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Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner

4.4 of 74 reviews


4 instalments of $4.24

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4 instalments of $4.24

Or 4 instalments of $4.24 with LEARN MORE

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Australia's favourite eyeliner makes it easy to take your liner game to the next level. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner has a brush designed for ultra-sharp, precise lines every time.

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner Reviews

4.4 of 74 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Decent product


Good for a precise winged cat eye - my fave! Also very affordable. Unsure about how long they last, as I seen to own quite a few, and also seem to purchase them fairly often! Just love that new eyeliner feel!

Most Helpful Criticism

Rubs off easily


I have this one in brown. It's pretty dark, so not really different from a poorly pigmented black liner. It's also not the best for longevity, as it rubs off easily and is not very waterproof.
  1. Decent product


    Good for a precise winged cat eye - my fave! Also very affordable. Unsure about how long they last, as I seen to own quite a few, and also seem to purchase them fairly often! Just love that new eyeliner feel!
  2. My Go To


    This is my go to liquid eyeliner. I have sensitive eyes. This is a black black. Doesn't bleed and is easy to apply. Is cheap too.
  3. Rubs off easily


    I have this one in brown. It's pretty dark, so not really different from a poorly pigmented black liner. It's also not the best for longevity, as it rubs off easily and is not very waterproof.
  4. Alright


    Not the best coloraturas payoff but it is easy to use and doesn't smudge.
  5. Really Good


    Very affordable and has a nice thin tip. However, I would like it to be a bit more black and product also smudges on my oily eyelids haha. It looks great when first applied just not after a few hours!
  6. Amazing product!!


    One of the best eyeliners! Super precise and super easy to use
  7. Not bad


    I have this in both black and brown. Black I have no complaints about but with brown color payoff isn't that good. But still pretty good for the price.
  8. Good


    I like the tip as it gives a very thin line which works perfectly for my slightly hooded eyes. Dries matte and doesn't smudge.
  9. This is superb


    I'll tell you right now this is one of the best eyeliners if you are applying winged liner. When it comes to winged eyeliner one of the key points is control over your brush/tip to get the perfect shape. I love this liner because its very easy to adjust to to create a good shape. It's liquid so it does come off easily but obviously if you have huge wings you aren't going to be touching your eyes t...
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  10. A bit hard to use


    The tip of this liner is really soft and flexible and made it hard for me to use - it would easily flick up and draw a line in the wrong place. The actual product has a nice finish though.
  11. nice


    This is a great drugstore eyeliner. Very precise for those think liners
  12. Ok but not great


    I like the formula which doesn't smudge on me, but I'm not a fan of the felt tip applicator. It doesn't stay 'precise' for very long...
  13. My favourite liner


    I've tried multiple eyeliners over the years, but this one is my favourite and the one that I always come back to!
  14. Great liner


    I love this liner. Long lasting, precise and well-priced. What else do you need from a liner?
  15. Glides on


    Unfortunately I have not got the technique to use this. I found I made a mess.
  16. Smooth application


    Love how easy it is to apply and lasts all day!
  17. Holy Grail Liner!


    I've tried many liquid eye liners before, but always come back to this. It lasts all day, doesn't smudge and applies so easily with it's super fine tip. Can't recommend this highly enough!
  18. Great drugstore liner


    I really like this. I prefer the "Hypersharp" with the purple lid, I find that a tiny bit easier to work with, but before I discovered that I used this, and really liked it. Great liner for the price, creates a smooth, clean line and good even for beginners.
  19. Great!


    Love the ease of using this eyeliner ! Nice thin line, saturated color and easy to make a thicker line if preferred.
  20. great eyeliner


    This is a good drugstore eyeliner. it has a small precise tip for those thin liners. I use this when I first started eyeliner. it helped me practice my eyeliner skills
  21. Great eyeliner


    Very easy to apply, such a smooth application ! I love it & it will always be apart of my makeup bag !
  22. Nice eyeliner


    It’s pretty good eyeliner. It’s black and pretty good when on discount
  23. Great


    Easy to use and long lasting
  24. Super easy to use


    This is perfect if you struggle with eyeliner, it is super easy to use. I find it really easy to get a super thin line and it dries quickly. Lasts all night.
  25. Easy to apply


    This is very easy to apply and gives the perfect flick for beginners
  26. Easy to use


    Easy to use and nice and dark and black. The tip makes it easy to create sharp lines and vary the thickness.
  27. Amazing


    This is an outstanding liquid liner and I also love that it is waterproof. The liner is easy to use and I also like the look of it on my eyes
  28. The only liquid liner I ever use!


    Absolutely love this liner. Easy to use and creates sharp precise lines. The colour is nice and black too.
  29. great for the price


    this eyeliner is perfect for beginners as it makes it super easy to do. i find that it doesn't last as long as more expensive brands, but it is justifiable as it is so affordable
  30. Holy grail liquid liner!


    This liquid liner is easy to use and glides onto the eye lid effortlessly.

    The packaging is a good size and feels comfortable to hold.

    The pointed tip makes a winged liner so much easier to achieve and is perfect if you want a super thin line. Once dried, the liner doesn’t transfer onto the top of my eye lid and the liner does not smudge once applied.
  31. Excellent for the price point


    Excellent for the price point, really easy to apply especially for novices and the pigments is great. Staying power is quite good but not the best there is.
  32. Smudges


    The pen style is not the best and the liner smudges within a couple of hours of applying. Did not like
  33. Great


    Really good liquid eyeliner that is super easy to apply and stays put for hours
  34. Not really for me


    I enjoyed the preciseness of the lines it can create but it does not really last for me. I have monolid and watery eyes so I can definitely say it's not waterproof. after a couple of hours, it turns choppy and I get panda eyes. It would be great for someone who has a double lid and have skin leaning towards dry.
  35. So easy to use and stays perfectly


    I love this liner, it is so easy to use and is waterproof so doesn't budge. The felt tip is perfect for wings and easy to draw thin or thick. Have bought these multiple times, they do dry out eventually but last ages.
  36. Great drugstore product


    Fine tip gives a nice thin line, colour is a good dark black and it's very easy to use. I find it lasts really well too, especially if I've used my Mayelline Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadow as a base - I can fall asleep with my makeup on and wake up to find my eyeliner hasn't budged at all. It does dry out after a while, but for me it's always lasted long enough to provide pretty good value for mone...
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  37. great tip but doesn't last long


    Having an unsteady hand I was so in love with this liner. The tip is super thin and easy to use - it's just like a pen. However I was disappointed that after about five uses, barely any product came out. It still works but I have to go over the same spot a couple of times to get a decent line.
  38. alright


    not my favourite liner but it does do the job
  39. perfect line but bleeds


    draws a perfect line and is the perfect black colour, however i find that it bleeds/smudges especially after a few hours.
  40. Phenomenal eyeliner


    My absolute favourite eyeliner after trying about 10 liquid eyeliners. So devastated this appears to have been discontinued? Can only find it for sale at adore beauty. Have no idea why... they appear to have replaced it will the all day wear one... which is nowhere near as good.
  41. So easy to use


    I find the shape of this liner so easy to create a flawless winged look with. Not only is it long-lasting and a great texture but it's also nicely pigmented. Only negative is it does have a tendency to smudge a little!
  42. Great for the price


    I didn’t want to spend too much on a liquid liner so I bought this and wasn’t expecting much but it’s really good. Pigmented and easy to use. I’m sure there are better ones out there but this one is great so I’ll keep coming back to it.
  43. dries out quickly


    it is great for begginers and gives a fairly precise line but it doesnt last that long
  44. Good beginner option!


    This is an affordable and easy to use eyeliner that's especially good for beginners to practice with. The black colour is not as opaque or intense as I would prefer but you just have to go over it again to achieve a super dark line. If you wear a good eye primer underneath it will not budge at all. Super easy to get the hang of using. I highly recommend.
  45. great product!


    Super easy to use and creates a lovely dark and defined line! The price is great too
  46. Fantastic


    Great, affordable liquid eyeliner for all ages. Stays on the entire day with a good eye primer underneath, smooth to apply and pigmented. Although I find it a notch less pigmented than high end eyeliners like Stila so I do have to go over it two times for complete opacity. Either way, fantastic eyeliner especially for the price. Highly recommend. You won't be disappointed. One pen lasts me about 3...
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  47. Good go to liner

    perfecting skin

    this is a very fine tip eye liner that has helped me learn makeup when i started doing it. it is dark black which i love about it and applies very smoothly over eyes.
  48. Good Drugstore


    Good product for the price however I found that the tip can dry quickly and it is not an intense/super opaque black.
    Easy to use and great option for beginners as it doesn't budge too much when it dries but mistakes can be cleaned up easily soon after they're made.
  49. Simple


    Easy to create a wing
  50. Good drugstore eyeliner


    This is a good drugstore liquid liner, for half the price of most other liners - perfect for beginners and alike, but I find that the tip dries out quite easily
  51. Great


    Thin brush, easy to apply, and long lasting.
  52. Easy application


    I struggle with liquid liner but this is really nice to use
  53. my favourite!


    I love this so much, prefer it over high-end liners any day! Maybelline really has the best drugstore liners
  54. Good value


    I find the shape of this liner so easy to create a flawless winged look with. Not only is it long-lasting but it's also nicely pigmented.
  55. Perfect liner and smudge proof


    Lines with great precision and doesn’t smudge throughout a long day at work. Easy to apply and remove. Will purchase again.
  56. Fave and cheap!


    I LOVE this. It works super well. I've had it for a year and it hasn't dried out. I wear it as a thin line for daytime and a thicker line to go out. I'll keep buying this forever!
  57. Pretty good


    I love how thin the brush of this liner is. It makes it so so easy to keep the liner tight to my lashes the way I like. The only thing I don't love is that it bleeds a little in the corner of my eyes as long as I'm not super careful.
  58. Love it!


    Hands down my favourite liquid liner on the market. This formula is lightweight and non irritating and amazingly smooth to apply. Wears all day and never once has it smudged or faded.
  59. the best eyeliner in the entire world


    EXTREMELY skinny and flexible tip, i do wish it was slightly MORE intense a black but still extremely easy to use and sooooo precise. Ive repurchased this product at least 4 times now
  60. Must have


    This eyeliner is so easy to use and great for daily wear. It last all day for me without budging and does not feel irritating on my eyes how some other eyeliners feel.
  61. Precise


    Very precise, but definitely not smudgeproof. The tip can also be a little pokey, so if your eyes are super sensitive to felt tip liners then maybe give this a miss
  62. love it


    Easy to use, great felt tip and takes forever to use up!
    Don't throw this out when it starts to get dry, store it upside down and it will revive itself (trust me)
  63. Holy Grail!


    This is by far my favourite eyeliner! It is so easy to apply, the tip glides easily over the skin giving a precise line and doesn't smudge or move once applied. And of course it is super affordable! I have never bought a different eyeliner after discovering this one. Can't recommend it enough!
  64. My go to!!


    Holy grail of reasonably priced eyeliners - this one compares to and in come cases betters - high end eyeliners. I prefer this one over many.Its so precise, easy to use and lasts all day without fading or smudging. I have at lease 3 at my disposal at all times! I will never let myself run out of this product. LOVE
  65. Affordable long lasting liquid liner


    This is a great budget friendly liquid eyeliner. It has a felt tip which is somewhat flexible making for very easy application. This is great for creating winged liner looks. It is smudge proof and stays on all day even for someone like myself who is constantly rubbing their eyes. This can often be found on sale for around $11. Bargain! This is my go to eyeliner for every day use. It’s quick and e...
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  66. HG


    This eyeliner is so precise, so black and last all day or night. It's so affordable and a staple in my makeup bag. The ultimate companion for a perfect wing!
  67. So precise


    Love the felt tip as it allows you to make a precise line, however, its not smudgeproof as it claims. Nevertheless, great affordable liner.
  68. Lovely eyeliner


    This eyeliner is amazing! Its tip is thin enough for a very subtle top eyeliner look and wing. However dont let that fool you.

    The precision you can get from this eyeliner allows me to build up to a thicker wing as well. I'm able to achieve the same look on both eyes (which otherwise takes me ages) with in minutes because this is very precise and easy to use.
  69. Nice felt tip liner


    This is a good affordable liner with a very precise tip. It is great for wings and cat eyes but the colour comes of a little grey and is not as pigmented as most other felt tip liquid liners. This is easily fixed by layering it on but this can make the liner a little bit thicker
  70. My favourite


    This is my favourite liquid liner, which is especially great given its price point.
    It is so pigmented, so easy to apply and doesn't dry out. The staying power is amazing, and it's a true blackest black liner. Doesn't irritate my sometimes-senstive eyelids.
    Highly recommend!
  71. My Go-to Eyeliner


    As good as any expensive liquid eyeliner - this is a great product for a great price. Applies very easily and has a slender pointed brush tip for easy application. Does not irritate my eyes, and doesn't come off easily - you will definitely need the cleansing balm/make up remover to get ride of this one! But in a very good way...
  72. Easy to use


    This is one of my go to products for when I want a winged eye. I love how quick and easy it is for me to achieve a nice winged eye.

    The tip of this is very nice and thin. This makes it easy to apple and I can keep my top lid thin or thick! Love that it's also nice and dark!
  73. Amazing


    The best affordable liquid eyeliner. Stays on all day on top of a good eye primer. You can create very precise thin or thick wings. It's not the blackest black upon initial application but once you build it up it looks perfect. I get complimented on my eyeliner all the time, and this is the one I use. One pen lasts around 3-4 months for me before I feel the need to replace it, especially once the ...
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  74. Great


    This is such a good liner, doesn't dry out like a lot of my high end ones. Once it goes on it won't come off until you take it off. I highly recommend this to everyone.
  75. Love the design!


    The design of this eyeliner means my eyeliner is perfect everytime! After my eyeliner was discontinued at a separate shop I was on the hunt for a new one and wasn't hopeful that I'd find a better product. This is my new favourite and is very well priced. It lasts all day and is very black.
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