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NIOD Set N. 1 by NIOD


The best of NIOD, in one inimitable collection.


NIOD SET N. 1 contains:


LVCE is a skin cleaning system that respects dermal barriers while regulating visible sebum production, cleaning the skin and removing makeup in a single step. LVCE contains no cleansing plant oils, no detergents and no water. It uses isolated sugar and avocado esters to remove dirt and makeup with or without water.


A hyper-concentrated bio-serum for the eye contour, FECC combines 28 technologies to target all aspects of under-eye and above-eye aging in one treatment—borrowing from advanced biotechnology, polyphenol technology, next-generation cyclic peptide technologies, marine science and modern drone delivery mechanics.


A multi-dimensional approach to topical hyaluronic supplementation, this advanced serum combines 12 forms of hyaluronic compounds in a peptide-charged delivery system to offer visible hydration, plumping, comfort and uniformity from the subcutaneous level to skin surface.


A novel approach to creating a foundation for skin that reflects even radiance in life and very specifically through the camera lens, this instant treatment is serum-textured but contains a wide array of light refracting prisms, tone and hue correctors and topical photo-finishing technologies to offer even radiance within seconds.

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Value for money - 08-05-2018 by

I bought this set because I was looking for a good hyaluronic acid product for my dry skin. The mall sizes in this set lasted me nearly 3 weeks, which I thought was excellent value for money.

I loved the hyaluronic complex and eye serum so much that I splurged on the full sized products.

UNDECIDED - 27-03-2018 by

I have purchased this set twice. It is good value for money and gives you good size samples of NIOD's products. I remain undecided on whether it's a great product or not. I really like the cleaning ester as it works really well to clean the face well. I like the feel of the eye concentrate and the MMHC, but I just don't think they did anything to help the look of my skin. I did not like the photography fluid - it pilled under my makeup and I had to start again! I know NIOD keep up to date with 'beauty-science' so am waiting to purchase their new formulas soon in the hope they impress me a little more.

Worth it before the big splurge - 13-11-2017 by

I bought this set as I wanted to try the products before I splurged on the full size products. The LVCE cleanser is effective, albeit a little oily. The eye oil, love but not sure it’s making any more of a difference than the excellent HA (MMHC) which is the best hydraulic acid I’ve used to date. Beautiful texture.
The photography fluid was something I wouldn’t have purchased individually, but I do like it. It’s a good primer and adds a little glow to my skin.
Overall, worth the money if you’re considering upgrading from The Ordinary products to simplify your routine.

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