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You’re here to shave your face (or wherever, that’s your business) and we’re here to help. Adore Beauty stocks some truly sensational shave products, from safety razors to shave cream to after-shave lotions, so have a browse and see what suits. Brands like Hunter Lab, Aesop, Grown Alchemist and Nara would love to sort you out.


Which shaving cream should I buy?


Of course, that depends on your skin and your preferences. The Hunter Lab Cleansing Shave Foam is a winner, made with glycerin for moisture and desert lime for antioxidants. Grown Alchemist Shaving Gel is the one for you if you’re after a softening gel formulation, and the Sodashi Mens Clean Skin Cleanser and Shaving Emulsion is a very fancy two-for-one deal. For something more simple, there’s the Dr. Bronner Organic Shaving Soap - Unscented, or the American Crew Moisturising Shave Cream. The choice is yours, friends.


Tell me about Adore’s shaving kits.


We’d love to. The Nara Shaving Starter Kit comes in Silver, Matte Black and Matte Gold, and includes an eco-friendly safety razor, a lush shaving oil, replacement blades and a blade bank for safe disposal. Or, there’s the Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet, which comes with a shaving serum, and a beautiful post-shave lotion. Any of these would make a dreamy gift, we think.


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