Will the Powder Buffing Technique Make My Skin Look Flawless?

The 'Powder Buffing Technique' is a great way to get a flawless, airbrushed effect in photographs. Whilst it may be a bit too much for everyday use, it's a great technique for special occasions.

YouTube sensation and makeup artist Wayne Goss has promoted the 'Powder Buffing Technique', coined by makeup artists Sonia and Fyza Ali, as a great way to get a flawless, airbrushed effect in photographs.

You can watch Wayne Goss use the Powder Buffing Technique here - it's an incredibly useful video that is three minutes long and we think it will change the way you do your makeup! It's a fantastic technique to make your look stay fresh throughout the day.


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Whilst it may be a bit too much for everyday use, powder buffing is a great technique for special occasions. If you want to look your absolute best and just know there's going to be a ton of photographs, file this technique for later use!


Will the Powder Buffing Technique Make My Skin Look Flawless?


What is the Powder Buffing Technique?

Face powder is normally used after foundation to set it in place, or instead of foundation to add coverage. The Powder Buffing Technique makes powder the absolute final step of a makeup look. In this case, powder is applied after foundation, blush, bronze, highlight, and contour.

Once you've finished your makeup, use a round, dense brush to buff the powder into the skin. This is said to add even more hold to the foundation and blend any harsh lines created by blush, bronzer, highlighter, and contour.

Powder buffing creates an all-over seamless finish. Whilst you may associate highlighting and contouring with harsh lines and definition, this technique blurs those lines for a more natural finish yet still provides the coverage and sculpting effects.

The Powder Buffing Technique is said to be perfect for any photography, as it doesn't look too heavy but gives the skin a Photoshop finish.


Will the Powder Buffing Technique Make My Skin Look Flawless?


Which powder should I use for the Powder Buffing Technique?

You can use either loose or pressed powder for this technique; it's down to your personal preference. However, the key is using a powder with coverage. You won't achieve the same results with a translucent powder.

You need to look for a powder that's been very finely milled to prevent the finish from looking cakey. If you're a beginner, you may want to try a loose powder, as these tend to have a lighter consistency than pressed powders.

Whilst a predominantly matte powder is your best bet, a little bit of shimmer can add a nice glow to the skin. But be careful and don't go overboard with shimmer, as you want a natural finish.

Avoid powders with SPF! SPF is known for causing flashback on camera. If you're using the Powder Buffing Technique for beautiful photographs, SPF will make you look like a ghost. Not the best look!

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Like every technique and trend, the Powder Buffing Technique is worth trying out for yourself to see if it's something you want to incorporate into your makeup routine. Give this one a go, as you never know: it just might leave you with the flawless, photo-ready skin you've dreamt of!


Will the powder buffing technique make my skin look flawless?

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