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Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette

3.4 of 62 reviews


4 instalments of $6.49

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4 instalments of $6.49

Or 4 instalments of $6.49 with LEARN MORE

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12 perfectly rosey shades for your perfect, customised eye look. Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette features dazzling colours infused with rose gold pigment. Whether you need warm or cool shades, or a day or night look, this versatile palette has you covered.

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Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette Reviews

3.4 of 62 reviews

40% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Gud one


i bought it for my sister and she loves it..easy to apply and blendable .she is happy as she find it super easy to apply and blend

Most Helpful Criticism



Not very pigmented but has a nice shade range for a basic palette.
  1. Not pigmented at all


    This eyeshadow palette is not that good. The shades are not pigmented whatsoever, and on my brush, it becomes quite chalky. Dissapointed, as I love maybelline's products, but this one is not it.
  2. Average


    Not very pigmented but has a nice shade range for a basic palette.
  3. Nice colours


    I definitely think this a great palette for every day looks. It isn't as pigmented as I'd like, but you just have to layer it.
  4. Save your money


    Save your money and buy a better palette, this one is disappointing and unpigmented. It may be great if you use a heavy hand but otherwise it just takes too long to build up, and the colours themselves aren't that great
  5. Great palette


    This eyeshadow palette was on the first ones I ever bought and a really good drugstore option. There are a lot of beautiful shades that can be worn for a range of occasions (I even used this one to do my own makeup as a bridesmaid) with great lasting power.
  6. Good starter palette


    I bought this for my mum who is just getting into makeup. It's really light and isn't pigmented at all. Takes a lot to get a good colour. But it's an afforable palette that is a okay for people who are beginners with eyeshadow.
  7. Great product!


    I bought this product for my mum and she absolutely loves it!
  8. Ok, not great


    I bought this for my mum as she was wanting to up her eyeshadow game and this had a great assortment of neutral everyday colours. She ended up passing it onto my sister pretty quickly as it just didn't work for her. The colours aren't very pigmented and she wasn't getting much use out of it.
  9. Gud one


    i bought it for my sister and she loves it..easy to apply and blendable .she is happy as she find it super easy to apply and blend
  10. Not good


    My least fav product from Maybelline. It isn't pigmented well which makes it hard to blend and just doesn't work for me.
  11. Great shade


    The shade range is very pretty in this pallet, however even though it is affordable the colours themselves are not very pigmented.
  12. Beautiful colours


    Super affordable and a beautiful array of colours. It wasn't as pigmented as I hoped, other than that really great product.
  13. nice


    This is a nice soft eyeshadow palette, It nice but I think the pigmentation needs improvement.
  14. Not the best


    I am a firm believer that when it comes to eyeshadows, you should invest a little more money in a product that will last for years. The pigmentation is just not comparable to some of my more expensive palettes and I find myself never reaching for this over my others.
  15. not bad


    This was one of the first eyeshadows palettes I ever got. Its not a bad palette. Just remembering using this. But it got the job done. But the formula needs some work
  16. Okay


    I loved the colours of this palette but the colour doesn’t last all day.
  17. Nice Shades


    they are all very nice shades. i usually spray my brush to make these eyeshadows intense. they are all very lovely and blendable.
  18. OK


    I do like the range of colours and as a beginner I think this isn't a bad palette to get. It isn't the best quality however.
  19. Good


    Great little palette, more unique colour scheme that allows you to change it up a little, overall pretty good formula.
  20. A little bit chalky


    These colours are really beautiful but they’re a bit powdery and chalky when applied rather than smooth and buttery. If you have a quick event that you’re going to then this palette would be okay.
  21. Nudes


    This nude palette has really great colors to wear day or night! mix and match!
  22. An essential palette


    An essential palette. I like to play around with blending these colours to get nice eye looks.
  23. Blushed best friend


    This palette has really pretty colors! great for every day wear!
  24. Not much pigment


    Unfortunately this product did not do it for me, the colours that are in the palette and beautiful but had very little pigment when applied.
  25. Great but subtle colour


    This is a really beautiful palette, the colours are stunning and seem super shimmery. But I would not say the colours are the most pigmented, instead they are more subtle but they are still lovely.
  26. Cute and subtle


    cute, girly colours that are definitely a bit more subtle and for a great price
  27. Lacking pigment


    The shades looked beautiful but the colours do not show up very well on the skin, seems to have a lack of pigment!
  28. Good starter


    I loved this when I first started really getting into makeup, but the pigment isnt amazing - it goes well with a primer. Really pretty shades and is fairly cheap, actually goes okay if I want a quick day look but you do need to layer it on a bit
  29. Good on pocket


    very nice blend able shades in given price..silky and smooth and lasts well enough..A good combo of shades needed for daily use
  30. Good colours for a good price


    This is a nice basic eyeshadow palette. Colours are good, neutral and they stay well for me.
  31. Pretty great


    I've had no issues with fallout and find that as long as you prime the colour pay off is really good. Lots of basic looks. Recommend.
  32. Pretty


    This is a nice cheap eyeshadow palate with some really pretty tones included. Really like it
  33. Cute


    Cute little palate that has pretty colours and would be great for beginners into makeup
  34. Not awful but could recommend better


    For the price point you could get a palette with the same shades but better pigment. Great to start your collection or for teenagers. I personally just didn't reach for it.
  35. dissapointng


    I love the colour selection however the pigmentation is just non existent. I had to really work to get any colour show, even then it still wasn't what I wanted
  36. no pigmentation


    no pigmentation and shimmers barely show up on medium skin tones. all the colours end up looking similar or washed out.
  37. Excellent colour selection, but the quality of shadows is not that great


    Excellent colour selection, but the quality of shadows is not that great, colour payoff is poor IMO
  38. Marvellous Maybelline


    i have had this palette for almost a year now and i have used it almost every time i am going out. i can get a very sheer makeup look using this palette. i use a few darker shades in this palette more than the very light ones. but all in all it has been my to go palette when i just want to do a quick makeup.
  39. Nice colours but poor pigment


    The pigment in this palette is really poor quality compared with other brands. It takes a lot of effort to build the colour up and it’s not long lasting either. I’d try a slightly more expensive brand - you might spend more but in the long run will need less product.
  40. Do not recommend


    This palette is chalky and has no pigmentation whatsoever. I usually love maybelline products but this eyeshadow palette is pathetic. I’ve tried everything to make it work, it hasn’t worked at all for me so I’m throwing it in the bin. I’ve never used eyeshadow as bad as these, even kids makeup is better. I’m really disappointed maybelline. Sorry adore for the bad review, your customer service is i...
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  41. Not very pigmented


    This palette is the first non high-end eyeshadow palette I have tried in over 10 years. I do like the shades in the palette, very wearable for day time looks. I did however, find this really hard to use, I had to dip my brush into the shadow many times to get some pigment to deposit. Was okay to blend out but the colour seemed really dull and greyed out compared to how it looked in the pan. Really...
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  42. Beautiful colours!


    I bought this palette when it first came out and I still love the colours but unfortunately it’s not very easy to use. You really have to work with it a little and some colours are difficult to blend while others are too blendy and sorta just fade away. Still I made some nice subtle eye looks with this palette it just takes a bit more work.
  43. Okay palette

    perfecting skin

    i have had this palette for almost a year now and i have used it almost every time i am going out. i can get a very sheer makeup look using this palette. i use a few darker shades in this palette more than the very light ones. but all in all it has been my to go palette when i just want to do a quick makeup.
  44. Chalky but Workable


    Colours are fairly chalky and need to be built and can leave fallout as well as blend away into nothing too easily but it works well for subtle rosy looks and was one of my favourite palettes when I was younger.
  45. basic palette


    great if your a beginner wanting to practice blending and colour combinations. not overall very pigmented but sit well on the lid. takes bait to build up
  46. Disappointing


    Chalky and too pink. Hard to create any nice looks with this that aren’t super subtle.
  47. Terrible!!!


    This was the first drugstore eyeshadow palette I bought and I was so disappointed with it, I returned it. The pigmentation was terrible, you had to dig your brush in to try pick up any color. Using your finger wasn't any better for color payoff. Absolutely terrible, especially for the price. Put my off buying any other Maybelline eye shadow products.
  48. Not great


    The colour selection is nice, but the formula of these shadows is not great. It takes a while to build up the colour, and the matte shades are a little chalky. Other than that, the colours are nice once you spend the time building them up and blending them out.
  49. Basic


    Shades are too similar, can’t do many looks with it- only a very natural look. Pigmentation isn’t great.
  50. Very natural


    There's really only one look you can do with this palette, but that being said, I do like the look it creates. Wish there were more matte shades, but the formula is nice and easy to work with. Also, would be the perfect palette for traveling if it had a mirror.
  51. Perfect for natural looks


    This pallet is perfect for those going for a natural look. While the eye shadows aren't highly pigmented they stand up well.
  52. no


    not great. i get that its drugstore, but theres very little pigment or sheen to shimmer and matte shades. go for nyx instead.
  53. No pigment


    These shades are pretty but they have no pigment so the colours don't even show up and don't blend. Would not recommend for anyone, not even a beginner
  54. chalky and not pigmented


    although the colour scheme is super pretty and highly sought after, the formula of these shadows are not very pigmented and the matte shades are chalky and patchy. they dont really blend out and catches on dry patches on the eye lid

  55. Okay


    There is not much pigment in the shades. The best way that I have found to use the shimmer shades is using your finger rather than a brush. The matte shades are a little harder to use or get pigment out of.
  56. Disappointing palette


    I saw this palette, and was excited to use it after seeing the pretty shades. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed. The shades are really chalky, don't apply well and definitely don't blend well. I would not recommend this.
  57. Eyeshadows are chalky and do not blend


    This eyeshadow palette has a nice range of colours but they are chalky, don't have enough pigment and do not blend very easily.
  58. Suitable for Beginners


    Although the colour scheme presented in this palette are gorgeous, the formula of these shadows are not very pigmented at all and most of the matte pink shades hav too much of a white base making the skin appear very pasty. However for those starting out with makeup, this may be a good option as it is quite affordable and provide a range of very easy to wear pink tone nudes
  59. Beginner's palette


    I concur that this is a palette that would suit a young teenager or someone who is just learning to play around with make-up. The pigments are a little crumbly and brittle, although the colour range is decent. Not for me, but others may enjoy.
  60. Good to learn


    The colours in the palette are really nice but they are not very pigmented at all. I would recommend this to someone who prefers a really light makeup look or a beginner learning to blend.
    Not too bad for the price.
  61. Good for Beginners

    Beauty Bee

    I passed this palette onto my niece - the shadows are a little dry or stiff, so it's difficult to get a lot of pigmentation. Great for simple eye looks. The eye shadow pans weren't even sitting nicely in my palette, they were unevenly glued in and some had raised edges which drove me mad overtime I looked at it! Good gift for a teen ;)
  62. Suited to a beginner


    Not a fan of this eyeshadow palette. The shadows are very stiff and lack pigment. This might be alright for someone with a heavy hand who wants a natural look, a beginner or someone with patience to work with harder formulas in eyeshadows, but I am none of those!
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