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The saying goes that the clothes make the man, but we think it might be the hair. Is there a better feeling than knowing your hair looks sensational? Very possible, but it’s right up there.


So, to help you get there, we’ve curated the top men’s hair products, from the obvious (shampoo, treatments and styling) to the unexpected (beard products, hair supplements and scalp care). If you’re in need of something to sort out your dandruff, let us help. We’ve even got grooming tools to shop. Your beard’s destiny is in your hands (and so is your nose hair).


What are the best hair styling products for men?

We’re so glad you asked. KEVIN.MURPHY Rough.Rider is the strong-hold hair clay your bathroom shelf is crying out for. Alternatively, you might enjoy ELEVEN Matte Texture Styling Paste. For curly or frizzy hair that needs a little help holding itself together, try KEVIN.MURPHY Easy.Rider, or evo macgyver multi-use mousse.

What about men’s hair supplements?

Oh, yes. Healthy hair starts on the inside, so if you’re keen to help yours grow thick and strong, a supplement might be exactly what you need. Try JSHealth Hair + Energy, or Apotecari Mane Event. Both are rich in the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to truly live its best life.


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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash
KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Wash

Never using any other shampoo again

I have always used whatever shampoo is cheapest at Woolies, and found that my hair got oily really quickly and felt extremely thin.

I was recommended this by a hairdresser and finished a full bottle from her, and this product has changed my hair completely. I can now get away with washing once, maybe twice a week, as this product doesn't strip my hair like previous shampoos have. I ha...
JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy
JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy

absolute must have

its been two weeks, and I'm already seeing baby hair growing in the bald patches! I had some terrible hair loss in a period of post-traumatic stress, where i lost clumps of hair, but this is doing miracles for my hair!

Amazing Value

This pack is such good value for money. The products all smell amazing and makes your hair feel like it's just come out of a salon! Highly recommend xx

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