Medik8 Red Alert Anti-Redness Formula 150ml

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Medik8 Red Alert Anti-Redness Formula 150ml by Medik8


Medik8 Red Alert visibly reduces the appearance of thread veins and has a brightening effect on the skin. It also slows down the process of skin ageing, by protecting the skin from free-radical damage and effectively alleviates the negative environmental impact on the skin.

The Medik8 Red Alert is a strong anti-thread vein product, containing specially selected pharmaceutically graded ingredients, such as vitamin K, Liquorice and Bearberry. These ingredients have a strengthening and sealing effect on open vessels and thread veins.

The Medik8 Red Alert will enhance blood circulation, reduce swelling and redness, reduce fragility of blood vessels and dramatically limit the creation of further damages.

The addition of Teprenone helps with vein-wall strengthening, as well as promoting a reduction in skin erythema (redness). Teprenone has demonstrated a reduction of erythema by 30%, after just 30 days of topical application. The combination of vitamin K and Teprenone make Red Alert a very powerful anti-redness treatment.

Red Alert has been further enhanced by the addition of beta-Glucan, a polysaccharide derived from oats. This soothing ingredient aids skin with wound-healing and helps to combat UV-induced stress, leading to calmer skin.

Additionally, Medik8 Red Alert promotes powerful anti-oxidation and enhanced blood coagulation, ensuring blood clotting at the site of capillary damage.

Red Alert has been specifically designed to treat areas of redness on the body. However, the formula can be enhanced with addition of Red Alert Serum to treat more difficult areas of erythema, on either the face or body, for more dramatic results.

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