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Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge

4.4 of 39 reviews


4 instalments of $2.25


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4 instalments of $2.25


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The secret’s out! Impeccable, streak free and flawless makeup can now be yours with Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge.
  • Australian Made

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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4.4 of 39 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

give you that dewy-looking finish


This is the best sponge i've used so far, and i've used many types from different high-end brand. It gives natural looking finish.

Most Helpful Criticism



Love this sponge for foundation coverage.
  1. Great blender


    verified purchaser
    I am new to beauty blenders but I am really liking this one! The flat bottom is helpful for me to pat in my primer (I have an oily t zone) and it is good when blending my foundation!
  2. Great Product!


    It is so soft and blends out all makeup so seamlessly and flawlessly!! It is the perfect tool and everyone needs one in their makeup collection!! This makeup blender is my favourite!!
  3. give you that dewy-looking finish


    This is the best sponge i've used so far, and i've used many types from different high-end brand. It gives natural looking finish.
  4. Great


    Does a great job I got it for free after I had done my formal makeup there. Love using it so soft on the skin as well
  5. Surprised!


    verified purchaser
    I’m actually quite surprised by how much I like this! I was honestly attracted to the price and colour mostly, no high hopes that it’d be any different to any other blender, but it’s my favourite yet! I love the shape and how bouncy and smooth it is, not a fan of the quite porous ones more resembling an actual dish sponge! I’ll keep buying this for sure!
  6. Great


    This sponge helps my products blend beautifully and it is very affordable
  7. Amazing


    My favorite sponge. Can be used for foundation, concealer and loose powder. Bargain at such a price.
  8. Average


    verified purchaser
    Pretty average.

    Gathers a lot of product.

    Easy to hold and position.
  9. Sensational!


    verified purchaser
    I love the feel and smooth texture of this sponge on my face. It’s really soft and makes applying my cream foundation a breeze.
    Up until trying this sponge I was firmly a brush girl as I just didn’t like the feel of the “traditional shaped” beauty blender I had, however I’m glad I gave this a go because I love it.
    If I was to be really critical, it would be that I find it a little big...
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  10. Great blender


    Such a great blender, very happy with how it blends the makeup. I would repurchase it ! it does a great job & indeed worth the pay.
  11. Cheap but excellent


    This sponge is actually really good because of how it's shaped. It makes it versatile by being able to use the big or small side, as well as other angles. A bonus, because it's so cheap, I can replace my sponge every 1-2 months instead of every 3 months!
  12. Great Value


    The shape of this makeup sponge makes it really easy to use and allows you to get right under your eye area without any fuss. It doesn't absorb the product so there is minimal waste.
    It's overall great value!
  13. easy to use


    Holds good foundation without asorbing the product. Makes my foundation easy to apply and even
  14. Pretty Good


    It's bigger than I expected so it takes a lot of product. But, the large surface area means it distributes really well.
  15. Reaches hard to reach places


    Blends makeup in those hard to reach corners of my face! Blends beautifully too!
  16. So soft


    This makeup blender is my favourite!! It is so soft and blends out all makeup so seamlessly and flawlessly!! It is the perfect tool and everyone needs one in their makeup collection!! Definitely recommend!
  17. Perfect


    Perfect makeup sponge that makes applying foundation a breeze! Can’t live without mine!!
  18. Ok but I don't understand sponges


    I'm so used to using my makeup brush that when I've tried using this I have really struggled - I guess it takes some getting used to but I feel makeup brushes are a better product and worth sticking to
  19. LOVE!


    This foundation sponge is so good for an even application of foundation, particularly the Napoleon stick foundation, blending is made super easy .
  20. Love the shape


    At first when I bought this sponge I was a bit hesitant about the shape of it however I quickly learnt to love it! The shape is oh so convenient to grab onto and blend the foundation into your skin - I would recommend this product as I will be repurchasing it again & again ...
  21. Love it


    I have tried loads of different sponges & this one is one of my favourites.. it make your foundation go a long way and really Seattle's into your skin.
  22. Love it!


    Thought I would try using a sponge instead of a foundation brush. I have used this sponge for a week with no complaints! Great value for money, will buy again!
  23. Great


    I've tried a lot of make sponges and this one is up there with the best, the shape makes it easy to get into eye areas too.
  24. Would buy again!


    I really like this sponge! It blends really well and so cheap!
  25. The first makeup sponge I've used

    Jessica Diana

    Ive been wanting to try a makeup sponge, i like how easy it is to use and clean. it is a weird shape but i found it worked fine
  26. Just ok


    I didn't like the texture, it feels like rubber can't really 'push' foundation into your skin, can only 'push' around on the surface. Maybe useful on very watery foundation, not creamy like foundation.
  27. No


    Honestly not a fan of the shape, don't understand the use. Not very comparable to other sponges on the market.
  28. Odd shape but works!


    This works pretty well to apply and blend foundation. It's an odd shape but works as good as a beauty blender
  29. Very good


    Very good blender and so cheap. Gives a great finish.
  30. Value for money


    Huge fan of this alternative to the traditional bb! Creates a smooth and flawless finish effortlessly and is such great value.
  31. Great for the price


    I was surprised how cheap this product was. bit of an odd shape but makes it easy to grip. Love that it has a flat side. I do think the beauty blender is better though!
  32. Does the job


    It's a nice little sponge and for the price, you can't go wrong!
  33. Pretty good


    A great quality sponge for applying foundation! doesnt soak up too much product
  34. Quality for the price


    For the price this sponge is incredible. It’s comparable to the Beauty Blender at a third of the cost! This is great because sponges need to be changed regularly and it can become quite expensive. I also found this doesn’t absorb as much product as the Beauty Blender, which again saves more money. It’s the perfect tool for beauty on a budget!
  35. very good!


    A cheaper alternative to many other makeup sponges, and does a great job or blending makeup out evenly and helps it soak into the skin
  36. Nice


    A great alternative for a beauty blender!! Applies my makeup evenly and doesnt soak up too much product. The shape is great for applying makeup in different areas on the face
  37. Very versatile makeup sponge!


    This sponge is great to use dry or dampened with water.
    It’s perfect for applying primer and foundation to get an even coverage. It is the perfect makeup blender so whether you are using it to blend foundation and/or a cream contour it will do the job.
    It is versatile in that you can use the flat part to do most of your face coverage and then use the smaller part to do sensitive and s...
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