When is the Best Time to Wash My Face?

It's easy to skip skincare altogether after a punishing day on the job. But investing just 2 minutes in nightly facial cleansing can make a big difference in the look and health of your skin.

What you wash off your skin is just as important as what you put on it. More people today work at 'inside jobs', working with computers instead of ploughs, safe from dirt and other natural elements. This can lull you into a false sense of security when it comes to your skin.

A security where skin LOOKS clean, so you believe there's no need to cleanse. In fact, skin can acquire significant microscopic impurities, such as pollutants and dust, and remain clean-looking. In the same way, bacteria and fungi are invisible to the naked eye.

It's important to cleanse skin daily for two reasons:

  • Cleansing removes particulates that can prematurely age skin.
  • Cleansing allows moisturisers to penetrate skin effectively.


When is the best time to wash my face?


Let's take a closer look at how and why cleansing works.


Cleanse your face to remove invisible substances that age your skin prematurely.

Invisible to the naked eye, pollution surrounds you daily. In the same way that living in a polluted city is bad for lung function, allowing pollution to reside on your skin is bad for the health of your complexion.

Traffic-related pollutants especially are linked to the premature ageing of skin. One such study concluded that the most visible effect of pollution on skin is the formation of 'lentigines', which you may know as age spots. Lentigines are areas of darkened skin.

Pollutants in contact with your skin react in the presence of light to create chemicals that use up your skin's antioxidant supply. In other words, pollutants zap skin's resilience and youth.

When is the best time to wash your face?

The goal of skin cleansing in the modern world is to remove not literal dirt but the following instead:

Because your skin accumulates these substances throughout the day, the best time to wash your face is during your evening routine. Cleansing before bed removes impurities before your skin goes into night-time repair mode.

We recommend cleansing with a gentle yet effective product such as:


When is the best time to wash my face?

Cleanse your face to prepare skin to absorb other skincare products.

Skin accrues a thin film of substances throughout the day. If you were to use moisturiser without first removing this film, the moisturiser wouldn't penetrate effectively.

Imagine trying to rub moisturiser into your skin without removing your clothes. A tough task! Little product would sink in, if any.

The best time of day to moisturise is evening, a natural downtime and repair phase for your skin. Biologically, skin can discern the difference between day and night and adjusts on a roughly 24-hour cycle. Night-time is when skin absorbs, replenishes, and reconditions.

The science may be complex, but the prescription is simple. Moisturise at night for maximum effectiveness, and be sure to cleanse first for optimal absorption.

We recommend using one of the following replenishing moisturisers post cleanse:

You can find these favourites among many others in our men's skincare category. If you're not sure which products are best suited to your skin, don't hesitate to contact us by email at service@adorebeauty.com.au or phone on 03 9486 7179.


When is the best time to wash my face?