How to Apply Face Powder Evenly

A crisp, clear complexion that lasts all day is a dream for most people. But some dreams can come true with a little effort on your part. Learn how to apply your powder evenly for the best results.

A crisp, clear complexion that lasts all day is a dream for most people. Makeup helps, but makeup that disappears and reveals your 'true colours' too early in the day is a common problem.

A good powder can help set your makeup, mattify the skin, and create a more even complexion. Applying that powder, however, isn’t always the breeze you might expect it to be. Honestly, it can more of a blustery gust half the time. The rest of the time, powder grabs on oily areas or dry patches and collects in fine hairs.

So how do you apply powder evenly and in a way that maximises the wear of your makeup? It’s pretty simple: just consider your skin type.

Different complexions react differently to powder. Drier skin doesn’t always love powder, and oily skins soak it up by 10 a.m. at best. But you can learn to work with your skin type when you apply any makeup—particularly powder.


How to Apply Face Powder Evenly


Applying Powder on Oily Skin

You oily-skinned folks may have an impulse to coat your face until you look like a doughnut in order to soak up all that shine. Resist that urge.

Focus your powder application on oily areas, but don’t cake it on. Use a brush and a light dabbing motion. Choose a powder brush on the smaller side of the spectrum: still generously bristled, but not the size of a chipmunk, like the Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush.

A tighter brush gives you more controlled application, and you won't lose half the powder on the brush to your eyebrows, hairline, and dressing table. Focus this more precise application on your T-zone. Drier areas benefit from a light sweep. Any sort of powder will work, but a matte loose powder is your best bet.

Applying Powder on Normal/Combination Skin

Fairly smooth, regular skin benefits most from a light sweeping application to the whole face. You should still focus on the areas that produce the most oil: forehead, nose, and chin. Apply your chosen product with either a classic medium-sized powder brush or a powder puff.

If you’re going for a luminous look, a pressed powder with light-reflecting pigments, such as Lancôme Teint Miracle Natural Light Creator, will give you a beautiful glow. For a matte look, a matte loose powder such as Youngblood Loose Mineral Foundation works best


.How to Apply Face Powder Evenly


Applying Powder on Dry Skin

If your skin lacks moisture, you may be avoiding powder out of fear of calling attention to drier areas, but there’s no need to skip this makeup step. The best way to get an even application of powder on dry skin actually begins with the steps before your makeup: your skincare.

Ensure your skin is properly prepped for your foundation by layering either a hydrating serum or a light, dry facial oil beneath your moisturiser to ensure maximum hydration. A solid hydrating primer also helps achieve an even, long-lasting look.

If your skin is properly hydrated, powder is totally allowed! However, you still want to avoid heavy, matte powders and stick to light-reflecting powders for a dewy look.

Apply your powder with a large brush, such as the Gorgeous Cosmetics Kabuki Brush. Focus more on the T-zone, where oil is likely to appear at some point, regardless of how dry your skin is in general. Use a light hand in areas that never get shiny or actually look flaky.

Just bear in mind that with all these tips, less is more. You want to look subtle and stylish—not straight out of the 1600s, covered in wig powder. Follow the tips above, and you’ll be looking fresh-faced in no time, all the time!


How to Apply Face Powder Evenly

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