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Really, there’s no excuse for not smelling great. A signature scent is the mark of his man who has his life together, if you ask us, and we would love to help you find your new favourite.


With fragrances from brands like Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Montblanc, you’re one purchase away from people asking you what your cologne is. Dream result.

What notes should I look for in men’s cologne?

This is, of course, a very personal call. The right men’s EDT for you is the one that makes you feel best. However, you might like to consider scents with notes of leather, tobacco, cedar, sandalwood and pepper. Sage, anise, mint and rosemary are also classics. Have a browse of our offering and see what sounds like a bit of you.

How do I apply men’s fragrances?

With a light hand, friends. The idea is that someone should only be able to smell your cologne when they’re close enough to hug you. A little spritz at the neck and maybe one pressed between your wrists should do the trick. Think of it like Vegemite - too much spoils the effect.


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Calvin Klein  CK One EDT Spray 100 mL
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein CK One EDT Spray 100 mL

Affordable & nice scent

My first ever perfume purchase.
It is very affordable and is perfect for people that do not want a overly- 'girly'/fruity scent.

It gives off a unisex vibe and is good for work days.
Derek Lam Blackout 50ml EDP
Derek Lam 10 Crosby
Derek Lam Blackout 50ml EDP

Warm scent

A great fragrance for autumn or winter
Derek Lam Rain Day 50ml EDP
Derek Lam 10 Crosby
Derek Lam Rain Day 50ml EDP

Neutral fragrance

Doesn't lean feminine or masculine. Smells quite natural like the air after rain

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