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Nude by Nature Essential Collection 7 Piece Brush Set

4.6 of 69 reviews


4 instalments of $9.99


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4 instalments of $9.99


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For precise, professional application of all kinds of makeup, Nude by Nature Essential Collection 7 Piece Brush Set is hard to beat. With high quality, ultra-soft synthetic fibres, these brushes make a world of difference to your application of eyeshadows, foundations and powders.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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4.6 of 69 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Soft as a cloud

Chanelle j

These brushes feel so luxe. I was initial sceptical as I go for more big brands normally. But I find myself reaching for these often. The face powder brush is perfect

Most Helpful Criticism

Very soft and dense


These brushes feel very high quality. The bristle are soft and the hairs are densely packed . Great starter kit
  1. Soft as a cloud

    Chanelle j

    These brushes feel so luxe. I was initial sceptical as I go for more big brands normally. But I find myself reaching for these often. The face powder brush is perfect
  2. soft and durable brush set


    I use this set for quite a long time, they are really a high quality. They are soft and easy to spread. I love them.
  3. great gift


    i purchased this for my daughter. prefect start out brush set all you need! the bristles are great quality and gentle on the skin
  4. Last for years


    I've been using these make up brushes for years. I'm by no means a make-up artist, but I feel like these are great quality.
  5. Great starter brush set


    This has amazing collection of brush that covers the whole face. High quality and comes in a beautiful bag with slots for each brushes. The brushes are soft and do not come off easily.
  6. Decent brushes


    I like the Nude by Nature brushes, they are soft and apply makeup well. I particularly like the eyeshadow brushes and use them almost everyday. I prefer the Real Techniques powder brushes though.
  7. Very soft and dense


    These brushes feel very high quality. The bristle are soft and the hairs are densely packed . Great starter kit
  8. Love my first brush set


    I recently bought this brush set and am very happy with it. Brushes neatly fit into the bag and are held in place with elastic. They are soft to the touch and the set is a good mix.
  9. Great travel kit


    I've used this set when travelling for many years. It's compact, light and has enough brushes to last you whilst away to achieve many different looks.
  10. Sooooo goood!!!


    This was the first set of makeup brushes I ever owned. I now have this set because I love them so much. They are such great quality for the price and are insanely soft. I would definitely recommend, give it a try ladies
  11. Beautiful brushes


    I love this brush set though I have to admit I only really use the eye brushes for my eye makeup on a daily basis, lovely brush set. Would recommend.
    Very soft and reliable
  12. Great quality and value for money brushes


    I picked up NBN essential brush collection when it was on sale for half price at Chemist Warehouse. It contains 7 different brushes , Kabuki, powder, concealer, eyeshadow, eye blending, eye definer and a lip brush in a cute storage case. Quality brushes with soft bristles, amazing value for money for $20.
  13. Quality and long lasting


    Love these brushes! Long lasting, durable and don’t shed hairs. Easy to clean and feel lovely and soft.
  14. Great long lasting


    I purchased this a couple of years ago and they still look like new. Great for every day simple use.
  15. A good set for in a handy case - for the price


    Purchased this as a gift for my 14 year old as its great value as a starter kit and introduction to applying makeup, its presented beautifully in the handy case which is a bonus to encourage her to keep it all together.
  16. What a great set


    I purchased this a couple of years ago and they still look and perform like new. These are really good quality brushes, very well made and feel so incredibly smooth on the skin. They blend makeup really well and give an airbrushed look to the skin. My favourite is the kabuki brush for mineral foundation.
  17. On the fence


    Its a great price for the 7 piece set but not sure the quality is there. I don't reach for the brushed as often as I'd like to
  18. Great Brush Kit


    I was gifted this set and it has done my makeup routine wonders! I use half of the brushes for my daily makeup routine and the other half for going out out makeup. Great quality, durable and look fab in my makeup vanity!
  19. lasted for ages, nice and soft


    have literally had this set for 2 years and they are still in pristine condition, the bristles are very sharp and all the brushes are very versatile. i do clean them regualry
  20. Amazing quality


    I was gifted this brush set about 3 years ago and I regularly clean my brushes which has led them to all be in practically mint condition and as new quality to this day. This 7 piece set gives you a brush to pull off both a basic and complex makeup look and the brush hairs are all so soft and feel lovely on the face.
  21. Soft and functional


    Extremely high quality brushes for a decent price point. Very soft, so it's very pleasant to apply on the face -- not scratchy, picks up product in appropriate amount and applies fairly well. I don't feel that it's particularly good for compacted application (e.g. eyeshadow) though, because it's not sturdy enough in my opinion.

    Being cruelty free is also a plus point for me to get these brushes as well. For a pack of 7 (plus pouch) this is very value for money deal.
  22. Amazing!


    I got gifted these brushes over three years ago and they are all still going strong. With good care taking of them, they have stayed soft and kept their shape. They also don't lose hairs which is a plus compared to other brushes.
  23. Outstanding


    These brushes are unbelievable for the price. They're lovely and soft, easy to use and get great results. If you're into makeup the 7 piece set won't provide everything you need, but it covers the basics perfectly. It would be especially great as a starter set for young girls or guys who are just getting into makeup, but even compared to higher end brushes I think they're excellent.
  24. great set


    great brushes, perfect for a starter set ant hey are nice and soft!
  25. Not the best


    I managed to score these brushes on a sale on the Nude by nature website - for the price I wasn’t too disappointed if they ended up being terrible brushes.
    The brushes were average quality and would be perfect for someone who is new at makeup or is not experienced with mode expensive makeup brushes. I have had a few bristles fall out but it’s to be expected with cheaper brands
  26. Love love love


    Omg these brushes truly are amazing.. The are nice & soft.. they all do the job they are meant to.. 1 of my favourite things is on the side of the handle is what that brush is used for.. it also come in a handy size makeup brush leather case.
  27. The best basics


    As far as a basic brush set goes this is as good as any! You’ve got the essentials like an angled brush, blush brush, blending brush etc, and all function beautifully. I personally don’t go further than this set because I don’t do anything too complicated and find this works even for when I do a weekend look.
  28. Great quality & price


    I love these brushes. For a basic set for a beginner they would be perfect, and also a great gift.

    The brushes are soft and don't shed. It has all the brushes you need for a basic full face
  29. So cheap and such good quality!


    This is a super cheap travel pack that's just as good quality as the full sized Nude by Nature brushes. Theyre perfect for travel and the bag it comes in is very convenient. Also a cheap option for beginners looking to build up there makeup brush collection.
  30. Good brushes


    I bought this brush set for my sister for her birthday last year she loves these brushes a great set
  31. Great quality


    I love these brushes, they feel so soft on the skin and do the perfect for simple makeup routine. The kit is also amazing and travel-friendly. definitely worth the price.
  32. Super soft~


    I've been looking to buy set of makeup brushes for a while but the average price for a blending brush is literally $20. When I stumbled upon this set by nude by nature, I thought it was such great value so I bought it without much thought. To my surprise, the brushes were very soft and did a great job applying makeup. If you are just starting out with makeup or even just looking for a good but affordable brush set, I really recommend getting this one since the quality isn't much different from those that are more expensive
  33. Good Starter Set


    Great for the price you pay, it’s a good starter set for people with less makeup experience.
  34. best brushes


    i love how silky these brushes are for a good price. i only use nude by nature brushes as i make getting even coverage fast and less messy
  35. Does the job


    Really good set of brushes for beginners. Soft and easy to clean. Nice case as well, and I appreciate it being in black - so many brush cases are in white/cream and are filthy before too long with makeup.
  36. Loved it!


    I purchased these brushes without high expectations however was pleasantly surprised. They feel really soft and of good quality. They are perfect for daily use.
  37. Great first pack for beginners.


    This is great for people who are just starting out and need the basic brushes to apply there makeup. the quality of these brushes is quite amazing for the appropriate price, its reasonable and they last quite a long time
  38. A great gift!


    I got this as a gift for someone and they loved it! It's very affordable and the brushes themselves are well made and the bristles are soft. The bag is lovely and very travel friendly. The perfect travel brush set to take with you on the go.
  39. Really Affordable


    I bought this kit to bulk up some expensive brushes I own already and am really happy I did. They are really great value, entry level brushes and I can now figure out which brushes I will use regularly and update/upgrade accordingly.
    Money well spent!
  40. Pretty great value for the money!


    I really like these brushes and think they do a good job, I prefer my zoeva and Mac brushes but this is a really great kit for the price. I use most of them on a daily basis and would recommend! Especially good if you’re only just getting into makeup!
  41. Best affordable brushes


    I think nude by nature brushes are great, the packaging is simple and they do the job. Their kits are affordable and have all the brushes you need for a simple makeup look.
  42. Good for all


    These brushes are very good for beginners and any one wanting solid coverage and a smooth appearance, there’s all the basic brushes for all that you need. They are also affordable which is awesome. Highly recommend
  43. Perfect for beginners


    This is an affordable option for beginner makeup enthusiasts looking to get a basic brush set. This collection is compact and travel friendly and I love the bag that comes with it. As with all Nude by Nature brushes, the bristles on these brushes are extremely soft. Overall I would definitely recommend this as a starter kit.
  44. Perfect for beginners


    This is an affordable option for beginner makeup enthusiasts looking to get a basic brush set. This collection is compact and travel friendly and I love the bag that comes with it. As with all Nude by Nature brushes, the bristles on these brushes are extremely soft. Overall I would definitely recommend this as a starter kit.
  45. Great gift to start make up journey


    What a great gift for any young girl starting up in the make up world. Soft and applies the product well. And I get the benefits too
  46. Brushes break and shed


    Although the brush set is a good investment and a starting point for beginners who don't have a brush kit and don't know where to start. The brushes broke and shed after being used for 6 months.
  47. Love these brushes


    Like all nude by nature products these brushes don’t disappoint. So soft and lux.
  48. Good Quality


    These brushes are perfect for beginners! Good quality and gorgeous rose gold finishes with a travel case which can double as a makeup bag. I have used all of these brushes and they work well and withstand washing, but this is a very basic brush set.
  49. LOVE


    I love this set. A decent price, quality brushes. They are super elegant looking with a really nice looking case. They are also so soft and I love them so much. I use them every time I do my make up!
  50. Super Soft


    These brushes are easy to work with and amazingly soft on the face. I love the brushes nude by nature has included in this set as there is something for every stage of the make up routine. Also comes with a convenient travel case.
  51. Great


    This is a great set at a very affordable price - and I bought it for 50% off! The brushes are good quality and non-shedding. The only thing is that it has both a kabuki brush AND a powder brush and then a bunch of smaller brushes - but nothing that really suits applying blusher or bronzer, which is what I mostly use these days. Oh well, that's a small quibble. It's a great set.
  52. Good quality starter set


    Brushes are amazingly soft and of good quality as well as affordable and have hardly shed. I'd recommend this for beginners who may feel overwhelmed by what makeup tools they may need as this set provides a good variety. The case that the brushes come in is also very useful to carry other makeup products if needed.
  53. Nice and soft


    I bought this brush set sometime ago when I was motivated to start applying makeup with more precision that what my fingers afforded. These brushes looked good so I bought them.

    The only two makeup brushes I had ever owned prior to these were an antique Guerlain brush acquired with some powder many years ago, and a MAC brush that I acquired after I endured the atrocious customer-service of a MAC counter (and to add insult to injury it wasn't even useful).

    Anyway, these brushes are nice and soft and made from synthetic hair- excellent if you're squeamish or have a tickly face like I do. In all honesty, I only use about three or them- the Kabuki, the powder and lip brushes.

    But...if I ever again get motivated to start applying makeup like a You Tube personality, I possess the kit.
  54. Great set for starters


    I brought this brush set when I was first starting out with makeup and it was definitely really good. The brushes are not as good quality as more higher end brands but they do the job and this set comes with a nice range.
  55. Great starter set


    I don't know that much about makeup but have found these to be a great starter set as I start to learn the ropes! So soft and the case is fantastic.
  56. Great!


    I use some of these brushes every day! They’re so soft. Only downside is that the brush head sometimes comes off the holder on one of them, but it’s an easy fix.
  57. Amazing quality


    The Nude brushes are so soft and are such good quality. I bought a set a few years ago now and despite daily use and many washes, they still look and feel new!
    They make makeup application a breeze and offer a very polished finish. A great addition to any makeup bag.
  58. Perfect set


    This brush set is just perfect for me and in such a cute case which also fits a few extras! I needed to replace my old brushes and instead of buying them all individually i thought id give this set a go, as well as being easy on my bank account the brushes are such great quality and are standing the test of time. I’d definitely recommend
  59. Good quality brushes


    I absolutely love this set, and it is usually my go-to brush set. I particularly love the eye blending brush. They are soft and fluffy, and last for a long time. Mine haven't lost bristles and I have owned them for a few years now. The case they are in is also great for travelling.
  60. I have had the edition before this particular set for 10 years now, still going strong!


    The blending brush in this set is a staple in my routine. I will never stop using it. It is surprisingly large, and has last me for years! STRONGLY dislike that small kabuki brush though
  61. So Soft!


    I love this brush set. It comes with a really good range of brushes for the price and the bristles are soooo soft! I have fair, sensitive skin and some brushes irritate it if they're too harsh or synthetic but I have no issues with these. I like how the brushes look nice and sleek and I love the little case they come in. The only down fall is that the kabuki brush has a super short handle and personally it doesn't work that well for me.
  62. Amazing


    Amazing brush set that I've also recommended to friends and family. High quality brushes that don't shed and feel very soft and luxurious. The bonus bag is gorgeous to store brushes in and I love the rose gold detailing. Highly recommend.
  63. Great quality


    These brushes are so high quality and well-made. Totally worth the price. Has everything you need for a full face if you do simple makeup. I've had them for months and they've never shed on me. Great beginner set and great to gift someone too. They're incredibly soft and feel great on the skin, not harsh. Love the pouch that it comes with too. So handy to store your brushes in and travel with. One of the best brush sets out there!
  64. Great value


    Great value for the money! I am shocked at the price and how many you get! Very soft brushes.
  65. A great set!


    I needed new brushes and this set seemed to have what I needed at an affordable price. Bag and rose gold accents are very cute too!
  66. Lovely looking good brushes


    I received these as a gift with purchase. The brushes are soft and work well. They also look gorgeous. Great value for money if you were to purchase them.
  67. Great Value


    These brushes are such great value for money and really soft. A nice variety and clean really well.
  68. Definitely a great set for a good price!


    I never expected the brushes to be so soft and the look of it is fab. Would definitely recommend this to my friends.
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