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Mirenesse 24 Hour Brow Lift Mascara - Dark Blonde

Mirenesse Authentic
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Mirenesse 24 Hour Brow Lift Mascara - Dark Blonde

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Mirenesse's 24 hour 3D-formula smoothes and shapes unruly eyebrows. It also fills and colours in sparse brows. Give your eyes an instant lift. May also be used to lighten dark brows to soften your look! Washes off with just warm water; lasts for up to 24 hrs smudge free.


Apply to eyebrows with a side sweeping motion to colour, fill, shape and lift the appearance of your brows for a more youthful eye look. Remove with warm water.

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Goodbye eyebrow tinting! - 13-08-2012 by

Born with almost invisible eyebrows because their so pale I've always had to have my eyebrows tinted at a pricey $40+ a month. I've used eyebrow mascara before but they usually ends in a clumpy, too dark for my complexion mess on my forehead. Not this though, its smooth and clump free, the micro bristles on the wand apply a thin layer of product to each eyebrow hair, not your skin and leaving it up to you if less is more or more is more! It's scent free and the packaging is super lush looking to boot. I no longer have to visit my local eyebrow lady, much to her annoyance :)

Highly recommend! - 05-12-2012 by

Before using Mirenesse's brow mascara, I had only used brow pencils. Now, I'm never going back. The mascara gives a much more natural look that lasts all day. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to shape my brows as well as I did with a pencil, but the wand is so easy to use. It fills in those spots where you may be a little light on with hair, and the tint is a perfect shade. You can built if you want a darker brow as well; and don't worry, it doesn't even clump! All in all, I love this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a brow product that looks natural and doesn't cause any fuss.

Absolutely the BEST!! - 23-04-2012 by

I love love this brow lift mascara!! It is lasting and real looking~ Great for all types of women and climates:) thanks

Best product of it's kind I have ever used - 20-04-2013 by

I have really fair hair and my eyebrows need tinting all the time. Now I use Mirenesse Brow Lift Mascara each tint lasts much longer because it fills in all the gaps.

eyebrow gel - 30-04-2013 by

Takes a few goes to get the gel on the brow hairs and not the skin, colours them well but if your hairs are really wirey it won't hold them down. Looks more natural than colouring the skin under the brows.

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