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Indulge your body and home every day with the MOR Essentials line. This collection includes an assortment of popular bath and home fragrance products in some of the brand's most popular scents. Choose from Neroli Clementine, Honey Nectar, Sugar Rose, Black Iris, and Basil Grape.

To pamper yourself all over, start your bathing or showering routine with a MOR body wash or soap. Exfoliate rough spots with Body Polish. Finally, seal in moisture and layer your scent for lasting power with emollient-rich MOR body butter, MOR body lotion, or hand cream.

Carry the same MOR bouquet throughout your home with a Fragrant Candle or Reed Diffuser. These popular room scents are available in the same perfumes as the body products, so you can enjoy your favourite fragrance all day, wherever you go.

All MOR body products and home fragrances are attractively packaged in bright, colour-coordinated containers. Stick with your signature MOR scent, or alternate according to your mood and bring a wonderful fragrance medley into your life.
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