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Get the big, bouncy, beach waves of your dreams with Mermade Hair. Their signature triple-barrel curler makes it extremely straightforward to create shiny, lush looks. Portrait mode on, is what we’re saying.


For those smooth, Kardashian-style waves, step right this way. The Mermade Hair Waver comes in pink and black, and is available in two sizes. The original 32mm size is ideal for shoulder-length hair or longer, and the mini has your name all over it if you’ve got short hair.


Either way, you’re going to look amazing.


How do I use the Mermade Hair Waver?


We’re so glad you asked, and even gladder to tell you it’s very easy. If you’ve struggled to curl your hair with straighteners (same), this is going to be a relief.


The Mermade Hair Waver does work best on straight or straightened hair, so get that sorted if you need to, and then apply heat protectant evenly through your hair. Make sure your hair is brushed out and tangle-free, section it out, and pop the protective glove on the hand you won’t be holding the waver in.


Starting with a lower heat setting (you can always go hotter if you need to), take a piece of hair and clamp close to your scalp with the waver. Hold for 5-10 seconds and release, moving down towards the root until that whole piece is waved. Take smaller pieces for a defined, precise look, and bigger ones for a beachier, imperfect vibe. Leave your ends straight to dial up that low-key, just-messy-enough look.


Repeat through each section until all your hair is waved, taking extra care around your neck and ears. Allow your hair to cool and gently separate your waves with fingers or a wide-tooth comb, and add some hairspray.


What does the Mermade Hair Waver come with?

Each Mermade Hair tool comes with a heat protectant glove, and a one-year warranty.


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Mermade Hair PRO Waver 32mm Pink
Mermade Hair
Mermade Hair PRO Waver 32mm Pink

Takes a little while to get the hang of

Bit tricky at first for someone who never does anything to their hair, but creates a great wave once you get the hang of how thick the strands should be. Works well with a texturising spray for a beachy look.

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