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Renowned haute couture designers Miller et Bertaux devoted their lives to fashion and design, combining the worlds of fashion, art and fragrance. Partners in life, artists and travellers, they opened a shop in Paris in the Marais to show their clothing creations and objects they had brought back from their travels. Soon, they expanded into scents, inspired by their lives and journeys, the best stories that they transform into perfumes for all genders. Thirty years later, Miller et Bertaux are dedicated to perfume, and demonstrate their artistic work during performances, readings and installations.


Inspired by their travels around the world, Miller et Bertaux fragrances reflect states of mind, places, experiences and moments in time. The unique correlation between design and the natural world is reflected in every aspect, from the coloured stones in each bottle that reflect the purest raw materials used to craft each scent, to the twig attached to each box.


Miller et Bertaux create fragrances that are light and mystical, a reverent homage to their sources of inspiration. From the spicy woody base of #1 (For You), to the tumeric and saffron laden cedarwood of A Quiet Morning, Miller et Bertaux are as comfortable and relaxing as a Sunday morning in the sun.


Let The Scent Room help you find your new signature scent, risk-free.

Each full-size Miller et Bertaux fragrance purchased through The Scent Room comes with a matching sample vial. Simply try the fragrance vial before opening the full size perfume, and if you don’t love it for any reason, return the unopened full size fragrance for free. For more information on the Scent Room’s risk-free return policy, please see here. Please note that only full-size fragrances (30ml+ per bottle) are eligible.


Unfortunately, Miller et Bertaux fragrances are available only for shipping within Australia.

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Miller et Bertaux A Quiet Morning Eau De Parfum 100mlMiller et Bertaux A Quiet Morning Eau De Parfum 100ml
Miller et Bertaux
Miller et Bertaux A Quiet Morning Eau De Parfum 100ml

Best ever

This is the best scent I've ever purchased and has become a staple.
It's the perfect scent of all occasions and am always showered with compliments when I wear it. It has a very harmonious vibe to the scent, not overpowering but still strong enough to last all day. Cannot recommend highly enough, I'm on my 3rd bottle.
Miller et Bertaux Study #17 Eau De Parfum 100mlMiller et Bertaux Study #17 Eau De Parfum 100ml
Miller et Bertaux
Miller et Bertaux Study #17 Eau De Parfum 100ml

Love it, but nearly returned it?!

In short, this is a complex leafy green citrus. Unisex and a lovely everyday scent with good longevity that has a distinct uniqueness to it. I used the sample that came with the full bottle for a few days and decided that it was pretty cheap and generic smelling with little staying power - citrus room spray? It was so bad, I had actually decided that the whole brand must be all price and marketing without actual quality (Replica, anyone?). Decided to return the full bottle but in the end just couldn't be bothered with the postage so after about a month opened and sprayed the full bottle.... and so glad I did! The full bottle smelled nothing like the sample and was so much better. The scent room promise is a great idea in theory, but just be aware that in my experience samples are a watered down inferior product (I have found this with mini sets as well), so don't be too quick to judge the real thing.
Miller et Bertaux Oh, ooOoH … oh Eau De Parfum 100mlMiller et Bertaux Oh, ooOoH … oh Eau De Parfum 100ml
Miller et Bertaux
Miller et Bertaux Oh, ooOoH … oh Eau De Parfum 100ml

for the bold and daring

a woody, fresh, spicy scent leaning more towards the masculine side. I found it a bit overpowering like you've been thrown into a forest. It's an interesting scent that will make you stand out in a crowd.
Miller et Bertaux #1 (For You) Eau De Parfum 100mlMiller et Bertaux #1 (For You) Eau De Parfum 100ml
Miller et Bertaux
Miller et Bertaux #1 (For You) Eau De Parfum 100ml


i absolutely loved this perfume when I first tried it. I’ve been wearing it for the past week, it’s a very unique scent and I’m not sure if I love how it smells on my skin. A lot of people have commented on how much they like it but I’ve had a couple friends not like it at all. The scent could defiantly be owverpowering and too much if it didn’t sit so softly, it lasts all day but becomes very faint. I’ve been wearing Marc Jacobs decadence for the past year and always get compliments on it but in comparison it seems so boring now.