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Nude by Nature Buffing Brush 08

4.7 of 21 reviews


4 instalments of $7.49


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4 instalments of $7.49


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With its high hair density and its flat edged shape, Nude by Nature Buffing Brush 08perfectly sets powder, liquid foundation and concealer formulas for a smooth imperceptible finish.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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4.7 of 21 reviews

95% recommend this product

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lovely brush


applies a great application and bristles are soo soft!!
  1. lovely brush


    applies a great application and bristles are soo soft!!
  2. Nice for foundation


    I use this brush to apply my foundation and I find it works well for me. It blends it in quite nicely, but I find it’s difficult to clean.
  3. amazing finish!


    this brush gives a flawless application! it does not leave streaks or brush marks and does not soak up product.overall gives a smooth, full coverage finish
  4. A++++++++


    This is my all time favorite brush and my second one in about 6 years. I actually want to buy more just in case they ever remove it from the line. It's great with mineral and liquid foundations. you can also use it to refresh your makeup throughout the year and is suitable for both buffing and stippling your makeup in
  5. High quality brush


    This is one of my most highly reached for brushes, it's great with applying liquid and powder, I usually use a beauty blender for liquid but if I want to use a brush i'll reach for this one. I've had mine for about a year of solid use and the bristles are still soft and haven't had any shedding or issues.
  6. love


    this was one of the first stippling brushes i ever bought and i still have it and love it today! makes foundation looks flawless and allows for a very quick and easy application
  7. Great brush


    I actually bought this brush to apply and blend out my foundation with. I doesn't shed hair. It's super soft and feels amazing, does the job perfectly for my liquid foundation application


    Bought this brush on a whim but did not regret AT ALL!! bristles are so soft and compact. have never experienced any of the brush hair falling out. It's not rough nor pokes my skin. Use it for powder or liquid foundation and works really well. Amazing quality!
  9. Does what it says


    This brush is amazing for applying and blending in liquid and powder foundations. The bristles are soft and the brush itself is very dense, making it perfect for picking up product without absorbing it.
  10. Awesome brush


    Great brush for applying liquid and powder foundation. Very easy to blend with. Looks attractive on my makeup bench too :)
  11. Great brush


    I really like this brush for applying liquid and powder foundation.
    By swirling the brush on my face I get a lighter application. But by pressing and stippling I get a fuller coverage. I particularly like this brush for pressed and loose powder foundations. Super soft and easy to use.
  12. Works well!


    This buffing brush does a great job at working foundation into the skin and leaving behind a beautiful seamless finish. The bristles are soft but dense and foundation doesn't get absorbed or stained onto the brush.
  13. Not bad for the price!


    This is a decent buffing brush that really works to blend foundation into the skin. It doesn't absorb a lot of foundation at all, especially when compared to using a makeup sponge. Therefore a little foundation will go a long way with this brush which is something that I definitely cannot complain about!

    perfecting skin

    i love this brush, it is super soft and blends my liquid foundation so smoothly and evenly. i have dry skin and i bought so many brushes but each one of them left my skin flakey and patchy. but this brush is so good i do not think so i will ever use any other brush for liquid foundation.
  15. good for foundation


    great foundation brush, gives smooth application and doesn't soak up a lot of product!
  16. Love this


    I find this brush really good for applying my foundation - you get all the product on your skin not left on the brush.

    I find it a lot easier then beauty blenders!
  17. Great for a more full coverage


    I use this brush with my Nude by Nature Flawless Finish liquid foundation when I want more coverage. I love it. It helps my foundation glide on and blend beautifully. Especially when adding my second layer. Great brush!
  18. Terrible at blending


    I was so impressed with the look of this brush. It comes in a clear plastic tube, and you can stand the brush up using the lid, so I have been keeping it like that on my vanity.
    The long ferrule makes the brush look sleek and elegant. However when I used the brush, it felt odd having to hold it by the cold metal ferrule and not the handle, so what it the point of a handle??
    The brush bristles are so soft and tightly packed. I have tried several buffing brushes from Real Techniques and Sigma and love how it gives a flawless finish.
    However, this brush was just terrible at blending foundation. After buffing the foundation it I would get up close to the mirror and I would see the foundation pilling everywhere and patchy and a mess. The brush was just disturbing the makeup and redistributing it everywhere unevenly. It ruined my makeup every time I used it.
    Even looking at the brush now, it is covered in specks of makeup. Usually after using a brush the bristles are coloured with the makeup but this has specks of it throughout.

    Perhaps the problem with this brush is that it doesn't absorb the product at all so it just moves it around.
    I have only used this for the Nude by Nature foundation and I do not want to try it with other foundations as I do not want yet another day of ruined makeup.
    I have my bluffing brushes that work for me and my Beautyblender and I will continue using those instead. This did not work for me.
  19. Gives a beautiful finish to foundation


    I was skeptical about this brush when I bought it, because it is super soft I thought it wouldn’t apply foundation properly. When I tried it I was so impressed! This brushblens out foundation so easily, and is super soft and feels so nice on your face! It gives foundation a really smooth and natural looks when applied with the brush. I would highly recommend it!
  20. Awesome brush!


    I love this brush! It's so soft. The size is perfect. When I dip it in a blob of foundation on the back of my hand, you can see it sitting on top of the bristles in little droplets. The product doesn't seem to sink into the bristles AT ALL. It's really amazing. And for that price... It blends foundation really nicely and easily. Pretty much can't say enough good things.
  21. Incredibly amazing!!


    Where to begin! This brush looks great. Its the perfect size. It doesnt absorb any product and glides across skin perfectly! I used half as much product, applied it in a quarter of the time and for the first time in my life my foundation was perfectly blended and flawlessly finished. Im in love with this brush and couldnt recommend it enough!!!
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