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Nude By Nature Flawless Foundation

3.6 of 23 reviews


4 instalments of $9.99


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4 instalments of $9.99


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A long wearing, liquid foundation that instantly delivers a flawless medium to full coverage with a satin matte finish.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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OK - 36% recommend

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3.6 of 23 reviews

36% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Nude by nature flawless foundation classic tan


Amazing one of my favourite foundations for a natural day look after using the nude by nature primer this foundation glides on like silk and sits perfectly I always get compliments when wearing this :)

Most Helpful Criticism

couldn't blend well and not last long


It is flawless and natural but it is really hard to blend and not look even on skin. It is only light cover. I don't recommend.
  1. couldn't blend well and not last long


    It is flawless and natural but it is really hard to blend and not look even on skin. It is only light cover. I don't recommend.
  2. Lovely natural finish but check your colour match


    I would never have tried this if I hadn't received a sample card with a few colours to try. I have oily/combination skin so anything with a dewy finish is usually not a great choice for me but this foundation has become my go-to for winter. The finish is natural and healthy-looking, especially when applied with a big oval brush. It wears well when set lightly with powder.

    The shade range seems to lean very light compared to other foundation brands. I am EL 3N1 and I generally look for something medium-neutral when I'm unsure of my shade in a foundation or concealer. But my perfect match in this foundation (that I've now been using for many months) is W8 Classic Tan, which is many shades deeper than the N4/5 recommended on the NbN website.
  3. It's ok


    I've got one of these bottles and I have quite mixed feelings about this. What I like about the foundation is that the shade matches perfectly with my skin and it has a smooth matte finish like you're wearing nothing at all. However what I don't like about it is that it is very powdery and clogs up my beauty blender. You have to really work it in and even then it gives a light-medium coverage. It also does something I've never seen before in that it clumps into my pores so it looks like I have flesh coloured blackheads on my nose :O
  4. Nude by nature flawless foundation classic tan


    Amazing one of my favourite foundations for a natural day look after using the nude by nature primer this foundation glides on like silk and sits perfectly I always get compliments when wearing this :)
  5. So far so good.


    I have just recently changed all my make up products as I have found more natural products are working best with my skin. My skin went from being ok to use any sort of foundation to now only natural works. It is hard to blend but I use a make up sponge that’s a little damp to help. I love the velvet look it gives & doesn’t feel like I’m wearing make up at all unlike other foundations. Reading some reviews saying not good for summer as it runs when sweating, I haven’t worn it through summer yet but going to the gym & sweating through the make up for me is fine not running.
  6. Better for winter


    I love the colours and texture of this foundation, but found it would run if I sweated at all on a warm day. Not great for summer, but it's thicker, velvety consistency makes it a good option for winter.

    I often have trouble finding shades light enough for my skin, but this one looked great!
  7. Agree with other reviews


    I agree with the other reviews about the foundation being dry and patchy and hard to blend out. It is quite thick and it dries so quick it’s impossible to work with. I’m trying to use up the bottle so it’s no wasted, what I’ve been doing is mixing it with a L’Oréal face serum to thin it out a bit. It’s helped a lot and makes it so much easier to blend, but it ends up being a more sheer foundation.
  8. Good for Sensitive skin


    After pumping the product on my hand I didn't have very high expectations for this product as it seemed a little thick. I proceeded to apply it anyway using the liquid foundation brush I bought from the same brand and once it is spread out it seemed quite ok and smooth. I did also have enough time to spread thin strokes on areas of my face and blending everything out before the foundation set but i guess that also depends on how much foundation you use.
    I do have eczema and on most days my skin usually is breaking out causing a lot of dry patches near the chin and eye areas therefore I am very picky with my liquid foundations. I do find that using a salicylic cleanser and applying facial oil 5mins prior to applying any type of foundation works wonders to minimise how the foundation accentuates dry patches. Everyone's skin is slightly different and I think its our job to find the right foundation for it :))
  9. Patchy


    Couldn't blend out this foundation.. used both beauty blender and brush both did not work.. will not recommend!
  10. horrible


    I have never had a foundation look this bad on me, I don't even have the words to describe it. It separated on my face as soon as I tried to blend it out so some patches had no foundation and some patches had flakey balled up bits of foundation. I literally tried it twice and threw it straight into the bin.
  11. great for oily combination


    I use this foundation when I want a nice light coverage I use in the shade almond and I am fair well yellow undertones. I love this shade and the coverage is great , for oily combination I feel it goes on fine. I use a sponge to blend and find it blends fine but that' s just me. I was surprised to se such bad reviews for this as I love it
  12. Worst foundation I've tried


    Never purchase this it's absolutely horrible. I picked it up when it was half price at Chemist warehouse and I'm glad I didn't pay full price as it is absolutely horrible.

    It dries super quickly so you have to work in sections on your face it accentuates pores that you never even knew you had and makes even oily skin look dry but still super oily at the same time. I tried using hydrating primers pore minimizing primers just about everything and nothing could help this foundation
    Seriously don't purchase it.
  13. Avoid like the plague if you have dry skin or acne


    Literally the worst. Dries very quickly, you have about 5 seconds to do ANYTHING else it starts going pathy and sticky. It also means that it sticks to my blending sponge so that I can only use each section of my blender once and even then only for a few seconds.

    Dries out your skin, turns dusty and then clogs pores. Gave me acne in places I NEVER get acne like my forehead, nose, and upper cheeks. Honestly, makes my 21year old skin look like I'm a 40 year old life-long smoker.

    Very light coverage unless you want patchy, dusty, discoloured, wrinkly-looking skin.

    Do not use if you have acne. Dries to be more orange than when first applied. The orange tinge turns red pimples to be like purple-brown and makes them more distinct.

    I hate that I spent so much money on such a bad product so I've tried everything I could think of. I tried with and without primer. I tried wet sponge blender, dry sponge blender, brush, and fingers. All shit. Brush was the best but it made it thicker which meant that when it dried it felt horrible! Like my face was covered in dust!!! Found that my skin felt more clogged afterwards.

    The past two weeks I have spend the days looking forward to when I can come home and clean this terrible product off my face.
  14. Don't waste your money


    Shocked is an understatement, the difference in product between tester and full sized product was astonishing. Foundation comes out of the bottle separated and lumpy; when mixed together foundation leaves a sheen of oil on the skin as the foundation oxidises. After many attempts lumps couldn't be mixed it. Don't waste your money on a poorly designed product. Flawless an understatement of the century when talking about this product.
  15. Not a fan


    I didn’t enjoy this foundation on my skin. I have dry skin and even after applying a moisturising primer it kept going on patchy. It oxidised so much that I had to take it off as it ended up being the completely wrong colour for me. I’d try this in store before you buy it to see if you like it.
  16. Not a great colour selection


    There isnt a wide selection of colours. the foundation oxidizes and turns gray after a couple of hours even when I have used a primer. Not very long lasting either would not recommend
  17. Disappointing.


    I had great expectations and was looking forward to trying the Nude By Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation but unfortunately I was left disappointed. While applying this foundation I found it very hard to blend as it set onto my skin almost instantly, resulting in patchiness and small dry clumps on the skin. I am a qualified Makeup Artist and have been working in the Beauty Industry for years so I have tried this foundation a couple of times using different products and techniques to perfect the application. Now I don't mind this product when I apply it correctly but depending on how my skin feels e.g dry or oily can affect the finish of this Liquid Foundation. With the feedback from my customers, they prefer a quick and simple application choosing not to use this foundation.
    Love - The beautiful rose gold packaging and pump bottle as well as the large colour range and the Flawless Concealer to maximise coverage.

    For anyone who is having trouble with this foundation try using the Nude By Nature Buffing Brush while applying. I recently attended a Nude By Nature training and I talked to the Trainer and asked if she had any suggestions to improve the result of the Flawless Foundation. She told me the Nude By Nature Team had listened to their customers feedback and the trouble they were having while applying the liquid foundation. So their team tried and tested all different ways and products to help with achieving the most Flawless look. As a result using the Buffing Brush to apply the Flawless Liquid Foundation gave the best outcome for a long wearing, liquid foundation that instantly delivers a flawless medium to full coverage with a satin matte finish.

    Most suitable for oily skin, this formula is best suitable for someone with excess oils on the face to give a satin matte finish once applied. If you have very dry skin this foundation is not for you and you will not get that desired flawless finish. If you do have dry skin but would like to try this foundation make sure to prime your skin with plenty of moisture using the Nude By Nature Airbrush Primer.
  18. Love this foundation


    I have an olive complexion and can find it hard to get the right shade. Found a perfect match with this foundation. It is so smooth and silky to apply, it just glides on. It’s actually great if you like a lightweight foundation or a more natural look. For a more made up look, I like a fuller coverage and I find that this foundation layers really nicely. No clumping or going gluggy. Great all rounder.
  19. A Natural Coverage


    After years of trying different foundations this has been amazing. I have acne prone skin and foundation usually causes me to break out. I was advised to try a mineral foundation but couldn't find one that was natural looking and lasted all day at work.

    I find this to be light weight feels good and is easy to blend as a little goes a long way. great coverage and gives me a dewy healthy glow.
  20. Pretty packaging


    The foundation bottle is so pretty, the sleek rose gold lid and the frosted glass bottle looks very elegant.
    I love the pump, it makes for easy and hygienic dispensing.
    The foundation feels so comfortable on my skin, I really can't feel it. After application it dries down to a satin finish that looks and feels very natural.
    There was no discernable scent which was great.
    The only consistent problem I had with this foundation was that it did not layer well over products.
    I always use a primer before makeup and when I used this foundation over it and tried to blend it with the matching buff brush, the whole thing pilled so badly. It got patchy and I pretty much had to take off all the makeup and start again.
    I tried this over just moisturiser, and same thing, it pilled and got patchy.
    I tried this over different moisturisers, and waited until they were completely dry, but still it would not blend easily.
    It took a lot of blending to make the foundation look decent, and I always had to brush off some pilling around the face.
    This has never happened with any other foundation I have used, so I will not continue using this, it's too much effort, and I feel so self conscious because I feel like my makeup is patchy and flaky.
    This was such a difficult foundation to work with.
  21. Perfect for Oily or combination skin types


    The Nude By Nature liquid foundation comes in an elegant frosted glass bottle with a rose gold pull off lid.
    I was initially worried to use it as I received it in a medium shade of W4 Soft Sand. Generally I suit the light/pale shades of makeup so I fully expected this to be way too dark for me.
    To apply I use 2 pumps from the dispenser and spread it evenly over my face with my fingers. I was surprised by how fast it dried and it had to be blended super fast as it sets within seconds of application!

    I found it gave a beautiful medium coverage easily which could be built to full coverage with another application over the top if needed.
    The foundation can take some getting used to with applying but it is well worth the effort.
    I found the best way to apply this is with the Nude by Nature powder foundation brush. It makes application so much easier and smoother looking.
    I absolutely love this foundation it performs just as well (if not better ) than my previous one which was double the price.
    I find this works perfectly on my oily/combo skin type however I wouldn't recommend for people who have dry skin / aging skin as it not the least bit hydrating and also sets quite dry and will accentuate lines and problem areas.
  22. Ok


    I didn’t find this makeup last. It is very light weight and didn’t do any just for me. I might as well just use a good B.B. cream. My skin is oily and it just wouldn’t evenly go on my face. All the best for others but this was a waste of money and going in the spare draw with my other wasted products. :(
  23. Holy grail


    This has become my new favourite foundation! Its so lightweight and looks just like skin which is perfect for how i like to wear my makeup
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