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Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter 6.7g

4.6 of 66 reviews


4 instalments of $4.99


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4 instalments of $4.99


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The chrome effect is here. Intense luminosity for a sheen that can be built up from natural to show-stopping. Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter is a highly pigmented, creamy highlighter that blends beautifully into the skin. 

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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4.6 of 66 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



So good for the price. No different to high end highlighters.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice and bold


Nice for a cheap highlighter! It's pretty bold (i.e. not subtle) which is not really what I'm after for an everyday look but it works for going out. Would recommend if you just want something cheap
  1. Best in the drug store


    Probably one of the first drug store highlighters that comes close in comparison to the likes of Becca or Anastasia's highlighters. Great to see a cheaper alternative on the market!
  2. Love This


    A great dupe for the Becca shimmering skin perfector. Affordable and it's taken me almost 6 months of daily use to get through one compact!!
  3. Love


    So good for the price. No different to high end highlighters.
  4. Blinding highlight


    I bought this after I saw endless reviews from YouTubers, I actually really love it and it is so blinding ! I will say I don't think this will suit every skin tone, but I have olive skin and I love it !
  5. Worth the money


    This is a great product. I wanted something cheap and looked stunning - it's everything plus more. Easy to apply and it's super bold, so of course, it's not easy to use if you are looking for something to wear every day. I also love it since it complements my skin tone (medium-dark), and practical goes with most brown girls (of any shade) too.
  6. Briiiight


    Love this highlighter, so bright with minimal product. The powder lasts forever!
  7. Perfect for that wet look!


    Maybelline has really changed the game with this highlighter! I haven’t been able to find a good drugstore highlighter until this. It’s intense and buttery without being too glittery (which I find unflattering on my skin!).
  8. Wow


    This highlighter is amazing. It’s just as good as some higher end ones I have. It is so pigmented and intense
  9. Beautiful


    This is my go to highlighter. It is super affordable and very well pigmented and creamy. Looks gorgeous
  10. Beautiful


    Such a beautiful highlighter and its very affordable for the quality
  11. Creamy and glowy!


    Love using this to achieve a natural, creamy and dewy look.
  12. Better than luxury brand highlighters


    This highlighter is such a creamy dewy formula, I will not name the other brand I have but this was 1/4 the price and performs better and applies nicer. I’m not sure what Maybelline are doing but it’s working.
  13. Shimmery and golden


    I have the molten gold and it’s shimmery, good for bronzed glowy looks
  14. pretty


    Good highlighter at a more affordable price - Some are triple this price and give the same effect would recommend.
  15. Beauty


    This is a wonderful highlight that gives me a subtle glow during the day. Lasts me a long time and looks beautiful
  16. Pretty


    A beautiful highlighter. I have high end ones I prefer more but this one is very pretty for everyday. Blends beautiful and lasts the day
  17. Nice and bold


    Nice for a cheap highlighter! It's pretty bold (i.e. not subtle) which is not really what I'm after for an everyday look but it works for going out. Would recommend if you just want something cheap
  18. Great product for great price


    I adore this highlighter, it has lasted me a really long time and I find it is nice as a subtle day glow or built up for night time drama. I am fair and found the gold tone to be complimentary on my skin but realise it's not for everyone. Definitely recommend
  19. best cheap highlighter


    after reading reviews and blogs i finally decided to give this highlighter a go. I have only used it this week as a day glow and love the smooth soft glow it gives me that has lasted all day. I'm looking forward to using this for a nighttime look as i have read it can be built up!
  20. Best drugstore highlight


    Haven't found a better highlight at the drugstore, definitely has a really bright finish to it.
  21. By far most blinding drugstore highlight


    If you love a high shine, blinding highlight this is for you! The gold colour specifically is a total dream, both colour, texture and quality wise. Because it is so pigmented and smooth it performs amazing as an inner corner highlight and eyeshadow too. And drugstore pricing. I would recommend to everyone
  22. Really intense


    This is a really intense and pigmented highlighter. The way it performs is right up there with top brands. It’s simply amazing and looks gorgeous
  23. Gorgeous affordable highlighter


    Wow. This highlighter is so smooth and super reflective on the skin! Only thing is that it is a bit dark for fairer skin tones but is a beautiful highlighter
  24. Stunning!


    Honestly this gives you such a glow. Also the amount of product you get is ridiculous I am never gonna run out!
  25. Dupe for gilded honey illuminator by laura geller


    This is a fantastic drug store dupe for gilded honey illuminator by laura geller, they swatch very similar and to be honest if you didn't know they would look exactly the same. Love this, gives me that bold highlighter that is blinding and flattering.
  26. Blinding and intense!


    So pigmented, easily buildable, and the formula is super velvety. Perfect if you're wanting an intense and blinding highlight!
  27. It's okay


    I have an olive skin tone and whenever I put this on it doesn't give that shimmery look that I was expecting. Not a fan of this product.
  28. beautiful


    This is a perfect shimmery, beautiful strong highlighter for a night out!
  29. very intense!


    i love this highlighter when i want an intense glow! my only negative is it is quite dark and i can only just pull it off. I have light/medium olive skin
  30. I’m going against the grain because I wasn’t actually a fan


    Just scrolled through the reviews and so many people love this, a YouTuber (ok, a few of them) also raved about this so I had to go and get it and... I was not a fan!
  31. The only highlighter you need


    I've recommended this to every beauty lover I know. It's the holy grail of all highlighters. It's smooth, buttery soft and blinding. I would pay Chanel prices for it, so I can't believe it's so affordable. I've been using it since it came out and I still love it as I did on day one. I can't get enough of it and it's a must for my every-day makeup routine. It stays on ALL day and is still there at the end of the night when you're going to remove your makeup. The tiniest bit goes the longest way as it's very reflective and gives an almost 'wet' look. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  32. Good highlight


    Good highlight; i find that gold tones work nicely on the skin (im NC20), swatches nicely but not very long lasting!
  33. Insane


    I was going to say that this stuff is an insane drugstore highlighter but it's just a straight up insane highlighter full stop. And I mean insane in the best way possible. I'm a brown gal and I especially struggle finding drugstore highlighters that aren't too light or silvery on my skin tone but this is gorgeous! I hate super chunky, primary-school-disco-vibe glittery highlighters but this isn't like that. It definitely gives a blinding intense glow but if you go in with a light hand you can achieve a bit of a less in your face look too! The pressed pattern is also really pretty, reminds me of some of the higher end highlighters. The only thing to be wary of in my opinion is the packaging as it's a bit tricky to open and my thumb has accidentally flown into the product a few times (and ruined the pretty pattern too :( But other than that the actual product itself is stunning!
  34. Awesome Highlighter


    Love this highlighter! Works so well and adds such a natural glow to my skin but is also very build-able. Definitely worth the money!
  35. Glam glow


    A really lovely highlighter in great shades! So easy to get the Kardashian kind of glow for dramatic evening makeup
  36. Great value!!


    I usually have trouble with highlighters emphasising textured skin, but I don't have that problem with this highlighter!!! I'm so happy I found it! Such great value for money! Leaves a wonderful glow and is very buildable!
  37. Cheap and wonderful


    I love this highlighter, for the price it is a beautiful product, and great value for money. It makes your skin look amazing and adds such a natural glow. Would recomment to everyone to have in their kit!!!
  38. Top affordable highlighter


    LOVE this highlighter, i always try to use others but end up going back to this one! It's very soft and smooth, not chunky or chalky at all. Also super blinding! The only thing i would say is that if you are very fair this may look a little off because it is an yellow-ish/bronzy gold highlighter.
  39. Love it!


    Well worth the money spent!! The color and shine is absolutely gorgeous! It doesn't need a lot to appear on your skin and the glow is perfect. Not too glittery and shiny yet still noticeable. I would totally buy this a million times.
  40. Love


    This is an amazing drugstore highlighter! I love how it's as good as so many high-end highlighters. It's also perfect for its price.
  41. OBSESSED!!!!


    I loooooove this!!!! The best drugstore highlighter out there. The only drugstore highlighter worth it!!!!!! I love this so so much such a blinding highlight. The only downside is it is a bit too dark for very fair skin tones.
  42. Beautiful glow


    Love love love this formula. Hands down the best drug store highlighter I have ever purchased and something I always refer back to. Will defiantly be repurchasing this product.
  43. the best drugstore highlighter EVER!


    Must purchase if you buy from the drugstore, this is a FANTASTIC highlighter for new makeup learners and advanced alike!
  44. Amazing!!!!


    This is incredible!!!! The best drugstore highlighter out there for sure. Such a nice formula and it gives a stunning glow without being too glittery.
  45. Love it


    This product is so much better than other expensive highlighters. Looks flawless on skin and is really easy to apply. Price is amazing and product is actually better than other products costing $80.
  46. Too dark for me


    I was hoping I’d found an accessible, affordable highlighter but this shade was too dark for my fair skin. However, this would be great from medium to deep skin tones or as an eyeshadow as it still gives great colour pay off. It has a metallic/foiled feel with golden undertones.
  47. Good for darker skin


    The formula is beautiful and such a blinding highlight but it is too dark for me or anyone with light skin. Looks fabulous on darker skin though which is great. Hopefully they come out with more shades too.
  48. youtuber recommended!


    gorgeous 'blinding' highlighter. lasts all day on my skin, is very smooth and buttery and easy to blend, tati from youtube actually recommened this and i would to. only problem is the packaging is a little hard to open sometimes and also u need to use a wet brush so its not chunky but otherwise 10/10
  49. AMAZING!


    Love this product, such a beautiful glowy finish without being streaky or chalky! Love the formula, not powdery at all. The only problem I had (and its probably just me) is that I struggled to open the compact and a couple of times my thumb has gone flying into the product after eventually opening it!
  50. Easy


    I'm not so good at using highlighters but this makes it easy. My highlighter actually looks good when I use this and not too much.
  51. Best drug store highlighter


    Good cheap highlighters are hard to come by but this gets a tick! It can be build up to be quite intense, particularly with a damp brush. It is slightly chunky but still great for the price point!
  52. Soft Glow


    Soft glow, affordable, highly pigmented and creamy, glides on like a dream!
  53. Lovely glow


    This highl9ghter can be subtle but also bold. I love the super soft formula and how it just glides onto my skin.

    I use this for a soft glow look and it always looks on point. So affordable and easy to use.
  54. MUST HAVE!


    I love this highlighter! It is affordable, beautiful and so so pigmented. I feel like it can complement a lot of different looks, and there is a generous amount of product for the price. It applies smoothly, and definitely doesn't accentuate skin texture like some other highlighters on the market.
  55. Stunning highlighter


    This is such a beautiful highlight for medium to deeper skin tones and a little really does go a long way!
  56. Gorgeous


    Absolutely gorgeous! I have a light-medium skin tone and it's amazing. Very smooth highlighter
  57. Gorgeous


    Gorgeous 'blinding' highlighter. Lasts all day on my skin and the formula is very soft and buttery. Highly recommend. Wish it was in nicer packaging as it would have been the icing on the cake, but definitely worth the price regardless. 5/5
  58. In.love


    I absolutely love this highlight! For the price I am so happy with the formula. The way it applies and doesn't leave it looking like a white streak. Highly recommend.


    I can't even begin to express how good this highlighter is. It's my absolute holy grail and I've tried all the ones from ABH, Becca, Jeffree Star etc. It's earned a permanent spot in my every day makeup routine and I no longer reach for my high end ones. It gives you that intense, glowing highlighter fantasy and the formula is so incredibly smooth, soft and buttery. Glides (melts) on like a dream and also swatches like a dream. The shade molten gold is perfect for light-medium-tan warm toned skin. Those with fairer skin I'd probably go for the rose gold shade as that will look beautiful on fair skin. Lasts from DAY-NIGHT and I've received countless compliments on my highlighter and get asked which one I'm wearing all the time. Looks stunning on the inner corner of your eyes too. Has a really blinding effect and you can customise how intense you want it too. Great for every day wear AND glam makeup too. SO GOOD! Get it now!
  60. So good!


    Very blinding highlighter! It isn't chalky at all (unlike some drugstore highlighters) and it is more blinding that my huda beauty gold highlighter!
  61. Great for medium skintone


    One of the best highlighters if you have medium to Olive skintones
  62. Glowing goddess!


    This highlight is lovely! Very smooth, doesn't cake up if you layer more and does not emphasise texture. I'm a medium skin tone (MAC N30). The colour blends in with my skin but shines bright once the light hits it. This would look amazing on dark skin! I would say avoid this if you are pale. :)
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