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Napoleon Perdis Brow Pencil 0.09g

4.5 of 52 reviews


4 instalments of $8.00

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4 instalments of $8.00

Or 4 instalments of $8.00 with LEARN MORE

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A retractable brow pencil to fill in gaps and help keep brows looking groomed and immaculate.
  • Australian Made

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Napoleon Perdis Brow Pencil Reviews

4.5 of 52 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Love the application so good and just a great process. Looks heaps great & probably one of the best brow pencils I've tried

Most Helpful Criticism

Runs out really fast


Overall product is lovely and gives a lovely finish being cream-based but runs out really fast and often breaks in use... not sure its worth the money.
  1. perfect brow pencil


    The dark eyebrow pencil I chose is very suitable for my eyebrow color. It's very easy to apply. The eyebrows I drew are very natural and long-lasting. If there is eyebrow brush head, it is more perfect.
  2. Amazing


    Love the application so good and just a great process. Looks heaps great & probably one of the best brow pencils I've tried
  3. Absolute favourite


    Find this super easy to create a flawless brow with! The shape is great and the blonde shade isn't too orange like a lot of others. Great value!
  4. Great colours and texture


    My favourite brow pencil and I have tried them all. I have blonde hair and dark brows so I want something to match my brows obviously but without feeling ridiculous. I use both pale rider and chocoholic to achieve my look and there are no other brands which 1) give me the most natural colours and 2) have the same texture and was a of application as these do. They are waxy but not too waxy, they do...
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  5. Easy to use


    Easy to use, looks natural and lasts all day.
  6. Runs out really fast


    Overall product is lovely and gives a lovely finish being cream-based but runs out really fast and often breaks in use... not sure its worth the money.
  7. Great, easy to use brow pencil


    verified purchaser
    I've been using this brow pencil for a few years now - it has great colour, it is easy to use, long lasting and reasonably priced. Highly recommend
  8. Easy to use, nice shades


    This product is really easy to use and has nice shades. It looks really natural and is from my favourite brand - what's not to love
  9. Easy to use


    verified purchaser
    I started using this eyebrow pencil after a makeup artist used it when doing my makeup. I have medium to dark hair and I find the chocoholic colour a good match. It fills in my eyebrows ok but I think I will need to use an eyebrow powder as well to get good coverage.
  10. Light


    Perfect eyebrow pencil for a nice light and natural look.
  11. Love


    Love the eyebrow pencil super easy to apply and blend
  12. Love


    I use this in the pale rider shade and have light brown/dark blonde hair. I like a very subtle eyebrow look and dont fill in much so this just really compliments and looks very natural.


    I use this in the shade Chocoholic and it is the perfect natural colour!

    The pencil is super easy to use and blend out.

    I always end up coming back to this brow pencil! FAV!!!! <3
  14. Lovely and natural looking


    (pale rider shade)

    Really nice natural looking eyebrow pencil.
  15. Great product!


    I swear by this pencil/crayon. It is so easy to apply and doesn't smudge or move all day. I have problems with my hairs falling out due to the harsh application of some pencils/crayons but I have had no issues with this one. The chocolate brown is a great colour too!
  16. Natural looking


    Easy to apply and smooth. Natural looking. I have light brown hair and the 'Pale rider' shade is perfect.
  17. No


    Not a great colour (the light one), too 'yellowey' for my colouring.
  18. staple product


    This product makes it so easy to fill in your brows and its even fine enough to create a hair look, so perfect for natural or glam looks.
  19. Natural look

    Jess K

    I usually prefer a more natural look with my eyebrows so this is perfect - the pale rider shade is nice and light and fills in just enough.
  20. Natural Look


    Im happy with this purchase - the colour is really natural looking and I dont have to sharpen it. I have light brown hair and the 'Pale Rider' shade was a perfect match.
  21. PALE RIDER - Light brown


    The best eyebrow pencil. Looks so natural and goes on really smoothly. I use this daily and its perfect for days where I want a natural fill in look but also great for a full look. I use Pale rider shade and I have light brown eyebrows.
  22. Easy to apply


    Easy to apply. Dont need to sharpen. Looks natural.
  23. Great for light brown hair


    I have light brown hair/blonde and this works really well for me. Very Natural.


    I always go back to this eyebrow pencil. I have light brown hair and fair light brown eyebrows and its perfect in the pale rider shade. Its a nice light brown but if drawn thicker turns to a darker medium brown. Really natural looking!
  25. Great for fair hair!


    I was so sceptical about using an eyebrow pencil - but the pale rider is the PERFECT colour for those with blonde hair - I use it every day - it stays in place and makes my eyebrows look naturally full (Not tacky and scary like some other products can do). Definitely recommend.
  26. Beautiful, glides on


    Glides on so smoothly and natural looking. Colour is great for my light brown eyebrows and lasts all day.
  27. Pale Rider shade


    My go to eye brow pencil. So easy to use and applies so smoothly and well. Great for natural looks. (Pale Rider shade)
  28. Cant fault


    One of the best eyebrow pencils. Never has to be sharpened, goes on really easily, great natural colour and can be built depending on how much you like your eyebrows shaded in.
  29. Great


    Gear brow pencil and it’s so easy to use.
  30. Favourite brow product


    My favourite brow pencil. The pale rider shade is so natural looking and easy to apply. I have dark blonde/light brown hair and its perfect. I usually only lightly shade in my eyebrows so it lasts a long time but for someone who likes to fill them in a lot this would probably go quickly.


    The only brow pencil I use. Dont need to keep sharpening. Really smooth application and looks natural.
  32. Easy to use & Natural


    I've been using this brow pencil for about 3 years now and its always been my favorite over any other. I have light brown hair and use the 'PALE RIDER' Shade. Its really easy to apply, goes on smoothly and looks really natural but can be built. Doesn't need to be sharped which is amazing. I only lightly shade in my browns so it usually lasts me months before I need to get another one but for peopl...
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  33. Shades


    Great pencil, but not a lot of product inside. Love the shades!
  34. Go to eyebrow pencil


    Really natural looking and doesn't need to be sharpened. I usually like a natural look in the pale rider shade so this is great for that but also can be built darker.
  35. Good but wont last


    was a nice product but only lasts a month or so. runs out really quick
  36. Love!


    I have light brown/blonde hair and the 'Pale Rider' shade is really great and natural. It can be built too. Great brow pencil.
  37. Natural and easy to apply!


    Easy to apply and goes on so smoothly. Colour is really natural too.
  38. It's okay...


    The pencil itself is a bit hard in texture which makes it difficult to apply. It also doesn't come with a little spoolie to brush my brows. It's okay but think there are better ones out there for the price.
  39. Great application!


    This is my go to eyebrow pencil! I have brown hair and i use the pale rider shade and its got such a great application and the colour is really subtle and natural (Can be built). I use this product every day and it lasts such a long time! Worth it!
  40. good buy!


    I'm not a heavy makeup user, but this product really fills my need for an every-day brow pencil. the blendability isn't perfect, but it wears well and overall sits nicely.
  41. Pretty good


    This is really great eyebrow pencil and it makes my brows look great! Easy to use and looks natural!
  42. Natural colour and great application


    I have light brown hair and the pale rider brow pencil goes on really natural (but im sure it can be built to a darker colour if needed). The shape of it too is really convenient and it doesnt need to be sharpened. Its really easy to use and the colour is natural.
  43. Hair like strokes


    Chocoholic is the perfect shade for brunettes! It’s a cool toned brown which is hard to find. The pencil itself is very fine which makes it easy to create hair like strokes. I also love that I don’t need to press hard to get colour pay off.
  44. Never needs sharpening!


    The highlight of this one for me is that you never need to sharpen it. You can just wind the little crayon out further whenever you need a little more! The brown pencil actually blends quite well with my own brows giving a more natural, fuller look.
  45. Pale rider is the perfect colour match for blonde hair


    Pencil is easy to use and is easy to make hair like strokes for natural looking eyebrows or you can fill them in to look more full. Pale rider is the perfect blonde colour.
  46. Either it will be your ride or die or it will just sit in the back of your makeup drawer.


    There are two types of brow people. Pencil or Powder.
    The NP brow pencil is perfect for a natural hair-like application. It creates depth without looking overdone and can be worn with absolutely no makeup or a full face. However, some people prefer to fill in with a powder so probably won’t adjust well to change.
    It’s perfect and thin enough to keep in your purse but will last for ages...
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    I have been using this eyebrow pencil for about 6 years and nothing even comes close.
    I have huge gaps in my brows and it looks completely natural (like actual hairs).
    This is the only beauty product I would never be without and I hope Napoleon never stops making it.
  48. Even an eyebrow numpty like me can use thus


    Loooove this! Recommended by a friend with enviable eyebrows, I started using this and haven't looked back. It took me a bit to get used to how I should apply to suit me, at the start I was putting it on too thick but now I take advantage of the thin shape and can fill in the gaps on my brows with feathery strokes that look really natural and not too harsh on my face.
  49. Highly recommended


    My eyebrow technician recommended this pencil to me and it's honestly the best I've tried, and I've tried a few!

    I have very sparse eyebrows. My eyebrows are brown, and my hair is currently streaked quite light blonde. The colour of this pencil has worked for me with blonde, honey and brown hair colours. It's a nice cool brown, not red toned like a lot of other brown eyebrow pencils.<...
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  50. Good Product


    I love this product...I have been using a pencil in the past but find this much easier to use and great color...and goes on easily...would recommend this to any of my friends.
  51. Great


    Getting older my brows fall out so thins worked great and looks more natural than others I've tried
  52. Unworthy of the Napoleon Perdis label


    I found this product unworthy of the Napoleon Perdis label and I am a fan. This new 'wind up' pencil falls way below expectations. It is very sharp and actually hurts to apply. And it only lasted 4 weeks and I applied 6 days a week. The colour is good but please go back to the pencil.
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