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Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara

Napoleon Perdis Authentic

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Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara by Napoleon Perdis

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Fluttery will get you everywhere NAPOLEON PERDIS

Embrace your inner screen siren with the ultimate pick-me-up. This innovative formula delivers lash-loving conditioning, thanks to allantoin, candelilla wax and beeswax. A double shot of black pigment sets the stage for intense dramatic eyes. Bent wand applicator acts as a built-in lash curler and gives good contour and control over unruly lashes. Water resistant.

The long-wearing formula glides on smoothly thanks to candelilla wax, beeswax and allantoin. A double shot of black pigment sets the stage for intense dramatic eyes while the bent wand applicator acts as a built-in lash curler and gives contour and control over unruly lashes.


KEY INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Allantoin


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- 05-06-2011 by

this product smells so yummy...something interesting as I have never had a mascara smell so good's like berries. It's an interesting idea, but perhaps contributes to the fact that when I got this in my eye it stung really badly and my eye wept for quite some time. the mascara itself is quite nice and leaves lashes looking long and pretty, but after my experience of how much it stung I do not want to risk using this on clients in case it hurts them (I am a makeup artist). as much as I think a nice smelling mascara is a neat idea, maybe it is simply a no go zone. I would not buy this product again simply from the memory of how much it stung.

- 20-08-2010 by

Ordinary. Nothing makes me want to purchase this again. The brush is ordinary, as is everything else about it for me. I just really wasn't impressed. I loved Madame Curl Curl though- which has a curved brush... maybe it's all in the brush for me?

- 06-02-2010 by

This mascara is so hard to remove it smudges as well and even the day after I have to remove excess left. It did make my lashes longer and more defined but definitely not worth the pain of scrubbing it off my eyes.

- 15-11-2009 by

I was super excited to use this mascara after using two bad mascaras in a row (leaving me scarred and frustrated) but this one was a huge disappointment. The mascara ran (isn't it supposed to be smudgeproof or water resistant?), and the smudge formula was so hard to remove without wrecking lashes or smudging more further because the products dries so quickly. The scent is kind of nice but very strong and I could smell it when wearing it which is strange. My eyes are sensitive so the scent and smudge formula did not make a positive impression. I would not recommend this mascara as I would do with the Madame Lash collection.

- 31-08-2008 by

A beautiful and easy to use mascara. One drawback is that it appears to be fragranced which may irritate some eyes. Adds great length but if you are into mega volume perhaps not for you.

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