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Cleanse your skin while immersing yourself in an intoxicating fragrance with the MOR soap collection. MOR offers a variety of beautiful scents in two different products: MOR Soapettes or MOR Triple-Milled Bar Soap.

MOR Soapettes are small soap pieces—the perfect size to carry in your gym or travel bag. These vegetable-based soap slivers are available in 5 popular scents: Lychee Flower, with undertones of berries and woods; ultra-feminine Belladonna; sweet and delicious MOR Marshmallow; unforgettable Snow Gardenia; or Blood Orange, with its summer floral tones of jasmine and rose.

If a traditional big bar is more your style, try MOR Triple-Milled Bar Soap. This hard-milled soap come in 4 beautiful scents and is formulated with vitamin E and shea butter to moisturise the skin while cleansing. MOR Marshmallow soap is a particularly lovely choice and makes a great stocking-stuffer, party favour, or thank-you gift.

Whether you choose small Soapettes or a larger bar, you'll love the easy lathering properties and moisture-rich ingredients in these fragrant MOR cleansers.
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