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NIOD Neck Elasticity Catalyst by NIOD

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NIOD NEC offers a very highly focused and singular effort on the increase of and the protection of visible skin elasticity which in turn counteracts signs of persistent skin deformation (neck lines), slackness and sagging.

NIOD’s CAIS and MMHC continue to offer a larger effort around signs of overall skin aging, including lines, wrinkles, dehydration and textural age, all of which affect the neck area as well but are not the focus of NEC.


If used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply to the neck and lower face areas in the morning and evening in this order after cleaning: CAIS, MMHC, NEC. If used as part of another skincare regimen, apply after serums but before any heavier creams.

If NIOD HV is used, it should be applied after NEC. Massage thoroughly for 10-20 seconds onto the neck and lower face areas after each application.

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