4 Top Shaving Tips For Men

Shaving can leave skin smooth, touchable, and healthy or rough, raw, and reddened. Improve your own shaving experience by implementing these four pro shaving tips.

Whether you shave in the morning or evening, it's easy to get sloppy with this daily chore. In a sleepy daze, you may rush or skip steps, causing irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and more.

4 Top Shaving Tips For Men


Careful shaving doesn't have to be time-consuming. Just be sure to follow our priority shaving tips.

1. Ensure skin and hair are fully wet before beginning a shave.

The best way to tackle this step quickly and easily: take a warm shower and shave immediately after. Skin and hair are coated in a natural, oil-based, waterproof layer that's resistant to a quick pre-shave splash. When skin isn't sufficiently lubricated, there's a high potential for razor burn, irritation, and nicks.

Effective wetting of facial hair allows it to absorb up to a third of its volume in water. Water absorption weakens the hair shaft to the breaking point, which benefits you by allowing for a close and healthy shave.

2. Allow a shaving cream it to sit before shaving.

Shaving aids lubricate your razor and protect your skin. Most people don't know their chosen formula also contain ingredients such as urea that swell facial hairs.

If you don't plan to shower before you shave, apply your shaving product and then wait for at least 2 to 3 minutes before picking up the razor. This prep time gives the same effect as a barber's steam-towel treatment, softening skin and swelling hairs to facilitate a clean, comfortable shave.

Try one of our favourite Adore Beauty shaving aids:

4 Top Shaving Tips For Men


3. Always shave with the grain—at least at first.

It's a fact most know but many choose to forgo in the quest for a close shave. If this describes you, we have a trick that may give you the best of both worlds.

Shaving with the grain is the most appropriate direction to help prevent ingrown hairs, irritation, and nicks. When you shave against the grain, the razor travels over 100 tiny 'molehills', irritating your skin along the way. The against-the-grain technique can cut a hair below its follicle, promoting ingrown hairs.

To get the closest shave, first shave with the grain. Then apply more shave gel and shave sideways to the grain. This is the technique professional barbers use to achieve a close shave with minimal irritation.

4. Always apply a post-shave balm.

Shaving removes layers of skin, which is why the process can sometimes cause irritation. Although not commonly recognised as an exfoliant, shaving is exactly that.

Exfoliation reveals newer layers of skin that can be sensitive and become irritated. Exfoliation can also impair skin's natural barrier function, a function that protects against water loss. Ever experienced dry skin post shave? This is the reason.

To halt these reactions, apply a post-shave balm, salve, or lotion. Such products form a temporary barrier while skin repairs itself.

Add one of our favourite post-shave treatments to your routine:

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4 Top Shaving Tips For Men

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