leave in olaplex too for maximum benefit.
  21. Love love love!!


    This is a fabulous hair mask. I try to use it once a week and leave it in overnight - when I wash and blow dry my hair the next day my hair feels incredibly soft, silky and shiny. It also helps to hydrate my often dry scalp.
  22. Great


    This is a great product. I was surprised to notice a difference in only one use.
  23. Amazing!!


    This product is absolutely amazing! I have been using it to help heal my hair which has been damaged from over bleaching and heat styling and it is now feeling so healthy! Can’t wait to try the other olaplex products!
  24. pricey but good


    it's a really small bottle, but this stuff does work. i had some split ends and this really helped my hair. to be fair, my split ends weren't that bad
  25. Nourishing and repairing wonder product!


    This product is honestly a miracle! My very coarse naturally curly hair has really benefited from continued use of this product. It smells divine and after rinsing, your hair feels silky smooth and nourished and the feeling actually lasts, unlike a lot of conditioners where after a few days your hair feels "back to normal". The only downside is a find it works best if left on overnight or for at least an hour or so, which can be a bit inconvenient and add time to your morning routine.
  26. Hairdresser’s Recommendation


    I’ve been using this for the past two months on and off and it’s been strengthening my hair! Hair seems to be smoother and easier to manage. I don’t fully understand the hype around this miracle product though as I think the same results could be seen from a heavy hair mask, overall good product though.
  27. Expensive but it WORKS


    My hair is dry and damaged because it is bleached. It also has heaps of split ends. I leave it on all night and then wash it off, and it makes my hair feel so much smoother. It hurts my wallet but i can't stop using it.
  28. This worked on my fizzy hair, not just for colour-treated hair


    Ok so I originally thought this was a gimmicky, over-hyped product that was only popular because it got lucky on social media. I have rather dry, corse and naturally very curly/frizzy hair that I straighten weekly and thus the ends are rather are damaged. I usually just wash/condition and apply a moisturing hair mask for 10 mins to try and reduce the damage, but finally gave in to the hype and thought I’d try this since it is marketed as a hair repairer not just a moisturing treatment.

    I applied the product in dry hair on just the ends, put it in a bun and went to work for eight hours. After washing it and straightening after work it it looked shinier and definitely less frizzy. But the real truth is even days later (six, yes i wash my hair once a week) it still looks amazingly straight and barely needs a touch up, even in winter when it’s been exposed to some rain which would usually turn it to an afro.

    I wish I had tried this sooner and am excited to keep using it and at bare minimum reduce any further heat damage. Yes it is expensive for a small bottle but it’s honestly so worth it and has actually given me more confidence in regards to how my hair looks
  29. Best treatment


    I love this treatment. My hair got badly damaged and this is the only thing that is helping. I still have some snapping but it’s helped so much.
  30. love it


    If you have coloured your hair and it's now dry and brittle you definitely need to try this product. It will leave your hair feeling softer and stronger.
  31. Noticeable difference


    My hair was definitely noticeably shinier and look healthier. It is expensive and because my hair is so thick, one bottle only lasts me 2-3 washes. But I would still continue to buy it as I feel it helps improve the texture of my hair and I love how shiny it is!


    This product is an absolute hair-saver! My hair was damaged from colouring and this has really helped to smooth and repair. Must have!
  33. Don't see what the fuss is about...


    This product did nothing to my hair and i really don't see what all the fuss is about. I have brown curly hair and saw no change however my blonde hair friends rave about it. Would possibly recommend to people with blonde hair but wouldn't purchase this product again.
  34. The best thing for your hair


    Olaplex no 3 is the best thing that ever happens to my hair! My hair is severely dried and damaged and after this treatment, it is lively again! Thank you olaplex!
  35. Miracle hair treatment


    As someone with bleached and extremely fragile long hair...I needed a miracle treatment - and Olaplex is it! I use it twice a week (leaving the treatment in overnight) and it strengthens my hair, reduces frizz and leaves it looking healthy and shiny. If you dye or bleach your hair, this is the product for you!
  36. Essential


    Best product to use after bleach. it keeps your hair healthy and smooth without breakage and is essential for everyone who's gone from dark to light hair.
  37. Life saver!


    This olaplex home treatment has saved my hair - I use weekly to strengthen my hair to prevent breakage and make it strong and healthy. It’s working wonders for me while I am slowly lightening my hair again!
  38. Maybe you need the shampoo or salon treatment first?


    This as a treatment was pretty average and not worth the price. Like it made my hair shinier and more soft but I honestly get more results from other hair treatments. Kevin Murphy hydrate me treatment is the best I’ve ever used and has saved me from so many bad peroxide days! Maybe this works better if your hair has the olaplex bond put in at a salon first?
  39. Amazing!


    I will continue to buy this time and time again, its the best thing I have used for my hair to repair itself after years of bleach, hair dye and lots of straightening.
  40. Lifesaver


    While this product isn't as effective alone as the in-salon treatment, it's still amazingly effective at reducing breakage and knotting.
  41. Great Hair Treatment


    Olaplex is helping me resuscitating my hair - I have coloured & heat damaged hair. I'm alternating it with hydrating masks and the texture of my hair is slowly getting better, I've also started to re-gain my curls which is a nice added bonus. Will definitely continue using it every fortnight/month.
  42. Must have for colour treated/bleached hair


    I was battling brassy ends and frizzy hair a couple of months ago so when I finally had it recoloured, my new hairdresser told me to use my shampoo, followed by the blue shampoo and then Olaplex 3 for at least several hours. Now two months later, my hair is a lot healthier and the colour is fading a lot slower than the first time I had it bleached four months ago. For reference, I have Asian black/brown hair who had never coloured/bleached her hair before.

    Before I apply my Olaplex, I like to dry my hair with a microfibre turban so my hair is just damp. Once I've left it in for at least 4 hours, I rinse out and follow with my conditioner.


    Literally bought my hair back to life! Not only is it thicker, it’s grown heaps. I only use it once a week or once every two and leave it on for a few hours. Will definately continue to buy!
  44. Small bottle


    I purchased this product not realising the size (only 100ml) having long extra thick hair don’t think it will last me more then 3 or 4 treatments.
    Did notice my hair slightly softer but wasn’t blown away, will try something different next time
  45. Works!


    You’ll need a hydrating serum or something after using this but it actually does repair the hair. I have bleached my hair to death and this has brought it back! It’s pricey and if you have long hair you’ll go through it quick, but it’s worth it
  46. Amazing product


    I have dry, fine, curly hair which i blow-dry and straighten. After 2 x uses of olaplex i have noticed my hair is much smoother, doesn't get as tangled and is less frizzy. I have keratin every 4-6 months and my last treatment was 3 months ago, and i have found olaplex has made my hair look straighter!
  47. Good quality


    This is a great product, my hair is definitely feeling healthier after I use it. I am not sure that it actually binds split ends as my ends end up being dry 3 days after use.
  48. Miracle product


    I have fine hair that is prone to breakage and flyaways, and after using Olaplex for 12 months, my hair has completely transformed. It is sleek, shiny and easy to manage. I don't have colour in my hair anymore, but still use this religiously once a week at the same time as a hair masque- O&M 7 Day Treatment. I have had comments from my hairdresser and colleagues as the change is that noticeable!
  49. Worth every cent


    My hair is so soft, shiny and smooth after using this. It has been great to keep my hair in good condition between trips to the hairdresser.
  50. The secret weapon in growing long locks


    I have been using Olaplex No.3 for almost 3 years now. I honestly tell everyone I can about it. I have long foiled balayage and Olaplex is the literal reason I can get away with a trim every 6 months. My hair is stronger than ever, which for bleached blondes is a miracle!
  51. Literal MAGIC


    I have aaaalways had issues with my hair drying out so so much and becoming frizzy/puffy/coarse (generally unhealthy looking). I have spent what feels like billions on expensive and highly recommended products to try and have beautiful hair one fail after another. Olaplex has changed the game completely! It’s honesty well worth the price. If you want healthy hair and wanna colour, straighten and curl to your hearts desire... then you HAVE to try Olaplex.
  52. Love It!


    I bought this a couple months ago. Whenever I use it my hair is noticeable softer and smoother for about 1 week after (can be a little annoying as I have thin hair and this can make it a bit limp). My split ends are virtually non-existent now and it keeps my ends looking much better in between hair cuts.
  53. Like nothing else


    This olaplex treatment is amazing and I have lost count on how many I have bought/recommended! I have brown hair, that is prone to being frizzy, dry and brittle from heat styling. To use this I dampen dirty hair, brush through some product about the size of a 50c piece, tie it up and go to sleep! Shampoo and condition in the morning with whatever you like and my hair is clean, smooth, frizz free and looks so healthy! Love it!
  54. Deep treatment


    I have bleached mid/collarbone length hair and I went though this bottle in 5 weeks. I was using it twice a week as a overnight deep conditioning treatment. It's quite pricey for the amount of product you get. But it worked wonders.
  55. It works


    Its quite pricey for the amount of product you get. But it really works. My hair has been through a lot bleaching and colouring. I don't use it all the time, I just use it for a few weeks following a bleaching/colouring session to help restore my hair and it works wonders. I don't see any difference after the first few weeks so I'd stop. This used in conjunction to the shampoo & conditioner duo No.4 and 5 is an absolute godsend for people like me who love bright colours on our heads without the hair turning to straw. Highly recommended. Its only 4 star because of how little product you get and how much you need to use each time to cover all your hair.
  56. Magic for tortured hair


    I have fine hair that has been coloured for many years-it was in shocking condition, whispy and broken, before my hairdresser started using Olaplex during colouring. I have now been using salon and at home treatments for over 4 years and will not go without them. It’s important to remember that this treatment restores the bonds in your hair -making it stronger but I also balance this with a hydration treatment to give it a nice soft overall feel in addition to to strength. Love this!
  57. Amazing


    I love this product, the reason for 4 stars is because it’s so expensive and therefore whilst I wish I could use it all the time, it really is a treat for me. My hair is pretty dead from ballyage and irons.

    It is also pretty time consuming to use, I try and leave it on for an hour at least. My hair always feels awesome after using it though so it’s worth it.
  58. Brought my hair back to life!


    The best of the best. My hair was in the worst condition after years of tape extensions and this has brought back so much thickness and health. Only thing I would say is that I go through it very quickly, only get around 5 uses per bottle.
  59. Amazing!


    I use this once a week. Shampoo and leave it in overnight and my hair feels so hydrated. I have now been purchasing many bottles of olaplex over the past 12mnths to use for both at home and in salon use.
  60. Worth the hype


    I have shoulder length brown hair and just use no.3 without the previous steps in the salon. Even though I’m just using this by itself, I feel like it is reversing the heat damage to my hair. I sleep in it to get the most out of the small bottle and my hair feels incredible after. Make sure you thoroughly shampoo/condition after this as it’s not a conditioner, it merely repairs hair.
  61. Worth every penny!


    Olaplex literally saves my hair everytime. I use once a week & leaves it feeling amazing after an hour but better if you can leave it overnight. 100% would recommend!
  62. THIS IS IT.


    I cannot even explain how well this product restores hair.
    I have fine curly hair which tends to be a little dry and fluffy.
    I leave Olaplex on overnight, and it immediately smooths and restores my hair.
  63. Holy grail

    Ms Z

    I recently had a break from this product and what a mistake that was, I recently purchased this again and my hair is instantly amazing. It’s a must if you colour your hair regularly
  64. Excellent


    I was amazed by this product when I first tried it,
    my hair had been through a lot of colour work and was very fragile. This treatment helped strengthen it so much and helped improve the condition. This is my favourite treatment, only wish the bottle was bigger as I go through it very fast.
  65. Healthy hair


    Have just recently started using this product and wow, it definitely lives up to its expectations! It makes my hair feel so much smoother, makes it easier to style and makes my hair look so healthy! I am using it once a week and find that it has already made such a difference to my hair. Just a shame it doesn't come in a bigger bottle. I find that because my hair is so thick, I need to use quite a lot of it. Will definitely be repurchasing.
  66. Validates all of the hype


    Tried, tested and a proven success. You can't deny that this product is a market leader. Worth the hype and the price tag. I get the best results from sleeping in this treatment, it also helps if you use it weekly.
  67. Smoother hair but unconvinced


    I have fine hair that breaks easily and is dry due to heat styling. It is not coloured. My hairdresser suggested I try some at home treatments. I’ve almost finished the container and have used four times so far - I have shoulder length hair. My hair does feel softer, however, I’m unsure if it has helped strengthen and/or reduce the breakage.

    I’ve used other cheaper hair masks that also leave my hair feeling soft and shiny. Maybe the results are more noticeable on hair damage by colour treatments?

    I don’t intend to repurchase.

  68. Lightening from Black hair


    Using this treatment in addition to the shampoo and conditioner.
    I have black hair and am undergoing lightening with foils, it's kept the entire process smooth (in every sense of the word!)
  69. Suprisingly effective


    I have naturally blonde hair which gets dry at the ends and damaged from swimming in saltwater. I have not have the salon treatment (i.e No.1 &2). I purchased this based on the positive reviews I have read and it lived up to expectation. My hair improved from the first use; it felt softer and had much more shine. I am very impressed with this product and will recommend it to friends. Only downside is that it comes in a small bottle (I have long hair and use a lot per treatment) and is relatively expensive compared to other hair products.
  70. Actually works!


    Not one to normally keep up with mask/hair treatments because I’m lazy but this one I really have and I’ve seen great results! My hair is in good condition despite being bleached blonde which is due to using a lot less heat on my
    hair than most and this wonder worker! I use it 1-2x a week at night time either in damp unwashed hair or dry
    unwashed hair and sleep in it over night/while I fake tan! I find it sits well in my hair when i go to gym in the AM as well! My hair has a lot less breakage and is incredibly healthy!
  71. Fixed My Hair


    I bought this product because I have coarse and fizzy hair that was damaged by a hairdresser and it has completely fixed my hair. Prior to using this product my hair would get so knotty everyday, it would feel disgusting, I hated my hair so much but Olaplex has transformed my hair into lovely clean, silky, soft and manageable hair that no longer gets knotty and is easy to blow dry and straighten. I use this treatment every Saturday night and leave it in for 2 hours then wash it out and shampoo and condition it with the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner. I will never buy anything else again. I love how beautiful my hair is again. Do yourself a favour and treat your hair to the Olaplex range.
  72. Great for Blondes


    My hairdresser recommended me this take home treatment as my hair is blonde. I have noticed a significant difference to the health of my hair since using this product. I usually wet my hair and apply before bed and wash off the next morning. Recommend this product to anyone.
  73. Great for broken hair


    I have bleached my fine dark curly hair blonde for about 8 years. I have recently given my hair a break and am trying to grow it out. I use this once a week and leave it over night. Along with a protein treatment by redken I feel as though this is helping the integrity of my hair. It definitely feels super soft when rinsing it out in the morning, my broken hair is starting to grow!
  74. Good for damaged hair


    My hair is very damaged from over dying. I initially got one bottle. Used twice a week and left in for 24hrs.I consistently saw little improvements. Enough to give the twin package a go.
  75. magic!


    I've been blonde for years and years and my hair has always ended up damaged and dry resulting in going back to my dark natural colour to give my hair a break from the bleached blonde. I've recently gone back to having blonde foils along with using Olaplex and it is the best thing I have ever been recommended. i only use it once a week and that's enough to maintain my hair in the best condition its ever been. Olaplex leaves my hair so soft and healthy, I love it and will continue to use and recommend it to everyone!!
  76. Makes hair super soft


    I've use Olaplex a few times now and it makes my hair super soft, only down side is the price for the amount that you get. But with a product this good it is worth it.
  77. Perfect for blondes!


    I’m naturally blonde with wavy/curly hair and subtle, bleach balayage. My hair colour, texture and salon choices make my hair incredibly prone to breakage from dryness and the elements. I find this product reduces the amount of breakage when I use it once a week, I find it works after 30 minutes but love to leave it in overnight if I can (wrapped in a secure towel). It is the saviour of my hair’s structure and has allowed me to grow my hair longer as there are less damaged ends for my hairdresser to trim. Important to note: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR MOISTURISING. It’s about the structural integrity of your strands, so if yours are healthy already try a mask or similar :)
  78. Holy grail of haircare!


    Have lost count of how many times I’ve purchased Olaplex 3 now, it truly is the best treatment for damaged hair and I love how soft and silky it makes my hair feel.
  79. Perfect for colour treated hair


    This treatment is perfect for colour treated hair. My thin bleached strands are almost back to full health and my hair feels stronger than it did when it was bleached. Highly recommend this product to anyone who has damaged hair.
  80. repaired Balyage Damage


    I had level 3 dark hair and took it back to level 6 on the ends with Balyage. The bleach is going to do damage regardless over box dye hair. I used this product twice a week on my long hair and I do believe it minimised the damage and breakage. My hair is very soft overall and I will continue to use it weekly. I leave it on for about 3 hours at a time with my head wrapped in cling wrap. Do recommend if you are trying to rescue your hair. Important to understand this is not a moisturiser though.
  81. Perfection


    I have overly processed hair but olaplex allows me to keep experimenting with different hair colours. I notice my hair becomes brittle and I have a lot of breakage when I not using it. I don't know how it works it magic but it does.
  82. Makes hair feel better


    I use this once a week before washing hair. Makes hair soft and manageable. Not sure how much it has helped with hair fall but hair definitely feels so much better after using it.
  83. Not sure


    Did make my hairs smooth but so does my @15 conditioner. I tried it in various ways but did not get amazing results from any. I am not sure if I would spend $50 on this again. You are better off getting a salon treatment once a month for that much.
  84. Amazing


    My hairdresser uses this when I see her. I’m now using weekly between visits and my hair has become thicker and stronger, and it feels so much healthier.
  85. Stronger hair


    I have fine, sometimes dry hair and this treatment gives me the best results! I leave it in overnight (as recommended by my hairdresser) and afterwards my hair actually feels so much stronger and thicker and smoother! I’m onto my fifth bottle and I absolutely love it
  86. Miracle Worker


    Olaplex has worked wonders for my hair. It is pricey but it's worth it. A bottle usually lasts me about 6-8 uses on long hair. After every use my hair feels stronger and healthier.
  87. Worth a try


    I was recommended this by my stylist. I don't notice a massive difference between this & a nourishing treatment but it's a good once a week to use on colour treated hair. You only need a small amount. I sometimes just put a 5 cent piece amount in when I get out the shower and it makes me ends less fly away.
  88. Works, I guess


    I am growing out severely damaged over processed hair and have used olaplex many times over the past 12 months to help. (Suggested by hairstylist, many people and great reviews) Although it seems to help a little, I really don’t think it does allll that much. I noticed the most difference in my hair repair by switching to the Kérastase therapist hair range. While I think olaplex is okay, I think it is very expensive (I have shoulder length, thick bleach damaged hair) and one bottle will last around 4 treatments for minimal results.
    Olaplex does make my natural hair look fantastic, but as a “lifesaver” for bleached over processed hair I have found better products for the same money.
  89. absolutely love this


    This product is fantastic! I straighten and blowdry my hair frequently which left my hair dry and dull with lots of split ends, this brought my hair back to life!!! amazing product. I leave it in overnight!
  90. Perfect at home treatment


    This is the perfect pre wash at home treatment. After one use hair feels so much stronger and instantly more hydrated. I have been using this product for a while now and I use it religiously. For a girl with dry bleached hair this is the go to!
  91. Game Changer


    I have been using Olaplex in salon and at home for 18 months and I have definitely noticed an improvement. I foil my hair lighter (blond) every 6-8 weeks and I blow dry and straighten 2/3 times a week, prior to Olaplex I noticed little grow as my split ends were so bad. I use it as a treatment 1 to 2 times a week but my hairdresser also suggested that I use a tiny amount on my split ends while my hair is damp prior to blow drying and this works a treat too. I’m excited to try the shampoo and conditioner next.
  92. Helps


    I had quite damaged hair a few months ago after going blonde and spent a fortune doing these treatments using Olaplex to save my hair. Although it did amazing things for my hair and helped reverse the damage quite a bit - I also found a brand called 'Bondi Boost' which I used with it and continued after and it made a huge difference. I now use Bondi Boost treatments and shampoo/conditioner and I no longer need to use Olaplex. Highly recommend for anyone with damaged hair.
  93. Pleasing results


    Initially I found the treatment to work well and give good results. With my ends lightened, my main concern is breakage and frizz. In the warmer months this product is very easy to use, but I now find myself moving away from it in favour of more traditional hair treatments and masks because I felt the results waned a little over time.
  94. Smoothies and strengthens hair


    I have lightened my hair for about 15 years now.. this product has completely changed my hair! I no longer have little frizzy bits of hair. My hair is smoother and shiner and much stronger than ever before
  95. Best at home hair treatment


    Olaplex is easily the best treatment system i’ve ever put on my hair. Easily.
  96. made my hair so soft

    perfecting skin

    i used it just once on my dull and dry hair and it gave life to them. they felt so soft just after a single use.
  97. Works amazing on bleached hair!!


    Ive been bleaching my hair for the past 9 years, I constantly had little fly aways on the top of my head, I’ve only been using olaplex for a few months and they’ve already started to grow! Not only that but I have nearly no split ends and my hair looks so thick! Highly recommend!!!
  98. Has saved my hair


    I have fairly dry, dyed blonde hair prone to split ends and I use this once a week. It leaves my hair in excellent condition and is very convenient because you only need to put in on 10 mins before you shampoo it out (although I usually leave it on a little bit longer). It is important to note that it is a protein bonder, not a mask, so it won't give you hair that super slippery feeling you sometimes get with conditioning treatments.
  99. Best thing on the market


    I put it on in the evening and wake up to healthy, shiny, bouncy hair. All my hairdressers have recommended this for my dry bleached hair - which is now fixed. Keep in mind that if you have really long hair you’ll probably only get a few treatments out of this. But it’s still cheaper to buy yourself than get it done at the hairdressers, so that makes up for that.
  100. Review & Earn

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