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O&M Conquer Blonde by O&M Original & Mineral


The O&M Conquer Blonde (was TLC Blonde Silver Shampoo) will banish the brass!

Over time, even the finest of blondes can turn yellow and dull. Maintain colour (including true natural greys) and hair conditionfor longer with this unique formula.

Specifically developed to promote cooler tones, O&M Conquer Blonde keeps salon colour looking fresh.

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Turned my hair grey - 20-06-2018 by

I bought this toner shampoo in hopes of getting rid of some brassiness in my hair, I left it on for 5-6 minutes as directed on the back of the bottle. Once my hair dried I could see it had gone greyish and dull. I asked my sister if she thought my hair looked blonder and she said no it looks less blonde. Luckily I had O&Ms detox shampoo and after two washes I was able to get rid of the grey in my hair, it's more golden again. Phew. I love O&Ms products but this one wasn't a winner for me. It also has a really soapy smell.

Great for brassy hair - 29-04-2018 by

I have dark hair and over 6 months of salon visits am working my way towards a dirty beach blonde look. I have gone through some shocker brassy looks in the process. I have found that this shampoo is great. Pretty potent but great and is one of the best I have used so far. The only con with this, is that after washing it out, it leaves my hair feeling quite rough. To combat this, I use a good quality shampoo and conditioner afterwards and then it’s fine. Will definitely continue to use this.

Love this product - 02-04-2018 by

I've tried two other brands of sliver shampoo but this one has the most pigment. It really does a good job in keeping my hair colour ashy.

My favourite purple shampoo! - 26-03-2018 by

I have tried a huge number of purple shampoos in my time, to combat brassiness in my bleached, platinum blonde hair. This is my favourite. It is very VERY purple and seems very potent. It eliminates all of the brassy tones in my hair and doesn't seem as drying as others I have tried.

Excellent on Grey Hair - 03-04-2016 by

I love this product, it is pleasant and cleans my hair well without turning my hair too blue (if that's the look I want). A bonus is that this shampoo closes the cuticle of the hair meaning it is its own conditioner, I have dreadlocks so this is great for me. I use it together with the O&M Hydrate and Conquer shampoo that product too is fab U lous i.e. first wash Hydrate and Conquer 2nd wash Conquer Blonde, then I get to control how purpley blue my hair goes. Mostly I go for a good silver colour. Embrace the Grey!

Love this! - 08-11-2015 by

I was a bit nervous about trying this shampoo as I haven't used this brand before, but I can say I'm very glad I did! I have long, waist length hair which gets very dry and damaged towards the ends and this shampoo doesn't make my hair feel like straw after using it, like other blonde shampoos have. It also doesn't stain your hands, despite its vibrant purple colour. I use this once a week between hair appointments and it keeps my hair from going dull and brassy. I love this shampoo and will definitely be purchasing again!

Great value! - 19-10-2014 by

I love this blonde shampoo. Keeps blonde locks clean and free of brassiness and lasts for ages.

I use it every wash and alternate my conditioners between Kevin Murphy blonde angel conditioner and O&M seven day miracle and my hair stays free of brass and frizz and is beautifully nourished.

The best purple shampoo I've tried - 12-07-2014 by

I think I've tried all the purple shampoos on the market and O&M Conquer Blonde is definitely the best! Great for my sensitive skin and does wonders for my hair.
O&M Conquer Blonde took the gold out of my blonde and freshened it up nicely.

Awesome product l wont use any other shampoo now - 13-03-2013 by

Has a great smell. When you first try it l was nervous about the blue colour - but after only a week of using it l have noticed a much finer blonde reappearing in my hair and brassy yellow colour disappearing. I use with the Hydrate and Conquer Conditioner and my hair has never felt better and in great shape. love love love it!

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