Nioxin Intensive Therapy

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When complemented by customised products (like thickening Diaboost, spot treatment Hair Booster and nutritious Deep Repair Hair Masque), your Nioxin haircare will provide five amazing effects:

– Reduction of breakage-caused hair loss
– Improved hair texture
– Removal of excessive scalp sebum
– Fuller-looking hair
– Resilient hair cuticles

For a real pep-up, there is almost nothing Scalp Renew Density Restoration Treatment cannot fix. It’€™s like micro-dermabrasion for your hair a regeneration of the scalp skin surface to reveal gorgeous, youthful, new strands!

Intensive Therapy

5 products found
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5 products found
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Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque - 500ml

Not a bad product for my bleached to death hair, really helps with keeping... read more >>

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