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Nude by Nature Airbrush Primer 50mL 50ml

3.7 of 58 reviews


4 instalments of $7.49

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4 instalments of $7.49

Or 4 instalments of $7.49 with LEARN MORE

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Looking for a primer that gives luminosity without silicones? Nude by Nature Airbrush Primer is a hydrating primer to give a flawless canvas for make-up application. 
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free

What customers say

GOOD - 63% recommend

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
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Nude by Nature Airbrush Primer 50mL Reviews

3.7 of 58 reviews

63% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

This is a nice primer


It smells nice and applied smoothly. It has a thick consistency which I like. Leaves a nice base to apply foundation. It absorbs well into the skin !

Most Helpful Criticism

Heavy scent


Very silky feeling primer that leaves the skin feeling smoother but is quite heavily scented and makes me breakout. Would probably be better for people without sensitive skin
  1. This is a nice primer


    It smells nice and applied smoothly. It has a thick consistency which I like. Leaves a nice base to apply foundation. It absorbs well into the skin !
  2. airbrush primer


    This is one of my absolute favourites. The primer smell takes a while to get used to (lemon grass I think?) but I've come to really enjoy the scent. I like how hydrating and smoothing it is. It stays a bit tacky for makeup to grip to
  3. Favourite Primer


    This has been my go-to primer for a while. It has a nice tacky finish, smoothes and hydrates my skin. I've been through a few tubes of this.
  4. why did i not use this sooner


    i am making the move to mineral makeup and was a bit hesitant to try a mineral primer. However, boy was i wrong. This primer feels so luxurious on the skin and it actually blurs my pores and holds my makeup. I work outside and constantly sweating and this does the trick! Makes my skin look flawless without that cake look and almost putty like look in my pores that other primes produce. Love how li...
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  5. Alright product


    This is an alright primer, however I do not find the smell appealing, and my skin becomes a slightly weird texture too.
  6. Did nothing for me


    I found this made my makeup patchy and didn't improve wear time at all. It just felt really slippery. It also has a really strong scent which is off putting.
  7. Not the best primer ive used


    It has a strong (nice-ish) scent but is really heavy!! It made my foundation go really blotchy by the end of the day.

    I prefer lighter primers.
  8. Give this one a miss


    Contains a lot of oils which cause breakouts for me. I find powder products blend well over it but it doesn't provide any grip or staying power for liquid products. I don't see a lot of difference between this and a moisturiser really.
  9. Dewy


    This primer would be good for you if you like a dewy finish. Personally I prefer a more satin matte finish so I don't think I would repurchase
  10. Basically a Glorified Moisturiser


    I have used this regularly over the top of my spf moisturiser with the mineral powder. I don't find a difference in terms of longevity when I skip it, but I do find my skin looks less oily by the end of the day if I don't apply it. It is essentially just an additional moisturiser, there isn't really any ingredients to help smooth skin or help your make up last longer. If you have oily skin definit...
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  11. Good primer, but would only recommend to people with dry skin


    This primer gives the skin a very dewy finish that is perfect for dry skin - it hydrates and gives that extra bit of shine on top of your daily moisturiser. I would only recommend this to people with dry skin and a natural makeup routine as the finish is quite glossy and doesn't cover up pores that well.
  12. Not for oily skin


    I was looking forward to using this primer so much, its smells lovely and went on a treat, but........it made my oily skin so so much more oily, it was crazy! I was a shiny slick. Wouldnt recommended for oily peeps.
  13. Not for oily skin


    I want to love this product it just doesn’t work for me. When applied it feels nice and smooth, then immediately dry.
    Fingers crossed it would stay this way, unfortunately it made my skin more oily than usual. As if my skin was confused and just made extra oil.
    I think this is a good product for someone with dryer skin and would recommend for this skin type.
  14. Average


    This covers pores but tends to make my skin extra oily. May be it works better for dry skin, it just didn't work for me.
  15. Excellent light weight primer


    Excellent lightweight primer creates the best base for foundation.
  16. I love it but my skin doesn't


    Feels just lovely, hydrating creamy texture that feels more like a nice moisturiser. Leaves skin smooth and glowy, and the tacky finish helps makeup stick - I much prefer that to other types of primers. Unfortunately I am very sad to say that this product breaks me out. My skin is difficult so I think for most people it would be fine, and in fact it works so well I still use it occasionally. I'd u...
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  17. Not for oily skin


    I find my makeup (and I use the nude by nature powder) will not stick to my face and will become extremely patchy and greasy when I use this primer.
  18. Flawless finish


    My makeup always looks so flawless and radiant after using this. Makeup blends with it so nicely and it lasts all day long! Easy to wash off too
  19. Not Bad


    Not a bad primer. It's good for using under the Nude's mineral foundation. A bit too heavily fragranced for me and I don't find it gives me an airbrush finish.
  20. Heavy scent


    Very silky feeling primer that leaves the skin feeling smoother but is quite heavily scented and makes me breakout. Would probably be better for people without sensitive skin
  21. not much of a difference


    I honestly could not tell any difference from if I had not applied this product. It has quite an overpowering lemon scent too.
  22. feels very tacky


    This primer feels very tacky and sticky. Doesnt blend at all. Very weird product.
  23. Has a nice feel to it


    I bought this because my other primers felt really synthetic on my skin. I really like this one as it feels more like a moisturiser, but it still creates a great base for applying foundation.
  24. Impressed!


    I bought this primer as an alternative when I was traveling didn't have access to my usual (more expensive) primer and was seriously impressed with it. It applied nicely, left my skins feeling great, wasn't greasy and allowed my makeup to look smooth. It smells great and lasts a long time. I would definitely recommend this product, but I do prefer my regular one.
  25. Fresh!


    I feel like it gives a boost of hydration to my dry skin. I just love this primer. The scent is delightfully fresh. The base is mineral so I haven't experienced breakouts as such.
  26. Smooth, matte base


    A moisturising, silicone free primer that glides on, absorbs well and leaves a smooth and matte base before I apply my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. Does not react with or breakout my normal-oily skin and has a divine scent.
  27. love it


    This primer does the job! Very light and not greasy!
  28. Not my favorite.


    I really wanted to love this, but it just didn't work for me. Aside from the cakey patches i broke out. It does smell nice and applies beautifully, sadly it wasn't for me.
  29. best finish ever!!


    Doesn't have a silicone or greasy residue and it still blurs pores!! I don't get oily throughout the day, makeup sits beautifully and no creases appear! also natural so its great for your skin
  30. Not my fav!


    Unfortunately I was disappointed in the primer I found it didn't make much difference but I love all there other range
  31. My go-to primer


    I'm on my 6th tube of this primer, I buy it time and time again. I find it has a moisturising effect and doesn't make your skin feel tight like other primers do. Smells fresh and natural, a good tacky consistency when it starts to dry. I use it under estee lauder double wear everyday and feel it is a good barrier to such a high coverage foundation.
  32. not so much a primer pore blurrer but nice moisturiser


    Great primer if you're like me and forget to moisturize before using the primer lol its definitely more of a moisturizer than primer. It has a really nice natural scent, similar to Sukin products.
    I have combination skin, dry areas around my eyes, nose and chin, i also suffer acne. This works great on my skin doesn't make my acne flare up. I use this under the nude by nature mineral powder ...
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  33. Not a great primer but ok as moisturiser


    I wouldn't call this a primer really. It just is like a light moisturiser to me. Doesnt really prime my skin or blur the pores.
  34. Great base


    Love this primer! Definitely gives the application of all other makeup a better finish.
  35. There are better primers


    Wasn't a huge fan of this primer - I found that using this under makeup, my skin got quite oily. It does go on smoothly but will not repurchase.
  36. Not the best


    This primer is not the best. Leaves foundation quite cakey and don't really notice any positive difference.
  37. Dont love


    I dont love this primer, it feels nice. The smell is overpowering and it leaves my foundation patchy
  38. Great primer


    Seriously love this primer. The scent is delightfully fresh and citrusy. The base is mineral so I haven't experienced breakouts thus far. I feel like it gives a boost of hydration to my dry skin (unlike mattifies/ smoothing primers).
  39. Great lightweight primer


    This is a great lightweight primer that makes my foundation glide so smoothly onto my skin and lasts all day. It also a lovely smell to it which I love and I definitely will be repurchasing this!
  40. A great first step to make up.


    I use this after sunscreen and before foundation and it doesn't matter what I do my make up just doesn't move around as the day goes on and it gets hot. It's a white cream the constancy of a day cream and it just provides a really nice surface for make-up to adhere too.
  41. Not bad


    It has a very nice moisturiser for under makeup, I just didn't think it made much of a difference in the look of my skin.
  42. Great mineral based product


    This is a great mineral based primer. Doesn’t have a strong smell like other primers i have used in the past. A lot of product. Not my holy grail primer but definitely a good one
  43. Definitely love it


    I love this primer because it is so light and does not feel greasy at all.
    It smells like herb and feels so smooth. The price is reasonable for this product.
  44. Good mineral based primer to use before applying concealer, liquid foundation and powder foundation


    I used to just use my moisturiser as a primer before applying concealer and liquid foundation, however I have begun using this product and am pretty happy with the results.

    I notice it helps to reduce the liquid foundation and concealer falling into cracks and fine lines, and assists in a more smooth, even application of liquid foundation and concealer.

    It has an easy app...
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  45. A nice moisturiser


    A nice moisturising primer for makeup. Leaves skin feeling soft, but I haven't really noticed a difference in the application of my makeup.
  46. A good product for a mineral based 100% natural primer.


    This product smells like it's good for you. It has natural earthy tones and a little goes a long way. It takes a little while to absorb into the skin and it remains a little sticky. If I was to recommend this product, it would be to those who prefer using a liquid-based foundation as I find that because it remains sticky, my powder foundation doesn't go on smoothly and looks it a little patchy whe...
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  47. natural and safe


    This product smell nice as well as it is hydrating. after using all chemical based i started using it. will recommend to start natural product if you have acne issues.
  48. Good mineral primer


    For a mineral primer I think this product is good value for money. I enjoyed its skin smoothing qualities however I did not notice an increase in the longevity of my makeup..
  49. Sticky


    Sticky and oily. Not sure if it's doing anything more than making my skin pasty.

    Smell isn't bad but honestly it's a bit intense. I mean, after a week of my face smelling like ginger (?) I'm more than a little sick of it.
  50. A nice mineral primer


    This primer is lovely smelling very hydrating and gives my skin a plump look and feel. Contains kakadu plum seed oil which is very hydrating. Helps my foundation last all day and gives a nice dewy finish to the nude by nature foundations.
  51. Smooth formula!


    I just bought this primer and I really love it! It is a smooth formula and rubs into my face really well. It doesn’t affect the application of my other makeup and I love that it is all natural. I will definitely be using this again!
    Tip: you only need a really small amount!
  52. Good, not great


    I have no qualms with this primer but for the price point there are probably better options out there. It lives in my makeup bag and gets used when other, similar or better (and cheaper) primers get used up. I find that some primers have an odd smell but this one has a nice, natural smell and a nice, thin-but-not-too-thin consistency. If you use foundation by Nude by Nature I'd recommend giving th...
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  53. Nothing special


    I don’t love this product, I feel like it makes my make up come off quicker than normal.
  54. Doesn't play well with others.


    I bought this primer a while ago- and it's sat in my makeup drawer, unused and unloved, for months.

    It doesn't play well with sunscreens or my skin. It made my face itchy and it had a very strong smell which I didn't like.

    This might work for some people but it didn't for me. If anything disturbs my sunscreen- the most important part of my skincare- out it goes.
  55. Great


    I cannot fault this primer. It has the same texture as a lightweight lotion, yet works so well. I have used it under non mineral foundation before also, and works just as well!
  56. Good mineral primer


    This is a good mineral primer. If you're going to get a mineral primer this is the one. Makeup sits over this nicely.
  57. Can't notice a difference


    I decided to make the switch to mineral makeup a few months ago, and so bought this primer to try. I was very disappointed because I really could not notice a difference whether I put this under my makeup or not. To be fair, I am used to using silicon based primers, which this of course is not, but I still expected it to have some effect in smoothing my skin and making my foundation last.
  58. A perfect, simple primer!


    I've tried 10+ primers now, trying to find one to help keep the foundation on my skin, while minimising the look of pores.

    I've found this primer to be the best option so far! It leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturised without causing the foundation to slide around your face. It definitely keeps the foundation and powders on your face for longer and smells discretely wonderful!...
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  59. The Best primer ever!!!


    Ok so I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what primer was until I tried it.
    This was the first I had tried and it was amazing.
    My make up is so even and the primer helps make it last longer.
    I thought I’d try a more expensive brand thinking it will be so much better because it’s a designer band.
    Wasn’t I shocked to found out I just paid triple the price for a primer that was...
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  60. My one and only primer!!


    I refuse to use any other primer besides this! The fact it is mineral and natural is what does it for me and i will continue to use this primer! Its my holy grail!!
  61. Love it!


    I really love everything about this primer, it goes on smoothly and makes for a great base for my foundation. Being natural it works well with my sensitive skin and i actually like the smell. The good thing apart from the price is you don't have to use much.
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