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O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler Mini 50ml 50ml

4.6 of 157 reviews


4 instalments of $3.24

Or 4 instalments of $3.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.24

Or 4 instalments of $3.24 with LEARN MORE

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O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler Mini 50ml is a conditioning detangling spray to free hair of damaging snarls and knots. The ultra hydrating formula is blended with a union of nourishing Australian natives – Macadamia and Argan oils work to recondition the hair to protect it and leave it glossy and knot free, ready for styling.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler Mini 50ml Reviews

4.6 of 157 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Handbag companion


Bought this to put into my handbag for windy days when my hair knots up. Great detangling and smells nice too. The mini size is prefect for travel (not a present concern!) as well. Wanted to try this out before I bought a full size.

Most Helpful Criticism

swimming companion


i keep this in my swimming bag to help after some laps so that i dont loose hair ripping it out with my brush. It works great but i dont know if i would want to purchase a larger version for normal use as i know i enjoy other products that are a lot cheaper.
  1. Handbag companion


    Bought this to put into my handbag for windy days when my hair knots up. Great detangling and smells nice too. The mini size is prefect for travel (not a present concern!) as well. Wanted to try this out before I bought a full size.
  2. swimming companion


    i keep this in my swimming bag to help after some laps so that i dont loose hair ripping it out with my brush. It works great but i dont know if i would want to purchase a larger version for normal use as i know i enjoy other products that are a lot cheaper.
  3. Effective


    Perfect size for on the go, the scent is simply too good. A few sprays on washed hair and styling is made sooo easy, I have less hair fall after using this now
  4. love this


    amazing conditioner - effective at detangling. also love the mini size!
  5. The best Detangler!!


    This is the perfect size to take for a weekend away. It's the most amazing detangler and the scent is too die for. I used to use several sprays after I wash my hair. Now I just use this one it's amazing and my hairs so soft and shiny. Highly recommend!! Great for fine hair gets all the knotts out.
  6. Super light formula for fine hair


    Not as detangling as I hoped but my hair does get abnormally knotty at the top/back of my head after washing. It did make life a little less painful though so it does help.

    As a leave in conditioner/scent. It is magical. I have hair that can't wait to complain about being weighed down by anything and this product doesn't weigh down my hair or make it greasy. It's so light and the scen...
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  7. Great for when you air dry hair


    I use this in my hair when I air dry my hair. My hair has a tendency to be frizzy and flyaway. Its very fine and I find that once my hair is dry a few sprays of this will help weigh down my hair a little.
  8. Perfect size for your handbag or gym bag!


    I was dying to try this after my hair dresser tried it in my hair at my last appointment. So I grabbed the travel size to test it out at home. I love it! It smells amazing and it's great at getting out the knotts and it's Australian made which makes me love it even more. And it doesn't make your hair feel greasy whixh I love. Highly recommend!
  9. Amazing smell and long lasting


    verified purchaser
    This product smells amazing and does wonders for my knotty hair. 2-3 sprays after washing my hair and it wont tangle at all! Great for curly hair that is prone to knotting
  10. Smells beautiful


    smells good and helps with blow-drying but not the greatest detangler. This definitely conditions the hair but I don't find it gets knots out any easier.
  11. Sticky, leaves residue


    Not a great detangler, leaves my hair feeling sticky and oily. Tried both wet and dry. Too heavy for my fine waves.
  12. Smells great


    This Conditioning Detangler definitely helps with getting knotts out of my hair and styling, however I do find it doesn't do quite as good of a job with detangling as other products do.
  13. Sooo good!


    This detangler is the bomb! Smells beautiful, and really does it's job. I have three daughters with long hair, and a couple of sprays of this detangler makes the all the difference. I bought the small size to give it a try, and will absolutely buy the full size next time.
  14. great tester size


    such a great little detangler and this is a great size for travel or for trying it out
  15. great for knots


    great for getting out really bad knots
  16. Makes blow drying much easier and reduces breakage


    I use this on the ends of my hair when it is damp and before blow drying. This has made it so much easier to dry and style my hair with much less breakage.
  17. Detangles & Hydrates Well


    Nice detangler! Hydrates hair without weighing it down and leave hair smelling fresh and fruity.
  18. Smells so good!


    Leaves my hair feeling soooo soft and easy to brush. Smells absolutely amazing! Highly recommend.
  19. Great for tangles!


    I use this on my kids hair and love buying this size as it's great to throw in the bag and take to swimming lessons, etc.
    The size seems small but you only need a few sprays each time. I have had my current bottle since September and it still has plenty to go! For that reason alone i feel like it definitely worth the money!
    The fragrance is very pleasant and not too strong. My kids ha...
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  20. Great product


    For someone that has very dry damaged hair this product has become a must in my hair care routine. I never used to be able to comb my hair wet as it was just way to knotty but this product just helps the comb glide straight through. It also leaves a lovely shine to my hair and doesn’t make it oily. Would recommend
  21. a good tester size product


    i brought this size to test it out and it is really good. It helps get the knots out of my hair, the full size is a bit expensive
  22. On the Fence


    Though I do think that this helps get post-beach knots out, it's nothing that a great conditioner couldn't do. If you don't regularly wash your hair you might love it, otherwise I wouldn't go out of my way to use it.
  23. Works a Treat


    Smells devine, and worked instantly. After washing my hair, I usually put it through towel dried hair, and my brush just glides through pretty much instantly. Great for travel, or trial size
  24. Give it a try!


    Bought this to test out this detangler, I considered not buying because of the price but I think it’s worth it. Softens and detangles my hair really well, and I love the scent! Perfect size for travel or to keep in your bag
  25. Did nothing for me


    This didn't do anything for my hair. After using this my hair was still knotty, I don't like the smell either. I fell like there's better products out there that do more for the same price.
  26. Great for the beach!


    The mini is a really good size for your beach bag, it detangles my hair so well (i get bad knots normally and worse in salty water), or even after the shower to give it a good brush through
  27. It works!


    I love this for the beach and travelling. Paired with a wet brush, it detangles hair instantly with lasting results. Also love that it's Australian and cruelty-free. I refuse to buy anything less these days.
  28. So good for knotty hair!


    I originally bought this for my daughters unruly hair and then tried it myself. I get quite knotty hair because of regular bleaching and this spray works wonders. No more painful brushing!
  29. Good!


    I love the smell and it is lightweight. Probably not ideal for all hair types but I like this in my medium textured balayaged hair. Love the little travel size it comes in.
  30. Good detangler


    I use this when I'm travelling and im in the water a lot as my hair gets really hard to manage. It smells great and helps my hair be more manageable. Great mini size for the beachbag
  31. Does as described and super cute


    No complaints here, easily detangles when spritzed and combed through wet hair and dries to a lovely scent.

    Size of bottle is perfect for traveling!
  32. A must for tangle-prone hair


    Smells beautiful. The bottle has efficient pump that sprays fine mists on hair for easy and thorough distribution. You only need a little for tangle-free, smooth and nice smelling hair. My whole family is enjoying it!
  33. The best detangler and shin spray


    I thought people were joking when they said this smelt like lollies- it really does!! It smells like the lollies you get at the cinemas. But it actually works and makes it so much easier to brush my hair. My hair is fine but there's a lot of it, so something like this is an absolute must. It also adds a lovely shine. I actually use it as a conditioning spray after shampooing with the Shu Uemura cl...
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  34. Lovely scent


    I have fine hair that gets very knotty. I love this product mostly because it smells SO good (like peaches). To be honest I don't think it does detangle my hair but it adds a lovely fragrance and seems to work like a leave in moisturiser which is nice. Would recommend just for the scent but probably not if you actually need a detangler
  35. This will always be a winner


    I've tried so many products from this range and I can't fault a single one. You can't go wrong with O&M.
  36. Great for thin hair


    I have very thin long hair and I love this product. I spray it in before I blow dry. After blow drying my hair is silly smooth and light. Would recommend
  37. Great for thin hair!


    I have very thin long hair and I love this product. I spray it in before I blow dry. After blow drying my hair is silly smooth and light. Would recommend
  38. Nice but smells a bit fruity


    I like this product - it leaves my fine hair feeling smooth and less frizzy. It has a slight peachy scent so not for those who don’t like fruit scents!
  39. My favourite detangler!


    I bought this product after my hairdresser recommended it, and I'm so glad I did! It smells beautiful, sprays nicely, and worked a treat for detangling my fine and knotted hair after it's washed!
  40. Amazing smell


    LOVE this product! Reasonably priced, amazing smell and does the job!
  41. Lightweight and good smell


    I liked this product - it's nice and lightweight and smells good but I think it's more suited to finer hair as it wasn't enough hydration for my coarse and wavy hair.
  42. great product


    I really like this product, I do find that it does leave a slight reside behind so i do need to was my hair a day earlier than normal when I use this product
  43. Great for my curly hair


    I have quite frizzy hair that tangles easily. This is the best thing I've ever used on my hair. Detangles easily and smells lovely.
  44. No longer searching for the perfect detangler


    No longer searching for the perfect detangler
  45. Great for Fine Hair


    Great for fine hair! The formula isn't too heavy for fine hair and yet adds moisture, makes hair feel silky and most importantly, helps to detangle knots (which can be really tough for fine hair!).
  46. sticky and underwhelming


    I have fine hair prone to breakage so I thought this would be good for post gym or beach to detangle prior to washing.
    Pros: I think it helped detangle it a bit when it was a snarled mess and it smells lovely. It didn't make my hair any worse.
    Cons: Leaves my hair sticky and I'm not sure if its more careful brushing rather than this that reduces damage.
    I haven't finished the bot...
    Read More
  47. Amazing scent


    This has such a nice, refreshing smell when spraying it on my hair! It helped to detangle, however I found it made my hair oilier than usual (even when I used only a little on the ends). Once dried in my hair, I could feel it (basically it didn’t leave my hair feeling smooth, but instead a weird dry feeling).
  48. Will be re-ordering forever!


    I have found since bleaching my hair it has become more and more knotty and brittle. It also doesn't help that my hair is fine as well so I am losing quite a bit of hair. I came looking for a detangler as brushing my hair out after a shower is a nightmare lately and this product is an absolute lifesaver! 100% helps with brushing so I no longer dread it and plus it smells amazing
  49. Still trying


    I have been using this for a few days now and tried with both wet and dry hair. My hair is very thick and gets tangled easily so I was hoping this would be the miracle cure. I am still unsure whether it is really helping as yet. One bonus - it smells beautiful!
  50. It’s ok


    I have very fine, dry hair and purchased this to help avoid those post towel drying knots! It did an ok job, but didn’t leave my hair feeling overly smooth. It smelt quite strong, which I normally like, but it was a little overpowering (even for me)! It didn’t wow me or do anything amazing, so I won’t be repurchasing
  51. Great detangler with a gorgeous scent!


    I have a lot of thin, tangly hair and this product works its way through my knots and smells amazing. It does what's expected of a good detangler and doesn't weigh down my hair. Will be purchasing again.
  52. Not sure how I feel


    I have bleached, platinum hair. I was hoping this would help the chronic knots I and every blonde seems to get. I haven't noticed that it has made my hair any softer but I have noticed that my hair gets tangled a little less. To me, it hasn't made a huge difference compared to some of my other nourishing/hydrating haircare products and I don't think I will be repurchasing.
  53. Great product


    This product is light on the hair, tames the frizz, and detangles. My hair can get really dry and knotty, perfect when styling or on dry hair.
  54. Amazing


    Absolutely love this stuff, it works wonders on my daughters fine hair and doesn’t weigh it down. Smells delicious too!
  55. Great


    I have thick, frizzy, curly hair and this spray helps detangle my curls, and control my frizz. It smells nice, and gives my hair some shine.
  56. Left with soft hair


    Every time I spray this in my hair its always left feeling soft and silky and tangle free. Also the scent is amazing so that is a bonus.
  57. Can't live without


    Smells amazing and is magic for knotts!
  58. Works quickly


    I use this product on my daughters and myself. It works so quickly and has made brushing hair a breeze after washing
  59. Smells nice


    Smells very tropical and sweet. Not sure what it does for tangles (my hair is straight) but it definitely leaves my hair smooth and smelling great!
  60. Best detangler


    This is the best detangler i have ever used, does not leave the hair oily/with residue, softens and conditions the hair while untangling. Very happy i found this.
  61. One of my favs!!


    One of my favourite hair products!! Smells amazing and feels so great in my hair. I have fine and knotty hair and this really helps to keep my hair untangled. I love the packing (the colour is so nice!). I have both the full size an the travel size.

    Would definitely recommend
  62. I use it often!


    This is a great product. It is very light so it doesn’t weigh down my very fine hair, but does the job. It’s great for the more sensitive types and for the kids. I’ve used it for years.
  63. Ordering again!


    This is my 3rd bottle! They last ages and actually work! I will continue to purchase.
  64. It Actually Works


    I have tried lots of detanglers and this one has to be my fave! I use it after washing my hair and it really helps avoid those massive knots! Will be an ongoing purchase for me
  65. Great product!


    Smells amazing and works wonders for my fine hair. My hair gets so knotty and I do find that this helps me. I really like it and would definitely purchase again!
  66. Great for fine hair


    I have been using this product every time I've washed my hair for about a year and it's only just run out. I have fine hair and using product often weighs it down. Not with this one however. I have coloured hair which can get quite knotty but this product smooths out the knots and doesn't affect my hair when it dries. 5 stars!
  67. love it


    bought the tester and love it so no i have the biggest size,
    not greasy smells amazing and works!
  68. Prue

    My life saver!

    I have curly/wavy/sometimes frizzy hair and this is one of my favourite products I have found so far (I am in my early 30's). I use it lightly after I have used the hairdryer to calm the frizz and add shine. I also use it when I have come to that 'in between washes' stage and it calms the frizz and makes it look fresh again. Plus I LOVE the smell. Definitely would recommend this for curly hair.
  69. Amazing detangler!


    I bought the small one last time as a trial and absolutely loved it. My hair is always so knotty after the shower and a couple of sprays of this detangler and it’s so much easier to brush my hair now. I love the smell and it’s not too sticky. My hair is very wavy and not thin but not super thick. Love it! I have already recommended the product to other friends. Go for the large size. I use it dail...
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  70. Not sure


    It does thickened but the lingering feel of stickiness and smell puts me off.
  71. Love Love Love


    Best detangler around and smells absolutely divine! Have tried others and nothing compares to O&M Know Knott. It is amazing for thin frizzy knotty hair!!!
  72. Great for detangling and as a pre-straightener


    I love this product. Smells great and doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. I just spray it on the wet ends and comb through with a wide tooth comb. There’s no oily residue when dry. I don’t need to use any extra product before straightening and it does help with frizzy mess.
  73. No more tears!


    I have been using this for a few weeks on my daugher, she gets tangles so easily, and that makes brushing her hair a nightmare. With just a few spritzs of this the brush just glides through her hair with ease.
    I purchased the mini size for travels and will refill the small bottle.
  74. Great product


    My daughter has super fine, curly, very long hair. We’ve tried everything. This is the only product that works as a detangler. Highly recommended
  75. I'm in love!


    This is such a great detangeler! I got it for my daugher to make it less painful and we have never found anything like this! It's smells incredible and leaves your hair looking nice!
  76. Perfect detangler


    I bought this detangler for my daughter as she has very curly hair and hates getting her hair brushed. It smells fantastic and makes combing stubborn knots out super easy.

    I started using it for my own hair to detangle the under side when sleeping and after using dry shampoo in the roots. It's perfect, definitely will repurchase
  77. Wow


    I got this for my daugher, to prevent tears when she has knots. A few spritzs of this and I can glide the brush through her hair with ease! And it makes her hair feel soft and smooth.

    I have also started to use it. It's incredable and smells wonderful.
  78. Easy to use - fine hair


    I received my first bottle of this as a promotional gift. I took it with me on holidays to help when i finished swimming and have not looked back. I have the large bootle in my bathroom a bottle in my daughters bathroom and a bottle in my caravan. It is so easy and does what it states, detangles and conditions. I love it.
  79. Must have


    This is a must have for my daughters and I. As we all have long hair the number one thing is detangling hair everyday. This is the only spray detangler that actually works and smells good not overpowering like the ones from supermarkets.
  80. A godsend!


    My hair is a matted mess after washing it so this product has saved my life. It makes it so manageable and easy to detangle. Really easy to brush through! Only downside is sometimes when I leave my hair to airdry it goes a little hard and feels almost like hairspray but I have no issues if I blowdry it straight away.
  81. Smells Amazing!!


    I only received my parcel yesterday but had to wash my hair and use it - it smells amazing, my hair is knott free and don't look oily. Great product!
  82. Love it!


    I've got fine(limp!), dyed hair and this product is excellent for me.

    It doesn't weigh my hair down at all but helps me brush out tangles after washing (I exit the shower with a wild tangled mess on my head!)

    It smells lovely - light and fresh, not overpowering.

    it spritzes a quite fine mist and helps to moisturise my hair somewhat.

    Will repurcha...
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  83. Love love love


    This is one of the only detanglers that actually works! Normally takes me ages and near tears to brush my hair but this makes my hair so silky soft and easy to brush.
  84. Great for my daughter


    My daugters hair is always tangled - this works amazing and smells amazing to get her hair back in order
  85. Thin, curly, frizzy hair - great smell, not overly moisturising


    My hair - very curly (ringlet at the end), red, thin but lots of it, frizzy as hell and I live in a hot humid climate

    Well defined curls that don't go instantly frizzy! NO Leo Sayer hair!
  86. Love it


    Lovely hair product! This actually works and makes my hairs feel amazing. I have super knotty and fine hair and I get so frustrated with how tangled it gets. This really does help to detangle it and it smells so good. I use it every time I wash my hair.

    I would definitely recommend and will repurchase as soon as I run out!
  87. The best detangling spray on the market!


    I've been using this detangler for years in place of a traditional conditioner. I have very fine/straight hair that has been every colour under the sun and Know Knott keeps my hair in amazing condition according to many hairdressers, keeps it hydrated, stops bleach damage and detangles beautifully without weighing down my fine hair. I love it!
  88. Divine


    This smells delicious, is light and easy to use. My daughter and myself have very fine hair so it works well for us. The best part is it doesn't leave our hair sticky or feeling like it has been weighed down. Will definitely buy again!
  89. MVP of my hair care routine

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I cannot brush my hair without a spray of this! I have a lot of really fine, coloured hair so it gets really knotty after a wash. This spray is a miracle worker for me. It makes my hair so much easier to brush and also adds more moisture which my hair just drinks up. I always make sure I have a spare bottle around so I’m never caught having to brush my hair without it!
  90. Smells nice and works well

    Miss Minky

    I like using this product but maybe im a little too generous with it. I find tht if you leave your hair to airdry it leaves it crunchy. For that reason i wont buy it again.
  91. Best product for knots ever


    Amazing product , use on my children as well , rarely gets knots between washes if used and smells lovely, so worth the price and don't need too much.. just fabulous product in its own league really, if they brought out a colour care range it would be perfection!
  92. Amazing! Smells awesome too


    I have very thick and coarse hair thats knots in an instant! This product has been a lifesaver. deknots and smoothes my locks and smells amazing too, highly recommend!!
  93. Magical spray!


    Detangles both my daughter fine curl hair (with defined curls) and makes my thick course locks, making it so easy to manage. We use this in conjunction with O&M maintain the main shampoo and conditioner - Highly Recommended. The Know Knott Conditioning Detangler smells amazing and we do not have to use too much to receive the benefits!
  94. FINALLY!


    I have fine (but lots f it) long colour treated hair. Need I say more? I hate combing my hair after washing it. I use good quality shampoo and conditioner and comb the conditioner through while I'm in the shower and it still takes a good 20mins to comb the knots out. I've tried so many products and combs/brushes and it still takes that long..... Until now! FINALLY! This stuff is awesome! So glad I...
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  95. Great Leave In Detangler


    I have fine blonde hair that knots incredibly easily. This beauty does exactly what it claims and makes brushing a breeze. You don't need a lot. A few pumps and your hair is moisturizer and ready to go. It smells amazing, feels amazing, not too heavy on the hair for styling as long as you don't go overboard. It's also incredible value! Can't go past this brand!
  96. Awesome product


    I love this product so much! I have very thick, wavy blonde treated hair that is prone to loads of knots and dry ends. Spraying this makes my hair so smooth and shiny, it also gets rid of my dry ends. Quite expensive but lasts a long time.

    Using this with a tangle teezer means no knots!!
  97. Detangling at its BEST!!


    I bought the O&M Know Knott spray for my 4yo daughter as she has the most curly, knotted locks I have ever seen! I first purchased the smaller bottle which was really handy in the end to trial and it is fantastic!! It is not as much of a battle as it was and her hair has a beautiful shine! I now use the little one for travel and refill the from the bigger ones I buy!
  98. Best Product


    I have thick long hair which was always getting knotty and dry on the ends. After trying this product the knots just comb through easily, my dry ends are no longer and I'm sure my hair is growing in leaps and bounds.
    I am now onto my second bottle, the first one lasted around three to four months. It is a little expensive but you hardly need to use any in your hair to untangle.
  99. Best product on market


    We use this product on our daughter, who has long fine hair. Daddy doesn't hear shouting or screaming when Mum is combing hair. What more can one say.
  100. It's named appropriately.


    No matter what conditioner I use --and believe me I've tried a lot-- a comb still doesn't slide through my hair when it's wet. Yet with a light spray of O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler changes everything - I comb my hair without a problem. So I'm happy!! Less breakage and wrestling with knots.
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