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Mirenesse Vibralash Mascara

Mirenesse Authentic
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Mirenesse Vibralash Mascara by Mirenesse

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Mirenesse Vibrabrush Mascara quickly and magically transforms your lashes in seconds!

With professional quick easy application, achieve perfect voluminous lashes for the most beautiful dreamy wide eyes like never before!

The revolutionary sonic wand vibration stimulates the lash base to promote lash follicle circulation and growth. Collagen spheres expand on the eyelashes to plump and provide fullness and lash conditioning to the fullest potential.

Finds even the hard to reach lashes to virtually multiply the look of your lashes!

Your eyes will appear wider and more youthful with the incredible Mirenesse Vibrabrush Mascara.


Turn on by pushing the button on the cap to activate the vibrating wand, hold the wand at the base of your lashes line and slowly blink and comb through to the tip.
Please make sure you apply the mascara slowly for best results, let the vibrating brush do the work!
No need to wiggle the brush. Hold to base of lash line and let the brush do the rest.
Lashes are lifted at the base and virtually multiplied 10X! Eyes appear wider and more youthful.
Press once for natural lifted lashes 8000 OPM.
Press twice for longer lashes 10000OPM.
Press three times for Wow- look at me now lashes! 13000 OPM.
Allow 60 seconds to set then apply extra coats as you wish to achieve your desired result.

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Reviews (2)
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Surprisingly fabulous! - 05-03-2012 by

I have been a devotee of Minenesse tubing mascara for ages and thought I'd give this a go as it came with a free eye crayon. The feeling of the buzzing on your lashes is very weird at first, but once I got used to it, it really does produce a fantastic result. Seriously no fuss, great coverage and fantastic look. I've not played around with the three different speeds much, but both one and two produce the results promised.

Mirenesse Mascara - 06-09-2012 by

Love the ease of product-both in its application and easy removal at night.Mirr

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