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Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm 15ml

4.6 of 130 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.00

Or 4 instalments of $5.00 with LEARN MORE

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Formulated for all ages – whole family including children from 36 months - this Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm repairs, soothes and protects dry or chapped lips.

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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4.6 of 130 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Hydrated lips


This lip balm is very nourishing and hydrating. I use it at night as a lip mask and wake up with smooth plump lips. It can also be used as a lip balm. Very good!

Most Helpful Criticism

smell good, nourishing, thick


I've been using the original balm for years and you really can't beat it. So when I saw they were on offer, I ordered three. Quite disappointed when they arrived because they have a new formula - and new packaging with a brown lid, not white. The new formula has added propolis which makes the balm crazy thick. It's still moisturising and works fine but you really have to rub it in and it's just nowhere near as good as it used to be.
  1. Buttery goodness


    This is a beautiful rich lip balm that last for ages. The only downsides are that it can get a bit grainy over time & it would be more hygienic if it wasn’t in a pot.
  2. Not great


    verified purchaser
    I really didn't like the texture of this lip balm. I also thought it smelled and tested quite strange. I wouldn't repurchase this.
  3. Hydrated lips


    verified purchaser
    This lip balm is very nourishing and hydrating. I use it at night as a lip mask and wake up with smooth plump lips. It can also be used as a lip balm. Very good!
  4. Smells amazing, very luxe


    Really great product, really smooth luxe feeling. For me personally I didn't like the feel after a few hours of wear as it got a bit sticky. But overall smells and kept lips soft
  5. smell good, nourishing, thick


    verified purchaser
    I've been using the original balm for years and you really can't beat it. So when I saw they were on offer, I ordered three. Quite disappointed when they arrived because they have a new formula - and new packaging with a brown lid, not white. The new formula has added propolis which makes the balm crazy thick. It's still moisturising and works fine but you really have to rub it in and it's just no...
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  6. Good


    Feels nice on the lips and helps hydrate and make my lips soft. Smell nice too.
  7. Love it


    verified purchaser
    I have finally found a lip balm that I do not need to keep reapplying. So hydrating, perfect for days that I will wear a matte lipstick or a lipstain. I have gone through so many brands and types, but I stop here now. This is my second one!
  8. Great Night Balm


    verified purchaser
    Was recommended this by a friend and its been great! i love to use this as a night time lip balm, I slather it on and wake up with the softest lips, i wont use it through the day as i prefer a stick packaging for convenience and hygiene reasons.but yeah if your looking for a new lip balm this one does a great job, feels nice and isnt shinny has a more matte finish
  9. So moisturising


    verified purchaser
    I have very dry lips all the time and this lip balm definetly worked is magic with its moisturising ingredients
  10. I think i love it?

    Hannah P

    I've gone through multiple tubs of this and Im just not sure how to feel about it. It's super hydrating and long lasting (I put it on every night before bed!). The scent is inofensive but I just cant get over the weird texture. Like gritty chunks which are a bit off putting. I wouldn't use this as a daytime balm as I'd worry the chunks would be visible on the lips
  11. It's okay, but...


    I was really excited to try this lipbalm, as I have really really dry lips that is prone to peeling. It is a decent lipbalm, and the size of the jar means it'll last a long time. But for me I wasn't wow-ed away by it, it's nice but it's just okay for me. Probably would not repurchase for the price and it's hard to buy now unless online.
  12. Nice, but can get gritty over time


    A decent lip balm that I tend to use in winter or overnight. The smell and texture are both nice and inoffensive, but after a while the formula can get a bit gritty. It's also very thick while might suit some but not others, depending on what you're looking for. As an everyday lip balm, I'd choose something lighter, but for a treatment or overnight lip balm this would be fine.
  13. like it


    i apply it overnight before bedtime and is still got the moisturizing feeling in the morning
  14. Moisturising


    This is a great lip balm which is extremely moisturising and helps plump the lips
  15. Fantastic!


    Lovely lip balm that absorbs easily into the lips and keep you moisturised throughout the day. Can also be a great lip mask at night.
  16. Great lip balm


    I love the smell of this, which is so addictive. The texture is thick and a little grainy which I really like, it's very nourishing on the lips.
  17. Did not like at all


    I have very dry lips and found this to have a gritty texture and not work to soothe or hydrate my lips. I had high hopes given all the positive reviews for this product.
  18. The best lip balm


    This Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip balm is the best lip balm I have every used! Two times in my life I have suffered terrible dry, chapped and seemingly irreparable lips. Both times I used this product and my lips were fixed. It is thick and it is not a 'glossy' lip balm, but it truly does repair the lips. It smells lovely and comes in a small, hygienic glass tub which lasts a really long time (like years...
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  19. like it


    just putting on a thick layer before bedtime in an air-con room. kept my lip moisture throughout the night.
  20. Soft lips!


    A little bit goes a long way. Use before bed for an overnight treatment. Lips left feeling soft
  21. Night time for my lips


    I use this of an evening, find it too thick to wear during the day. Texture feels almost waxy, but it settles into my lips just find.
  22. Lifesaver while taking Roaccutane


    Relatively thick compared to most lip balms, but it's kept my lips from getting dry while I've been taking Roaccutane. I put it on just before bed, let it soak in overnight and my lips are very soft and moisturised in the morning.
    I love Nuxe :)
  23. Lips slowly becoming normal


    I have extremely dry lips. I put this on at night and a different lip balm on during the day. It has a matte like look and feel to it. My lips are so much healthier and don’t look and feel dry 247. Previously was using a mix of natural lip balms but none of them lasted on my lips and sealed in moisture. This seems to be working to protect and heal lips at night.
  24. Makes your lips feel supple!


    Nuxe reve de miel left my lips feeling really soft and the scent wasn’t overpowering.
  25. Love!


    I have loved this lip balm for years, very thick and luxurious product. I like to use every night before bed to see maximum hydration and results
  26. This is the one


    This balm did not resolve my dry lips right away. And to be honest I didn't quite know why I kept using it, everyday in the morning and at night. It never happened before. With previous lip balms, many of them, I only used each for a few times then totally forgot. Not with this one. Maybe because it's not shiny, and I don't mind the feeling of it under my lipstick. So one week turned into two, t...
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  27. Amazing!


    I use it every night, there's really nothing else quite like this for my dry lips. I can wake up and still feel lip balm on my lips in the morning! Bit of a hard, weird texture in the pot, especially in winter, but it melts upon contact. A holy grail!
  28. Is ok, but not worth the price tag


    I was really excited to try this product, but it has a really strange texture, is very thick and doesn’t moisturise my lips half as well as the other lip balms I use. My husband loves it and recommends it, but for me personally it is very average!
  29. Best lip balm out there


    This is honestly the best lip balm. It's super thick and hydrating, though as you work through the tub it can sometimes have a bit of a gritty texture that needs warming up. I only apply it at night in quite a thick layer, but it stops my lips from drying out overnight and keeps them looking good for tinted balm/lipstick application the next day. Have repurchased many times and will continue to do...
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  30. Use it daily


    Best lip balm I've ever had, my second time purchasing and will repurchase again. A pot lasts ages, feels fab using it last thing as night, lovely and soft lips by the morning. Have chronic dry lips and is the only thing that helps
  31. Softens overnight


    Softens the lips overnight and makes them look and feel plump and nourished. I love the packaging (glass tub), and how it feels (not too heavy)
  32. Best lip balm hands down


    I have gone through numerous jars of this. It actually hydrates and repairs, rather than just coating your lips. It is perfect and I will never be without it
  33. Lips best friend


    I put this on my lips before bed and wake up with lips like soft plump pillows. Have raved about it so much now all my friends have bought it.
  34. My go to


    I have soooo many balms but I always find myself reaching for this one, it’s something I always have to apply after my AM and PM skin routines, it just tops off that clean pampered feeling. It’s long lasting, thick, not sticky and has a subtle honey taste from the high concentration of bees wax. Such a gorgeous, luxurious balm. I’ll forever keep purchasing it.
  35. matte lipbalm


    Unfortunately this lip balm did not work for me. It has a thick, waxy texture and leaves a matte finish. It felt too drying on my lips unfortunately.
  36. Does the job but weird texture


    It has a hard texture, need warm it up before apply. It does soft the lips over the night.
  37. Matte perfection


    Huge fan of this product, I like the scent (lemony honey but 'natural' and just from the ingredients), texture (thick and stays on all night) and most of all that it's a matte balm, and not super shiny so I can wear it in the day (I don't like glossly lips). One of the best lip balms I've ever used for my chronically dry lips.
  38. So nice and hydrating


    Feels so incredible. I lather it on before bed and it makes a world of a difference the next day. So impressed and I use this so much! Very very moisturising.
  39. Good as lip mask


    This lip balm has a heavy texture, making it perfect for overnight mask. It is a great lip balm for those with chapped lip. It is pretty pricey for a lip balm, but it will last you for ages. My only complain is that I wish it comes with a spatula so that I won't need to dig my fingers onto the product.
  40. Cured my dry and itchy lips


    For a couple months, my lips were very dry and very itchy. It was so uncomfortable! I tried so many different lip balms/moisturizers, but nothing worked. After much research, I stumbled upon the Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm and decided to try it. I'm so happy I did!

    I used it before bed the first time and when I woke up, my lips were back to normal! I only use it twice...
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  41. My go-to lip balm


    This lip balm is really lovely. You get a huge pot compared to some other lip balms around, the texture is like a divine paste which absorbs on the lips quickly, doesn't leave any sticky or shiny residue and is so nourishing and yummy I could eat the pot.
  42. love it


    A very thick, nourishing lip balm that I like to use as a mask at night to wake up with perfectly soft lips! gorgeous
  43. Quality lip balm


    Good quality effective lip balm, a must have in winter for me.
  44. Interesting texture, lovely scent


    I am a big fan of the Nuxe body oils so thought I would give the lip balm a try. It's quite an odd texture- creamy but not oily or slippery and has a matte finish on the lips. The citrusy honey scent is so nice however I feel the texture is just not for me. After a few months the texture changed and went a bit bumpy/lumpy although the temperature had been kept stable. Definitely try if you prefer ...
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  45. Just as good as the La Mer lip balm!


    I have been using the La Mer lip balm for three years. It is around $100. I found that this one was just as good, for less than a quarter of the price. When I use it before bed I wake up without dry lips, which is the ultimate test for me. Also great under lipsticks, especially if you like to apply them with your finger.
  46. Beautiful


    This is so creamy and hydrating. Im addicted to it! Every night before I go to sleep I have to have it on. So worth the price oh my god!
  47. Soooo incredible


    New obsession! Oh my god, how did I live without this?? It feels like butter and I wake up with gorgeous plump lips everyday. So amazing!
  48. Luxe Nuxe


    This was given to me a present by an old boss and have been re-buying and loving it ever since. It hydrates really well, long lasting and smells delicious. I recommend!
  49. Probably not worth the hype?


    This is a nice lip balm, but it's not revolutionary. It does the job, but there are other products which soothe and moisturise my lips better.
  50. A good lip mask overnight


    Not my favourite as I more like oil based lip masks. Smells beautiful though and does the job on cracked lips
  51. Lovely balm


    Nice and soothing. Feels light on application and has a subtle scent. Does wonders for my dry lips.
  52. Lovely lip balm


    My lips have never been the same since I was on acne medication as a teen (17 years ago!), so typically I stick to medicated lip balm, which isn't that exciting. But this stuff is awesome! And it doesn't explode everywhere on a plane woohoo!
  53. Nice and hydrating


    I wanted to try something different as I've only been using paw paw ointment on my lips for years. This is definitely longer-lasting and feels more matte on my lips than the paw paw. A little goes a long way!! If I use too much it can feel really sticky.
  54. Reliable lip treatment


    I purchased this lip balm to get my lips through winter without chapping. So far so good, the product has a nice honey like taste and smell, feels and looks high quality, goes on without feeling too sticky, has a matte finish and lasts on the lips for quite sometime during the day and stays on all night. All in all I’m happy with this balm.
  55. Smells great!


    I am loving this a lot - a little bit goes a long way and it smells beautiful. It is a little heavy, but that just means you don't need to reapply as much during the day.
  56. Lovely product


    This lip balm is really hydrating, and helped with my dry and chapped lips. I love using it at night as a lip mask and during the day under lip products.
  57. Cult for a reason!


    Got this one from France and can’t stop using it it sits really well under lip stick
  58. So good even for the driest winter lips


    A winter staple! So buttery and nourishing it really penetrates your lips!
  59. Good for chapped lips


    Very nourishing and hydrating even on dry lips in winter. Can be layered to almost a lip-mask intensity for intense treatment for chapped lips
  60. Soft lips


    Very nourishing and hydrating for dry cracked lips in winter. Has really helped my lips stay soft and moisturised
  61. staple


    I have dry chapped lips regularly, I've tried so so many different lip balms, and this is by far the best I've tried so far. Its super nourishing and feels like it actually works and doesn't make them drier after you stop using the products like I've found with many other products, i will be repurchasing. It also lasts for a long time considering the size and price point.
  62. Great lip treatment for dry lips


    With the change in weather my lips can become chapped and dry, this lip balm is instant hydration or I will apply before going to sleep and wake up with perfectly soft lips
  63. Great Matte Lip Balm


    This is one of the best lip balms I have ever used. The texture is soft and velvety and it dries matte, it's not shiny or glossy like many others. It feels great on my lips and especially when I put it on before bed, my lips are so soft in the morning. The tub can last me a whole year. Highly recommend it!
  64. Keeps sore chapped lips at bay


    I've bought this quite a number of times over the last 5 years. It's quite a thick product. It has a high percentage of beeswax.I find it creates a thick moisturising barrier on your lips which stays on for quite a long time. This really prevents my lips from drying out and becoming chapped (also really good if like me, you seem lick your lips all the time!). It doesn't have a strong taste or smel...
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  65. Lovely lip balm


    This is really soothing and softening, but also looks matte not shiny so is great for wearing under lipstick. Although it has a thick texture it also doesn't feel greasy like some lip balms can
  66. Cant live without this lip balm!


    I absolutely love this product, especially as an overnight lip balm. I keep this on my bedside table and always wake up with super moisturised lips in the morning. a little bit goes a long way and it usually takes me about 8 months to go through a tub, so it is well worth the price.
  67. A great lip balm but consistency changed over time


    After all the hype I decided to give this lip balm a go. I had tried almost everything and this balm saved my lips! As an overnight treatment it was great because the product was still there as it is quite a thick consistency. The only downside was that after a couple of weeks it started to harden into little crystals. I was still able to work it back to a lip balm but it was like applying a sugar...
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  68. Deeply moisturising


    I tend to get very dry lips. I wear this overnight and is like a deep moisturising butter for the lips. Definitely worth a try!
  69. Lovely!


    I have extremely dry and damaged lips. Although thick this lip balm nourishes and moisturises my lips whilst I sleep. For normal day to day wear under make up this could be too thick however I find it rehydrates my lips and they feel great in the morning.
  70. Amazing product!


    The only lip balm that doesn't dry out my lips. This lip balm lasts on the lips for 6+ hours! So hydrating and leaves my lips so soft.
  71. One of the best!


    I suffer from extremely dry lips and I am ALWAYS on the hunt for the next best lip balm. I've been through tons of different types that do nothing but further dry out my lips or give me some weird reaction that lasts days. I remember hearing about this cult-fave years ago and I can't believe it's taken me this long to try it because it's amazing! My favourite thing is that it's matte, because very...
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  72. Doesn't quite live up to the hype


    While I don't have particularly problematic lips, I do have dry skin generally so need some kind of lip balm. I purchased this based on all the positive reviews but, perhaps my expectations were too high, because I just don't love it on its own.
    The texture definitely takes some getting used to, as it's very heavy on the lips. It can feel thick, like a dry, matte waxy film - uncomfortable to...
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  73. I have found THE ONE


    I am constantly buying lip balm due to me always losing them but also because they are just never quite good enough. This balm is now my holy grail. I use it at night after a lipscrub and it acts like a lip mask. I also use it right after brushing my teeth in the morning and it lasts for most of the day. I like that its really creamy and matte and just feels super nourishing. The pot looks like I ...
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  74. Expensive but worth it.


    Although this is a pretty pricey product, its so worth the cost. It's a matte balm which I love, it smells amazing and is super hydrating. I love the feeling of the little beads that dissolve as it's rubbed in, and it's one of the only lip balms that I've liked enough to use up. I see why it's so hyped.
  75. Best lip balm, recommend it to everyone


    Best lip balm I’ve tried and I suffer from extreme dry lips. I’ve recommended it to nearly everyone. Very thick but easy to apply and lasts on the lips for a long time, even overnight. Lips are instantely moisturised. I absolutely love the smell, quite natural citrus smelling. The pot lasts forever. Just beware pot is glass and I have broken a couple when dropped.
    The best!
  76. Super hydrating


    I’ve been using this twice a day with my regular skincare routine and I love it. I don’t recommend using a thick layer though as it can ‘pill’ during the daytime. Smells amazing and my lips are super soft.
  77. Love a Matt Balm


    After reading reviews I thought I would buy,Love that it’s in glass.Great before a Matt lipstick not slippery.Pleasant smell,a little goes far.Great Price..Use morning & night stays put for hours.
  78. Holy grail


    I have tried so many lip treatments that promise the world and I finally found one that does it! It's beautiful to apply, not sticky, not smelly, and I wake up with soft smooth lips. The last one I used before this glorious find, was Kiehls buttermask, which was nice but doesn't do half the job this one does.
  79. Hello hydration


    This product definitely hydrates and stays put! I can put it on at night and wake up in the morning still feeling the product plus the super hydration, Absolute must have for winter! Only down side is it’s matte and I prefer a glossier lip during the day.
  80. Beware! Totally Addictive!


    Onto my 3rd jar of this heavenly product! I am just so in love with it that seriously, it has become second-nature to use this. Ever since I discovered this product, I have loved having such soft & supple lips! It's absolutely great under lipstick too! The smell is divine and the jar will last ages. I just wish it came in a smaller tube to tuck in the handbag as the glass jar can be bulky and hea...
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  81. Good value and hydration


    One bottle lasted for more than one year. The price is higher than other brands, but it's really thick and you only need to apply a tiny bit on your lips everyday. I think it's worth it.
  82. Divine


    After reading all of the reviews for this lip balm, I concluded that it would either be a big thumbs up or a big thumbs down, and I was intrigued. It’s a huge thumbs up from me...and my daughters....and my husband! I LOVE the fresh scent and the firm balm that softens into your lips, leaving them super soft by morning.
  83. So nice


    So softening. I use overnight and my lips are amazing when I wake. Texture is like silk and not at all sticky. Very luxe for very cheap
  84. Very nourishing


    This is the best lip balm I have ever used. Bought multiple times. I use it every night and wake up with soft lips. I struggled with chapped lips for years before I found this. Definitely recommend.
  85. Amazing


    I suffer from very dry lips and carry some sort of lip balm with me everywhere. I like to use something super nourishing at night and this wonderful product is perfect. It feels thick in the pot but melts beautifully once on the lips and the scent is just lovely. I have been using this every night for only a short time, yet the improvement in my lips is impressive. This is easily the best l...
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  86. Luxurious lip balm


    An ultra moisturising lip balm, that doesn't look or feel greasy. It has a matte finish and pleasant citrus smell. It might be expensive but a tiny amount goes a long way. It is simply the the best lip balm I've ever used. The only negative is having to dip fingers into a tub.
  87. Brilliant


    This lip balm is one of my favourites - I’ve gone through three of these and will always repurchase. It has a matte finish so great for anyone who doesn’t want a shiny finish. The jar lasts a long time. Great value for money. Love.
  88. Perfect For Dry Lips!


    I only just received this product today and I already love it. I thought the lemon with the honey would burn my lips but it actually feels really nice and soothing! I applied it to my lips and it looked like I didn't even use any product yet so it definitely will be lasting a while. The price, packaging and amount of product is all perfect to what you receive. Majorly recommend!
  89. Simply the best


    I have the driest lips in existence after a round of very strong acne medication. I have tried about 20 lip balms from budget to high end luxury. This is the best balm in existence. It actually treats/heals and does not just mask the problem of dry lips. I have stockpiles of it in my cupboard as it can be hard to find sadly.
  90. Love it!


    I have very dry flakey lips and really struggled to find a lip balm that actually helped. This works so well! It is a different texture to regular lip balms (thick and not glossy) but I use it more as a lip treatment at night and in the morning before I put on my makeup. It’s fantastic for preparing lips for lipstick. I’ll definitely reorder!
  91. Not your normal lip balm


    I first bought this lip balm in Paris (one of those cult beauty must-haves), and was unsure at first. The balm is quite thick, and doesn't glide on easily. However, as a lip mask, it works excellently! Apply a thick layer at night, and wake up to butter-soft lips the next morning. Probably one of my favourite beauty rituals, would definitely recommend.
  92. Good


    I like to keep this pot of lip balm on my bedside table. I like to apply a thick layer at night so it forms a protective layer over my lips. For that purpose it does work well as it does not leave a super sticky residue. However I'm not a fan of the granules that can form in the jar and sometimes in cold weather I have to warm it up in my fingers first before applying. Overall a decent lip balm bu...
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  93. Best lip balm for dry lips!


    I have been using this lip balm for 1 year and it is the best I've used. It hydrates my lips perfectly and is not sticky at all. It makes a great base for applying lipstick and doesn't have an artificial taste. I will continue to use this!!
  94. Sooooo overrated


    If you're used to feeling a nice, moisturised, oil/gliding feeling, you will not feel that with this balm. It is a v thick, matt, dry-feeling texture, so when you put it on and rub your lips together, it feels thick and dry, not smooth and slippery -- that's the best way I can explain it, dry and matt. Definitely not like anything I've ever felt before.
    Probably great if you don't actually h...
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  95. Incredibly Nourishing


    I absolutely love this lip balm, it is so deeply nourishing feels amazing when gliding on. The balm also doesn't taste gross (have had some pretty yuck tasting ones before).

    Will definitely buy again when I run out of this one!
  96. Marmalade for your lips


    My favourite lip balm to use before or after applying lip makeup. This nourishes the lips without leaving an oily or sticky residue so it won't change the texture of your matte lipstick.

    It also smells delicious; somehow it reminds me of marmalade!
  97. Best lip balm ever!


    Holy grail status lip balm. Its ultra nourishing, and best of all its not waxy or feels heavy on the lips. Perfect to use nightly this winter season. It also leaves a matte finish on the lips so perfect to use before applying lipstick.
  98. The Maserati of Lip Balms!

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This lip balm is so luxary!!
    The texture is beautiful & it doesn’t just sit heavy on the lips like most others I’ve tried. I love using this in evenings so I can then wake up with lush, plump lips by morning!
    You need this in your life!
  99. I have back ups


    I suffered to chronic dry cracked weeping lips that I would cry before going to sleep because they were so sore. After seeing Youtube reviews I decided to give this one a go.. and now I have back ups because I nearly ran out and they were out of stock! Give this product a go... it basically seals and protects your lips. Its a big tub full and also it matte - not glossy
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