What Makes a Good Skincare Routine for Men?

Male skin differs in biology to female skin, and a man's face may require less TLC. But daily care can't be ignored. Just 2 steps in the morning and 3 in the evening will give you great skin.

Are you in search of a simple yet effective skincare routine? One that's easy to stick to and gives you great results?

We've got the prescription for you: 4 or 5 products split between a.m. and p.m. use. With minimal effort and time, you'll be able to protect, replenish, and condition your skin.


What makes a good skincare routine for men?


Stripped-back a.m. skincare routine for men

With only 2 products involved, your a.m. skincare routine couldn't be easier. It requires no washing and no water at all. Just apply your creams and go.

Step 1 | Moisturiser

Men's skin is more resilient to dehydration than women's skin. That's because male hormones promote increased sebum production.

Because your skin doesn't dry out as easily, you may be tricked into believing you have no use for moisturiser. But this isn't true.

Everything that attacks skin daily—pollution, sunlight, and stress—uses up your skin's supply of antioxidants. Moisturisers don't just add moisture. They also replenish your skin's antioxidant supply.

We recommend one of our coveted favourites:

Step 2 | Sun protection

The benefits of sun protection are vast. It prevents fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, damage that leads to blemishes ... There are even more benefits to sun protection, but that should be enough to convince you to follow this second step routinely.

We recommend applying moisturiser just after showering and shaving, and sun protection as the last step in your morning routine. Be sure to apply both products to all areas of exposed skin: typically the face, neck, and hands.

We recommend SPF 30 or higher for daily application, such as:


What makes a good skincare routine for men?


Stripped-back p.m. skincare routine for men

An effective evening skincare routine removes pollutants, oils, and dead cells, allowing your complexion to repair itself through the night.

Step 1 | Cleanser

Cleansing is extremely important. Skin has its own barrier of compact dead cells and oil-based 'mortar'. This barrier is very effective at preventing moisture loss but can prove sticky to microscopic pollutants and impurities. Dirt and impurities left on the skin can encourage hyperpigmentation and promote premature ageing.

Make sure to cleanse effectively before bed with a cleanser such as:

Step 2 | Exfoliation

You can incorporate exfoliation as needed—perhaps every 2 to 3 days. This lets you shorten your routine when you're exhausted and ready to fall into bed. Exfoliating regularly helps to:

  • Prevent ingrown hairs and related irritation
  • Promote an even, bright skin tone
  • Reduce oiliness
  • Prevent spots and pimples

What more could you ask for?

You can exfoliate by using a facial scrub or tonic. Scrubs are meant to be rubbed on and washed off. Tonics are applied gently and left on. Choose a product from our following recommendations:

Step 3 | Moisturiser

Moisturiser helps reseal your skin's healthy barrier and replenish nutrients throughout the night. If your skin is fairly normal, you can use the same moisturiser you use in your a.m. routine. If your complexion could benefit from additional TLC, use an enriched night formula such as:

There you have it! With just 4 to 5 steps and 5 products, you can easily condition and protect your skin. Try these routines for yourself, and remember to let us know about your experience.


What makes a good skincare routine for men?