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Give your complexion a flawless-looking finish with Mirenesse foundations, powders and makeup.

Mirenesse makeup is available in a variety of different formulas. For a natural-looking matte finish in a liquid foundation, try the Mirenesse Liquid Silk Foundation Mineral Matte Finish with SPF 15+.  This mineral foundation helps to absorb oil and give your skin an even-toned look.

Give your skin a photo-ready, airbrushed finish with the Mirenesse Emulsion Pact Soft Focus Foundation.  This compact duo contains a light and dark powder foundations so you can highlight and blend to achieve your perfect look.

Set your foundation or give your skin a sun-kissed glow with one of the Mirenesse powders or bronzers. These powders are available in traditional compact for touch-ups on the go or in a loose powder form.

Mirenesse is proud to be Australia's Number 1 online beauty brand. Their Award Winning, advanced technology makeup and skincare products do not contain synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol or sulphates. Mirenesse is a registered PETA company.

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Mirenesse Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara Minis- I Want Them AllMirenesse Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara Minis- I Want Them All
Mirenesse Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara Minis- I Want Them All

perfect travel size, 3 black mascaras

I've been using mirenesse tubing mascaras for years and LOOOVE them, but this kit was such a bargain i had to get one just to try the "supreme" version.

I think it might be my favourite of them all. I have very fine, and fairly short lashes naturally, but this stuff makes me look like I have false lashes on.
You dont need to be an expert at applying it, and removal is super easy (the soft plastic "tubes" just fall off in warm water - thats it!) if it gets somewhere it shouldnt (like your cheek or eyelid) just let it dry then wet cotton bud off, no smudges!

After about 10 years of use I can only think of one downside and its a very small one;
the mascara IS waterproof (in cold water) but it is slightly harder to get off after you've been swimming, and if you're an eye rubber like me, it does clump your lashes together slightly after swimming too. Not obvious, but i can tell when i'm taking it off that it feels "thicker".
it's still way better than "normal" mascara for swimming though, in my opinion.

I buy the minis because I only wear makeup during the work week, and they last me 3 months, which i read somewhere is when you should replace your mascara anyway, so it works for me.
Mirenesse Secret Weapon MascaraMirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara
Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara


it is the longest wear mascara i have ever tried. it is beautiful mascara that stays on for long hours and also gives volume to my lashes
Mirenesse Secret Weapon Supreme 24h Mascara MiniMirenesse Secret Weapon Supreme 24h Mascara Mini
Mirenesse Secret Weapon Supreme 24h Mascara Mini

Lasts no flakes and solid color

This is a great mascara if you are after a natural look that lasts without flakes. It does not however hold curl very well and doesn’t give much body to your lashes. I really needed my last comb to separate the lashes on application and I haven’t dared for a second coat fearing all my lashes will just clump together. I will give it a try and provide another review if it works well.

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