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Medik8 C E-Tetra is a revolutionary ultra-stable vitamin C serum which helps combat sun-induced damage to the skin, trigger collagen synthesis, increase the skin’s elasticity and density as well as improve the skin’s texture and brighten the complexion.

The Medik8 C E-Tetra has been designed specifially for both men and women aged from 40 and up.

Regular vitamin C is very unstable. Many typical vitamin C products are inactive by the time they are used on the skin and, in some cases, they have become pro-oxidant and actually generate free radicals! Ground-breaking stability data on C E-Tetra guarantees real vitamin C activity and best of all, unlike L-ascorbic acid (regular vitamin C), C-Tetra will not exfoliate or irritate skin.

Medik8 C E-Tetra contains 7% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, the most potent and highly stable derivative of vitamin C available. C E-Tetra has been shown to have upto 4 times the potency L-ascorbic acid and other derivatives such as MAP (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate).

Additionally, the Medik8 C E-Tetra contains PP-2 (Polyolprepolymer-2) for enhanced penetration.

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Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, PPG-12/SMDI Copolymer, Tocopherol (d-Alpha)


CE-Tetra has been formulated for direct application to the face.

In the morning, after cleansing, apply 3-4 drops directly to the skin and blend evenly across the whole facial area, neck and decollete. Alternatively, place a drop on your finger and massage into the skin. Leave to absorb for 2-3 minutes.

Follow with the application of Hydr8 SPF25 or your preferred SPF hydrator/sunscreen.

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Reviews (3)
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Liquid gold - 19-02-2018 by

I use this after facials and skin needling as well as in my daily skin routine.

It makes you look Amazing! And, it smells Amazing!

I've used many vit c products before but this one is definitely my fav!

My Vit C match FOUND!! - 26-05-2017 by

I have tried that many Vitamin C products, mainly to try & target pigmentation, melasma & hormonal flare ups. These have all been in water-based & oil-based formulas, also a few different products from this site,different strengths , but they have all irritated my skin in various ways or caused break-outs to the point of frustrating & 'why bother?'.
I had used this years ago & found it to be a stellar product,but also had little knowledge of the power of Vit C at the time & wanted to try everything.

So I decided to return back to buying this & my skin has NEVER been HAPPIER!!.
I don't know if it is the type of Vit C in it or the combination with its oil base, but I love it & my skin loves it.
Housed appropriately in its glass dark bottle too I am ensured the ingredients stay stabilised.
It's the ONLY product that has worked for me for a C serum addition to skincare.
No flare-ups or breakouts, no tingling or burning sensations, pigmentation calmed, & WHAT a fantastic base primer under a moisturiser for makeup.
Apply 4 drops with the dropper, 1 drop each to forehead, cheeks & chin after cleansing & massage it in, it absorbs beautifully into my skin & I wait a few minutes before applying my regular moisturiser. Cant rate this highly enough!!

Expensive but worth it - 18-06-2013 by

This is god send product! My skin just looking fantastic and feel so supple especially on my neck ...llooking very supple and friends commented that I am looking younger each time we meet up! To die for product!!! Thinking of buying this ???? BUY IT,, you will never regret ! You will addicted to the result!!!

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