What is a High-Definition (HD) Face Powder?

HD powder was born at the dawn of high-definition film and video. We'll tell you exactly how it differs from regular face powders.

As the Internet beauty community has grown, so has access to some of the tools pros use to keep their celebrity clients looking amazing. One of these products, born at the dawn of high-definition film and video, is high-definition, or HD, face powder. What does that mean, you ask? We’ve got all the info!

What is a high-definition (HD) face powder?

What is a high-definition powder?

A high-definition powder is a setting powder that preps, primes, and perfects the skin to ensure that every single detail of the face looks perfectly camera-ready. These powders ensure that even the most detailed camera lens and film won’t pick up any imperfections in the skin.

HD powders, depending on the formula, can help prevent flashback, the white cast on the skin that occurs when flash photography hits light reflecting particles in makeup. HD powders also even out your skin tone and increase the wear of your makeup throughout the day.

High-definition powders are a must-have for all the best makeup artists, and now they’re available to the masses as well!

Do I need a high-definition powder?

Although everyone can benefit from an HD powder, it's not necessary for everyday wear if you’re just heading into work. Of course, that depends on what type of work you do.

If you're photographed frequently, then you might want to make an HD powder part of your daily line-up. Regardless, high-definition powders prove to be an amazing tool to have in your arsenal for special occasions.


What is a high-definition (HD) face powder?

What are some good examples of high-quality HD powders?

Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Powder

This gorgeous powder from professional brand Youngblood Cosmetics is a great choice for drier skin types. Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Powder gives an airbrushed look and is talc-free, so it won't create a white cast. Liquorice root is responsible for the soothing and cooling sensation of this formula.

Kryolan HD Micro Finish Powder

This powder from esteemed professional brand Kryolan helps any skin type achieve a stunning, flaw-free finish. Thanks to micro-fine particles, this formula blends perfectly into the skin to set makeup beautifully. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities make it perfect for acne-prone and sensitive skins alike.

RCMA No Colour Powder

A cult-classic staple for your makeup kit, this powder from RCMA is totally colour-free, so it won't change the shade of your foundation. However, it does extend the wear of your makeup, minimise imperfections, and keep you camera-ready all day long. The cake-free formula can be applied smoothly with any brush.

So that’s one more insider beauty tip under your belt! Check out our full powder selection for all the powder options you could ever need.


What is a high-definition (HD) face powder?