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Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge

Napoleon Perdis Authentic
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Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge by Napoleon Perdis


The secret’s out! Impeccable, streak free and flawless makeup can now be yours with Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge.


Achieve runway ready skin with the beauty industry’s number one style blending sponge. Made from non-latex materials, Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge boasts a unique edgeless shape which blends foundation and cream blushes to perfection and with a chic handle for effortless application, you’ll never look back.


Achieve full, medium or light coverage by dampening the sponge with water or the auto pilot moisture mist for the benefit of its added ingredients. Squeeze out any excess and dip into your foundation. The moisture in Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge works to help foundation blend seamlessly. Bounce and stipple the product onto your skin for a professional airbrushed finish.

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very good! - 13-08-2018 by

A cheaper alternative to many other makeup sponges, and does a great job or blending makeup out evenly and helps it soak into the skin

Nice - 25-07-2018 by

A great alternative for a beauty blender!! Applies my makeup evenly and doesnt soak up too much product. The shape is great for applying makeup in different areas on the face

Very versatile makeup sponge! - 16-07-2018 by

This sponge is great to use dry or dampened with water.
It’s perfect for applying primer and foundation to get an even coverage. It is the perfect makeup blender so whether you are using it to blend foundation and/or a cream contour it will do the job.
It is versatile in that you can use the flat part to do most of your face coverage and then use the smaller part to do sensitive and smaller areas such as your eyelids, under eyes and sides of the nose.

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