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Treat your hair to the best brushes in the business with Mason Pearson’s coveted, top quality hair brushes. These unique, classic hair brushes are worldwide best sellers, with a reputation for excellence that dates back to the Industrial Revolution, when Mason Pearson himself helped create an automatic brush-boring machine that sped up the process of making brushes.

After universal acclaim came for his design, Pearson went on to craft the first rubber cushion brush, and the rest, as they say, is history. The original design was fully realised in 1920 by Pearson’s family, and to this day, the design has not changed, making each Mason Pearson brush not only a stunning, effective brush that improves hair health, but a true piece of the history of American innovation.

In the tradition of truly innovative solutions, Mason Pearson has created a unique line of brushes with high-quality nylon bristles for thick or long hair that needs an extra detangling boost. The Universal Nylon Brush is built with Mason Pearson’s classic rubber-cushion design, making brushing easy and comfortable, while swapping out the traditional Mason Pearson boar bristles for sturdier, stiffer nylon bristles that stand up to even the thickest, most full-bodied mane. While boar bristles work beautifully for most hair types, nylon bristles provide an easier, quicker way to minimise tangles and frizz, instantly smoothing and perfecting hair for a flawless finish no matter what your hair type.

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