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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Skin Renewal Serum

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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Skin Renewal Serum


Do you crave gorgeous, flawless skin?
Pine for a smooth, lush complexion?
It all starts with your skincare!

Boost your skin with Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum, a must-have addition to any beauty regime. Bridging the gap between skincare and makeup, this advanced serum is packed full antioxidants to help your skin looking youthful, smooth and radiant.

This highly-effective serum booster contains:
- Sodium Hyaluronate - to improve skin elasticity.
- Tri-peptides - to boost collagen production, for plumper, more youthful skin.
- Riberry, Pepperberry and Muntari Berry - a powerful cocktail of antioxidants to protect skin from free radicals.
- Provitamin B5 - to keep moisture locked into the skin.

Designed for day and night use, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum works instantly to brighten the skin, and over time to improve skin elasticity and prevent future signs of ageing.

Suitable for all skin types and all ages. Remember: Prevention is the best cure!


Apply morning and night after cleansing and toning. Smooth a few drops of Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum over face and on the neck in upwards strokes, and follow with moisturizer. Follow with Napoleon Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer.

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Reviews (9)
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Love this - 25-08-2014 by

Absolutely love this product. Notable difference first time you use it! It is a little expensive but a little goes a long way and you get what you pay for people!

Love it!!! - 29-06-2014 by

I purchased the full size after trialling the sample. It's quite a large bottle and a little goes a long way, so although it's on the expensive side, it's also great value. The pump pack bottle is terrific and dispenses the product perfectly without contaminating the contents. The dark glass packaging stops sunlight penetrating the bottle and degrading the active ingredients.

I have menopausal oily skin with dry patches and this serum is an absolute godsend. Love that it hydrates without leaving my skin feeling greasy. I use it around my eyes with absolutely no problems and no puffiness the next day.

I also use a prescription Vitamin A cream (Retrieve) and alternate between the two. The serum is fabulous for the nights I don't use Retrieve, or when my skin is sensitised from using Retrieve.

Amazing!!! - 02-04-2014 by

I received a trial sachet with a purchase from Adore Beauty and applied it last night after cleansing and exfoliating.

I have oily skin and absolutely LOVED the feel of this lightweight serum. Slippery and silky it absorbed in seconds and dried to a lovely matte finish. A godsend for oily skin types who hate the feel of greasy, heavy serums and especially good in humid weather. Definitely will purchase the full size!!!

Fantastic - 10-11-2012 by

This serum is fabulous. It cleared up dry patches I had on my forhead, and also, on my eyelids that moisturisers couldn't (not sure if it's meant to go on the skin around the eyes, but it didn't irriatate and worked wonders). I don't even use it every day, as I think it does such a great job, the benefits last for a few days. This stuff lasts for a long time. It is expensive but worth it in my opinion.

A-mazing - 06-09-2012 by

The serum is beautiful. I purchased it three months ago and it has since been the only thing I apply not only before I go to bed but just before I put my makeup on. I have noticed a massive improvement in my dry skin. I never had bad skin but it still gave me noticeable results. Love love it.

- 06-06-2011 by

I received 2 sachets of this to review and they lasted for ages! They said that it was a 2 day supply but I found that they lasted 7 days and that was applying it to my face, neck and chest. The first thing I noticed about this serum is that it smells lovely. I'd use it just for the lovely smell. When I first apply it, it feels quite sticky but once it sinks in the stickiness is gone. It only takes about a minute to sink in. This left my skin feeling soft and smooth. It was a very pleasant serum to use and one that I'd definitely consider buying.

- 08-10-2010 by

A lovely serum to use - a little goes a long way, smells like delicate pink bubble gum and applies smoothly, leaving the skin feeling very soft. However I prefer a serum with more potent ingredients and minimal artificial scents so I will not repurchase.

- 14-05-2010 by

I received 2 sachets of this product to review , it was a 2 day supply. I found that it easily stretched to almost a week !! this serum is light weight & has a slippy feel to it , it initially feels tacky but it soaks in quickly. it smells pleasant though it dissipates quickly. This made my skin feel very smooth & plumped up i guess [well hydrated] , it was a pleasure to use. I would think about adding this into my current routine rather than have it replace anything . This serum would be a good starting point .

- 09-05-2010 by

Really impressed with this serum! Smells divine, packaged beautifully and has a great array of ingredients. It feels quite sticky on the skin but one moisturiser is applied it is not too bad. My skin felt plump and hydrated. As for brightening....well it did make my skin looked refreshed in the morning but I use a lot of actives on my skin and I don’t think this serum alone is going to address the pigmentation concerns I have on my skin. I doubt it would make a difference to discolouration or sun damage. If it is a good anti-aging serum you are after and you have no major concerns other than dehydration or dryness then this is for you

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