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Medik8 want to invite you to join the family. No - you’re not coming ‘round for Christmas tea - this is all about their peptides family. Not used a peptide before? They take your skincare regime from basic to brilliant - and anyone with anti ageing concerns will see the benefits.


What’s so jazzy about peptides in skincare?

In short, they put the step-ball-change into your collagen production. Peptides aim to trick the skin intro increasing how much collagen it makes and stimulating collagen synthesis, in turn leading to a plumped up skin and a reduction in expression lines.

Medik8 takes things one step further by introducing a drone-based encapsulation system in some of their range, pushing the peptides onto fibroblast receptors to get the job done right.


Who can use peptides in their skincare?

In short - everyone! And Medik8 makes sure there’s an appropriate formula for everyone. Whether you’re seeking an end to blemishes and are still concerned with anti ageing (in which case Clarity Peptides is the one for you), want an enhanced GLOW, or are specifically concerned with your eye area - there’s going to be something specifically designed with your skin type and concerns in mind.


What can’t I mix when it comes to peptides?

The only thing to be aware of is that copper peptides and Vitamin C products sometimes don’t play nicely together. They won’t cause any damage - they may just not be as effective when layered. Keep products such as Copper PCA Peptides or Liquid Peptides at alternate times of day to a Vitamin C product and you won’t run into any concerns!


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Medik8 Liquid Peptides Drone-Targeted Peptide Complex 30ml
Medik8 Liquid Peptides Drone-Targeted Peptide Complex 30ml

Smooth Skin

This product definitely does what it says it's supposed to do. It gives you very hydrated, smooth, plump skin. No breakouts or irritation from this. It is a thicker consistency so more suited for winter months. This product is amazing at "rebuilding" the texture of your skin. Highly recommend!
Medik8 Liquid Peptides Drone-Targeted Peptide Complex 30ml
Medik8 Liquid Peptides Drone-Targeted Peptide Complex 30ml

Maybe best for mature skin

It took a good two weeks of use for me to begin appreciating this product - it’s important to factor in my skin type is normally oily and I’m 30, I think more mature (and moisture lacking) skin would benefit more from this serum. Nothing was wrong as such, it was just a bit of a flop for me. Feels nice and actually wears well under make up