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Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - Blackest Black 12.7ml


4 instalments of $3.24

Or 4 instalments of $3.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.24

Or 4 instalments of $3.24 with LEARN MORE

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The All Time Classic Mascara 

Lots of volume. No clumps, No mess. 

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GREAT - 78% recommend

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Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - Blackest Black Reviews

78% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

All time favourite


i have been using it now for so many years..its a best drugstore mascara i have ever used..quiet long lasting,it stays well enough

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing special but great value


In a pinch this is a good mascara for a great price. And you can get it anywhere.
  1. Good results for price range


    Over the years I’ve used this mascara on and off. It applies well and I don’t get any flecks or smudging from it. It’s biggest selling point is that it gives a solid result for a very small price tag!
  2. good


    really good and volumising, i've had it for years and still use it. if you already have dark lashes you dont need much. best mascara at this pricepoint.
  3. Good value


    Really good mascara for a drug store product. It makes the lashes looking longer and fuller , it does not smudge.
  4. All time favourite


    i have been using it now for so many years..its a best drugstore mascara i have ever used..quiet long lasting,it stays well enough


    Maybelline’s mascaras continue to blow me away - I have been using this one on and off for a few years now and every time I go back to it I wonder why I ever stopped using it! So cheap and perfect for big black lashes!!
  6. Nothing special but great value


    In a pinch this is a good mascara for a great price. And you can get it anywhere.
  7. Classic but smudgy...


    A super staple of any makeup bag, this is a cult classic for a reason. While it does go for on the go, my only issue is that the lower lashes always smudge and i look quite racoonish by the end of the day. otherwise, this mascara always performs well and worth it for such a competitive price!
  8. Pretty good


    This is one of the first mascaras I had used and still keep going back to this time and again. Two coats of this give insane volume to my lashes. The only problem that I have is that it transfers on the lid other than that it is pretty good.
  9. It's ok


    verified purchaser
    This mascara is ok. It's good for the price but it smudges when I put it on my bottom lashes during the day and I end up looking like I have huge bags under my eyes. It does make my lashes fuller but the smudging means I won't try it again.
  10. Must have!


    I use this product everyday and i've been using it for years ! it never does me wrong and dries quickly on your eyelashes
  11. Iconic staple


    This is always my go to mascara. Long, black lashes, good coverage and not sticky. It's been around since forever and still is good.
  12. Undecided on this one


    Great deep black. Did not love the brush however.
    Formula works well and lasts. Good price.
  13. not bad


    I think the original ones better then this one but still this isn't bad gets the job done., It very very black and it lasts throughout the day.
  14. Great!


    Like this one better than the original, it is a super inky black that really makes your eyes pop. Lasts well throughout the day.
  15. Great value


    Great price and great mascara! It can smudge if you have oily skin, but normally sit well all day.
  16. Great!


    One of my favourite drugstore mascaras, works just as well as my high end ones. Makes my lashes look so long and voluminous and helps hold a curl.
  17. Unsure of this classic mascara


    Im really unsure of this! i want to love it but unfortunately this mascara left me with so much fallout under my eyes!
  18. This beats expensive mascaras every time


    I have been buying Maybelline Mascaras for close to 20 years and I receive compliments when I wear to work. The girls all want to know what Mascara I use. It's so cheap and affordable and great quality. I would never waste money with expensive mascaras as Maybelline really is the best.
  19. Best mascara


    This mascara is the best for really black dramatic lashes. It’s always been a winner for me. Last forever as well
  20. My go-to


    I have tried MANY mascaras, often spending big bucks on the big name cosmetic house ones, but I keep coming back to this guy, It is seriously the best, giving full, super black lashes with minimal smudging.
  21. The original


    I feel like this mascara has been around forever - it was the first I ever used! It's lovely and not clumpy, but doesn't give the bold eyes that I sometimes want/need. I love this dark colour though. Still a great mascara
  22. The original


    I feel like this mascara has been around forever - it was the first I ever used! It's lovely and not clumpy, but doesn't give the bold eyes that I sometimes want/need. I love this dark colour though. Still a great mascara
  23. Best mascara for intense look


    I started using this when I was 16 (14 years ago) and it has remained one of my all time favourite mascaras. It makes lashes look soooo much longer and fuller
  24. Not bad


    This Mascara is good for the price, however I find it flakes and doesn't stay on all that well.
  25. avoid if you have oily eyelids


    avoid if you have oily eyelids as this does smudge. not super longwearing but extremely dark so great for using as a top coat. a pain to get off though
  26. Okay


    This mascara volumises my lashes but since I have oily skin, I find that it can transfer
  27. Worth the hype?


    i finally got this mascara, as every beauty blogger raved about it!
    this mascara is not my go to! it left heaps of fallout under the eyes! and when i looked in the mirror half way through the day it was a shock! i just didn't like this mascara personally for myself.
  28. Clump City


    I found that this product clumped on my lashes a lot, and didn't do much for length. I would not re purchase
  29. Not my fave


    This isn’t my favourite. I find it doesn’t give too much volume or length
  30. My ride or die


    One of my ride or die mascaras ! I have been using this since high school (many many years) and I know all of my friends have too ! You really can't go wrong with this mascara, I found it always stays non drying and the wand makes it easy to apply
  31. Better mascaras have come out since


    Everyone and their grandmas had this mascara back in the day! I have to admit it was great at the time but really does not compare to the mascaras out on the market now. It lengthens nicely but I found it smudged quite easily.
  32. Must have staple


    I have really blonde lashes and this is an amazing everyday Mascara. Gives them boldness and length!
    A must have in your makeup kit.
  33. Old I’m excited favourite


    I’ve been using this mascara since I was 16 I am now 29. It’s really good for a dramatic eye look, it’s extremely black and makes lashes look large and bold. Stays on all day and doesn’t smudge or drop
  34. Great Lashes Daily


    I've used plenty of mascaras but this is great for my day to day look. I have thick lashes but not overly long and they tend to clump together in all directions. This product lengthens and doesn't clump!
  35. Seems different


    I'd used this off and on for years but purchased again recently, don't know if the formulas changed but it goes on really thick and clumps lashes together, hoping I got a bad one, but won't repurchase
  36. Budget mascara


    An oldie but a goodie has been around forever. Budget friendly effective mascara, darker lashes without the clumps.
  37. Dramatic lashes


    This is good for a night time dramatic look. Crates really black full lashes. One of my favourite mascaras
  38. Must have


    This is a great mascara, has been around forever, its super black I find it doesn't smudge too easily and dries quickly.
  39. Nice


    This is a great cheap mascara. I have used many tubes and it always makes my lashes look beautiful. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend
  40. Oldy but a goody


    This is a classic mascara. That being said, Maybelline have come out with so many different mascaras now there are various wand shapes and formulas that do work better depending on what you’re after. If your desired effect is voluminous lashes, this may not be the mascara for you.

    This is a decent “day to day” mascara that doesn’t clump or flake onto my face after a few hours of wear.
  41. Still good


    I think this is one of the first mascaras I ever owned, it’s still good. I find I need to use a bit of extra setting powder around my eyes to stop it from smudging, but then it’s fine and lasts a full day. I naturally have pretty good lashes, and this is just an easy everyday mascara. Doesn’t quite give the oomph factor I need on nights out, it for everyday it’s an easy option. I do need to use a...
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  42. Okay


    This mascara is such a throw back to when I didn’t know high end brands existed. It’s an okay mascara for someone who wants just a little bit of mascara and nothing dramatic etc. it is very black but didn’t do much in terms of fullness or lengthen for me
  43. Old faithful!


    This mascara has been a huge seller for decades and it's easy to see why. It's affordable, smudgeproof, is fairly buildable and really is the "blackest black". For the price point this mascara punches above its weight.
  44. not my favourite


    this mascara doesn't quite tick all the boxes for me - it doesn't give me the volume i'm looking for and doesn't help keep my lashes curled/lifted. however, if you like a light, very natural looking mascara then you might really like this.
  45. Perfect for lash extensions


    This is an oil free mascara which makes it a great affordable choice for those needing a mascara that will work on eyelash extensions.

    Aside from this; it is incredibly basic. It doesn’t do much for length or volume but it could be good for someone who wants very very minimal makeup
  46. Not a fan


    I wanted to really like this, considering how much I'd save on money because it's so cheap but it's not very good :/ I find the formula to be a little runny and even when it dries up after time, the wand itself isn't good anyway. Like a review here mentioned, this would be good for your bottom lashes, but I wouldn't recommend it for anything else. Nothing beats Maybelline's lash sensational mascar...
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  47. Good everyday mascara


    Good for everyday use, it's affordable, doesn't clump and looks natural on. Not waterproof but is easy to remove without lots of rubbing. Doesn't irritate my eyes either.
  48. Awesome mascara!


    This is a great mascara for a very dramatic eye look! It will clump if you’re not careful with it. But it will give you dramatic lashes
  49. Best cheap mascara


    This is the best cheap mascara on the market. I highly recommend giving it a try. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave clumps.
  50. Staple for every makeup bag


    This mascara is a great everyday mascara that is of reasonable quality. It is so affordable, builds volume and length in lashes and works well with a curler.
  51. Great


    One of the best mascaras for subtle, but lengthening lashes to date.
  52. STAPLE


    I love this mascara mainly for one reason - it is waterbased and I can use it on my eyelash extensions! If you have extensions and still want to wear a mascara I 100% recommend this one. It's not clumpy and it's easy to apply. Comes off easily as well. The wand/brush has been changed over the years. I prefer the bigger brush.
  53. Not their best


    I recommend this mascara for bottom lashes, but that's about it. It's definitely fine for the price point and I wouldn't pay any more. In saying that, there are better drugstore mascaras.... I'd give this a go if on a budget, at best
  54. Pretty good but there are better at drugstore


    Iconic Mascara!! This is a classic from the drugstore and it is quite good, but I think their newer mascaras like the dark black lash sensational are better. The small brush is good for the lower lashline especially and getting into the roots. This is very cheap though which is great.
  55. good for on a budget


    I really enjoy using maybelline mascaras and think that they are good quality for the price. This particular one is an okay mascara for the price. This is a good mascara if you are new to make up or you are on a budget as it is super cheap.
  56. PERFECT for the lower lash line and to separate lashes!


    The brush in this is a lot smaller than some of my other mascaras which makes it PERFECT for my lower lash line! I like my top eyelashes looking as close to falsies as possible, so sometimes my under eye looks a little bare in comparison. Luckily the small brush and the build-able formula makes this mascara a LIFESAVER! You can add just a touch to complete the look or even go ALL IN if you're in t...
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  57. Decent mascara


    I own quite a few Maybelline mascaras, and this is not one that I often reach for. I think the formula is okay, and it definitely makes my lashes black - but it doesn't do a whole lot in regards to length and volume for me personally. It is okay for the price, but I think they have a lot better alternatives.
  58. My go to for years!!


    I love the price of this classic mascara. I have long, dark eyelashes and this does the trick in blackest black and extends them further. Only thing about this product is the wands have improved over time to distribute mascara more effectively IMO and this is a firmer wand with less microfibres.
  59. My go-to mascara


    I have been using this mascara for years. It's a great price and simple to use. My lashes are already quite long so I just wanted something that made my lashes darker and kept them in place after curling them. It doesn't clump, and the straight wand makes it easy to apply.
  60. Good budget mascara


    This is not the best mascara I have ever used, but for the price I think it is quite decent. I would purchase again for days I don't need my lashes to look too dramatic.
  61. Not one of Maybelline’s best


    Maybelline has some excellent mascaras. But for my needs, this is not one of them.
    When I applied this my lashes looked black, but the volume and length stayed pretty much the same. It would be a good mascara for someone who already has length and volume.
  62. Good but not great


    Not the best mascara I've used in this price range. It's not bad, but it does not thicken my lashes as well as I'd hoped. The brush is too big for me, it always ends up on my eyelids while trying to get the most out of it which is super frustrating. Would suit someone who already has long lashes.
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