MOR Sparkling Duo - Lychee Flower

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MOR Sparkling Duo - Lychee Flower by MOR


MOR Sparkling Duo - Lychee Flower is a sparkling combination of MOR's famous vitamin-enriched hand cream, and their triple-milled soapette in the sweet scent of lychee flower.


With packaging inspired by the midnight skies and dazzling emporiums, this is a beautiful gift for someone who deserves a treat.

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Lychee Flower Hand Cream - 22-04-2015 by

This is one of the BEST scents in the MOR range and no doubt about it. So sweet, so girl, so delicious you could eat it. I truly love this.
Like all of the hand creams and body lotions in the MOR range, this one feels lovely on the skin, glides over easily and soaks in quickly leaving lovely soft, moisturised skin.
The fragrance lingers for a long time and is beautiful.
Definitely worth the money.

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